2023 Weekly Run Down 2/52

Weekly Run Down Linkup

Hi friends! I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah. I hope everyone had a great week of training.

I finished up the Power Zone Pack Squad Mini Challenge this week. It was a 4-week, in-between challenge to keep up with PZ rides between official challenges (the next one, the 8-week “Groovy Zones PZP Challenge” will start tomorrow).

I chose the “three PZ rides + three strength classes” option for the Mini Challenge and it was great that I was forced to schedule (at least) three strength sessions (plus three 10 min core sessions) during the week. 

To nobody’s surprise, I am also participating in (yet) another couple of challenges. Both are organized by my Streakers365 group and so much fun. The “Artist Series” Challenge runs from Jan, 1 to April, 1 and the idea is to take an Artist Series class that starts with each letter of the alphabet. I did a couple of artist classes for this week’s workouts (see the graphic at the bottom). The other challenge is called “Streaking into the New Year” and suggests different types of workouts/challenges to complete by Jan, 20. I have three more boxes to check off next week.

Since most of my workouts come from the Peloton platform – and I know many of you use it as well – I decided to add the instructors and dates of the class to my overview, in case you want to find a class that I recommended or that peaks your interest. 

  • 5 Min Pre-Ride Warm-up – Cliff (2/21/21)
  • 10 Min Core Strength – Selena (12/20/22)
  • 30 Min Power Zone Ride – Matt (11/6/19)
  • 20 Min Full Body Mobility – Matty (11/23/22)
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Hamstrings – Anna (10/17/22)
  • 5 Min Full Body Stretch – Marcel M (7/27/22)

After a very short night on the couch (we slept in the living room downstairs because of another storm that was coming through), I was on the struggle bus for the Power Zone Ride. My body was not up for zone 5 intervals in the morning. Luckily, I had Tanja by my side on the leaderboard to pull me through.

  • 5 Min Pre-Run Warm Up – Camila (10/5/22)
  • 45 Min HIIT Run – Becs (7/9/21)
  • 10 Min Cooldown Run – Becs (11/9/20)
  • 5 Min Cooldown Walk – Tobias (6/15/22)
  • 30 Min Upper Body Strength – Rad (6/22/22)
  • 10 Min Full Body Stretch – Assal (12/31/22)

The HIIT Run was fun. I had a tempo run on my half marathon training plan, so didn’t execute exactly as prescribed, but I always appreciate Becs Gentry’s running wisdom. 

  • 5 Min Full Body Strength Warm up – Rad (11/1/21)
  • 30 Min Glutes & Legs Strength – Selena (9/30/22)
  • 20 Min Yo-Yo Ma Ride – Christine (5/11/22)
  • 5 Min Post Ride Stretch – Christine (12/7/22)
  • 15 Min Soft Rock Walk (Lunch Walk) – Jon (12/2/22)

I usually stick to strength and yoga on Wednesdays, but I decided to do a short ride to shake out my legs after the glutes & legs class. I picked Christine’s Yo-Yo Ma Ride (letter “Y” for the Artists Series”). It was a fun ride.

  • 5 Min HIIT Cardio Warm-up – Selena (6/4/21)
  • 30 Min Pro Cyclist Ride – Christian (2/19/20)
  • 30 Min Chris Cornell Run – Adrian (8/6/21)
  • 10 Min Cooldown Run – Susie (12/16/22)
  • 10 Min Post-Run Stretch  – Matt (12/15/22)

Tanja joined me for the 30 Min Pro Cyclist Ride and we both enjoyed it, although the cues were a little off, or rather the graph wasn’t matched to the cues (as you can see) and it irks me just a little bit. Haha. I also had to get a 30 min run done and I picked Adrian’s Chris Cornell Run (“C” for the Artist Series). If you’re into Audioslave, you should take this run sometime. Great playlist!

  • 5 Min Full Body Strength Warm-up – Erik (3/24/22)
  • 45 Min Full Body Strength – Matty (11/19/20)
  • 20 Min Ed Sheeran Low Impact Ride – Bradley (11/1/21)
  • 20 Min Evening Stretch – Matty (12/14/22)

I got some sad news on Friday and wasn’t in the mood to work out at all, but I knew that I’d feel better if I just moved my body for a bit (and guess what? I did! Never underestimate the power of a good sweat.)

  • 5 Min HIIT Cardio Warm-up – Jess S (5/3/21)
  • 45 Min Power Zone Endurance Ride – Matt (1/16/20)
  • Extra 10: Low Impact  – Jess K (12/5/22)
  • 10 Min Sam Smith Core Strength – Emma (6/10/21)
  • 5 Min Full Body Stretch – Adrian (9/7/22)

I finished up the last ride of the Squad Mini Challenge, a power zone endurance ride with two 11-min intervals in zone 3. I loved it! Endurance is my jam.

