2024 Weekly Run Down 19/52 – Pelobesties reunite!

I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

This week’s stats:

Running: 2.2  mi
Cycling: 24.6 mi
Walking: 3.6 mi
Rowing: 30 min
Strength: 30 min
Yoga/Pilates/Barre: 125 min
Warm up/Stretch: 15 min
Meditation: 10 min

This week was special because I finally met up with my friend Tanja again in person. As you know, I just returned from Germany on Monday but didn’t get to see Tanja there. I was so happy to know that I would have a chance to meet her in her “old” home here in California this weekend. So I worked for a few days before hopping on the plane to SoCal to spend the weekend with her. My workout routine is still a bit thrown off but I am not worried about it. Plus, I got to work out with a friend in person!


  • Extra 10: Walk – Joslyn (9/25/23) — We Bee Streaking
  • Extra 10: Walk – Joslyn (3/31/24) 

Today I traveled back to the US, so there wasn’t much time to exercise, but I got some short walks in at the airports in Amsterdam and Seattle. 


  • 10 Min Morning Meditation – Kristin (5/7/24) — We Bee Streaking/Sunflowers and Self Care
  • 10 Min Standing Yoga – Chelsea (4/2/21) — Personal Streak

I was giving myself some grace today while I am recovering from the time zone change and slept in a little bit and then opted for morning meditation and a bit of yoga before getting back to work. 


  • 10 Min Barre: Core – Ally (5/8/24) — Buzzing for Barre
  • 30 Min Focus Flow: Core – Kristin (5/12/22) — Honey’Core’/Personal Streak
  • 20 Min 80s Ride – Robin (3/20/24) — We Bee Streaking
  • 10 Min Low Impact Ride – Irène (1/26/21) 
  • 10 Min Bodyweight Strength – Ben (12/4/23)
  • 10 Min Full Body Stretch – JJ (4/1/24)

I joined the #BCBabes for Barre and a ride this morning and it was so good to be back with them on the leaderboard. Then Tanja popped up on the leaderboard in my 10-minute Low Impact class (she’s currently on vacation in SoCal and worked out at the hotel gym) and it was such a sweet surprise :) 


  • 10 Min Core Strength – Rebecca (4/12/24) — Honey’Core’
  • 20 Min Climb Ride – Jess K (4/27/23) — We Bee Streaking 
  • 30 min Barre: Lower Body – Ally (12/20/23) — Buzzing for Barre/Personal Streak
  • 5 Min Lower Body Stretch – Callie (7/25/23) — 1000th stretch/Sunflowers and Self Care 

I had to start my workout stack a little early because I had an 8 am work call, so I was already up before 6 to get some core work and a climb ride done before I met with the #BCBabes for a 30-minute barre class with Ally. I ended with a stretch which turned out to be my 1000th stretch milestone.


  • 20 min Slow Flow – Ross (8/16/23) — Personal Streak
  • 30 min Pop Walk – Kirsten (9/14/23) — We Bee Streaking

I traveled down to SoCal today to meet up with my friend Tanja. She is visiting from Germany and of course, we HAD TO get together. I did a 20-minute yoga flow in the morning before Jon took me to the airport. In the afternoon, Tanja and I did a 30-minute pop walk together.


  • 20 min 80s Ride – Jen (4/16/24)
  • 20 min 80s Rock Run – Susie (1/12/24) — We Bee Streaking
  • 15 Min Beginner Row – Matt (4/17/24)
  • 15 Min Standing Yoga – Kirra (2/4/22) — Sunflower and Self Care/Personal Streak

Tanja and I got up in the morning and worked out together IN PERSON. They only had one Peloton bike (bummer!) in the hotel gym so we couldn’t ride together, but they did have a rower and we both got to try out a Peloton row class. That was so much fun.


  • 30 Min Mother’s Day Walk – Matty (5/12/24)
  • 15 Min Beginner Row – Becs (1/11/24) — We Bee Streaking
  • 15 Min Tabata Ride – Denis (1/24/23)
  • 10 Min Standing Core Strength – Rebecca (7/6/23) — Honey’Core’
  • 10 Min Savasana – Nico (8/31/22) — Personal Streak

Today, Tanja and I got on the treadmill together (there were two at the hotel gym) and did Matty’s Mother’s Day Walk (Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!). Then we took turns again on the Peloton bike and the rower. It was so much fun to work out together in the same room!

Current Challenges + Trackers:

Streaker365 We Bee Streaking
Streaker365 Beehives ‘n Bootcamp
Streaker365 May Honey’Core’
Streaker365 Buzzing for Barre
Streaker365 Sunflowers and Self Care
Streaker365 May Personal Streak (Daily Yoga/Pilates/Barre)

How was your week? Did you get to work out with a friend?


  1. I also love the Peloton walks on travel days in the airport. Way to fit it all in this week. We did a few of the same core and barre classes too.

  2. You and Tanja look so happy! I’m glad you were able to workout in person with a friend! There’s nothing better than that.

  3. How fun getting to workout with Tanja in person! I love Barre with Ally, but I have been out of the loop in recent weeks (months?). I took one of her classes last week (the same one as you, I think), and it was great!

  4. What a fun opportunity!
    I have some early flights this week and will need to do some Peloton walks for my blue dots!

  5. Good morning, my sweet friend! I hope you had wonderful travels to Germany and that you got to reunite with all of your loved ones. I also love that you were able to work out in person with a friend — bummer about only having one Peleton but still! it’s so motivating to have someone with you :) I hope all is well and that you are having a great week and are feeling a bit more recovered from your travels. XO

  6. Oh, that sounds fun! I was wondering why your workout stats suddenly included rowing but now it all makes sense. I definitely did not get to work out with a friend this week, but soon my son will be home and we’ll probably go to the gym together.

    1. That was so much fun and I can’t wait for another opportunity to do so.
      Miss you very much but will see you on the bike real soon again :)

  7. What a Jetset life going on with you… How fun to have your work out buddy in person with you.

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