  • 5 Min Pre-Ride Warm-up – Cliff (2/21/21)
  • 30 Min Miley Cyrus Ride – Jess K (1/9/21)
  • 60 Min Endurance Run – Marcel D (1/15/2023 – LIVE) – my 300th run!
  • 15 Min 2000s Run – Matt (12/12/22)
  • 10 Min Full-Body Stretch – JJ (1/12/23)
  • 10 Min Healthy Back Yoga  – Anna (6/1/22)

I will admit that I am a fair-weather runner. I am neither equipped for inclement weather, nor for running in the dark, but today I had to bite the bullet and take the chance of getting wet (and I did) to get my long run in. It was also my 300th run on the Peloton platform and that needed to be celebrated. 

This week’s stats:

Running: 18.2 miles
Cycling: 55 miles
Strength: 125 min
Yoga: 20 min
Warm up + Stretching: 120 min

Streakers365 Challenges:

How was your week? Any fun sessions? Did you get wet on a run?

  1. Those challenges look like a fun way to stay accountable (though I don’t think you need any accountability checks). Thanks for sharing the dates and the instructors, that really makes it easy to reference the classes…I need to look for that Ed Sheeran ride (11/1/21)…that happened a few weeks before I joined Peloton, so it was totally NOT on my radar.

    1. Those challenges are so much fun. Glad I could point you to the Ed Sheeran ride! It was good :)

  2. I have to day you’re really good about warming up, cooling down, and stretching! Sorry about your sad news on Friday- but yes, movement ALWAYS helps.

    1. Thanks Jenny. I am 100% convinced that I’ve been pretty much injury-free because of the proper warm-up, cooldown and stretching!

  3. I love that there are so many Peloton groups that hosts different challenges. It’s such a fun way to get and stay motivated!

  4. Congrats on your 300th run! What a fun approach to the artist series. I am hooked on Hannah F for rides and have a hard time making myself try someone else, but the others never disappoint!

    1. Oh yay, love to hear that there’s another Hannah F fan out there. I love her classes!

  5. The Peloton challenges are such a great way to stay motivated! Congrats on your 300th run-those are the one thing I do not do on Peloton. I am too busy chatting w friends :) I have committed to 30 m of stretching/mobiltiy/yoga daily. Have you tried Hannah’s 20 min lower body mobility? It’s my favorite! Have a great week

    1. I love that you’re a group runner… so no wonder you don’t do your runs with the app! And thanks for the recommendation – I am not sure if I have taken Hannah’s mobility class, but I love that they added this series. :)

  6. Isn’t sweating such good therapy when you are feeling sad? I swear, I’d be a basket case if it wasn’t for running. Nice week of workouts and congrats on hitting 300 runs on Peloton. I think I’m one of the only few who don’t use the platform.

    1. Haha, I absolutely agree.. running/sweating has saved my sanity 100 times over!

  7. That’s a good week of workouts, and congrats to your 300th run. I also prefer good weather but to keep fit all year here there’s no choice but to go out in less fair weather!

    1. Thank you Susanne. It was a good run – despite the rain. I have to get over myself and also run when the weather is not perfect. At least we don’t get snow/ice here.

  8. Congrats on your 300th run – what an accomplishment! I’m trying to be better about getting out in inclement weather this year, but it takes some extra motivation on wet, cold mornings!

    1. It sure does take some extra motivation to step outside in rainy weather!

  9. Wow that’s a lot of workouts!! I love how you documented all of that. I can tell how those challenges are super motivating for you. I get that- I love a good challenge/ plan/ whatever, too! ;)

    1. Thanks Kae – the challenges really are a lot of fun, esp. doing them with like-minded people!

  10. With us riding the Miley Cyrus ride on Sunday, why is the ‘M’ on the artist series not corssed off yet? Or did you use it for the ‘C’?

    1. Du Fuchs! I didn’t even notice it – I must have grabbed the wrong image – will be updated next time! :)

  11. Nicely done! You are the poster child for Peloton and I feel like they should be paying YOU money at this point for all the good press you give them!

    1. Haha, now there’s a suggestion! :)

  12. Good for you for getting out in the rain! I think one of my runs this week will get my out in the rain too – so I’m hoping the forecast is wrong! I really disliked running in the dark but since I got a Noxgear Tracer vest (my glow vest!) and light I feel much safer running outside. My area is safe, but there’s always something a bit creepy feeling about being in the dark!
    Great workouts for you this week!!

    1. Good for you for investing into a glow vest. That’s very smart, if you regularly run in the dark. My area is relatively safe too, but I still don’t feel comfortable running alone in the dark.

  13. Congrats on a great week of workouts. Challenges can be so motivating and although I don’t often do them, I’m in a Ragnar 31-day challenge with my MRTT friends. Yours look fun, too!

  14. I ran in the rain this week, too, which is not typical for January in Minnesota! It was a light rain, though, so not too bad at all, although it made our already slippery sidewalks even worse!!

    I am impressed with how much time you spend working out each day! Even pre-kids I did not log that many minutes, with the exception of my Saturday long run! So well done!!!

  15. Congrats on the 300th run! I love the challenge of taking a class that starts with each letter of the alphabet!! I am glad a good workout help make you feel better after receiving not-so-good news.

  16. Well done for running in the rain even as a self-confessed “fair weather runner”, LOL! Also glad you were active even when you got some bad news – often working out is the last thing we want to do, but it usually helps so much!

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