Gosh, I am so behind.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since my birthday and I haven’t posted anything. I feel like I am behind on so much stuff… updating, responding to emails, returning calls. If I owe you any of that, please be patient with me.

I’ve been busy with work and even with a three-day-weekend, there is only so much you can get done. At least I finished my tax return on Sunday. That’s always a drag and I sure am relieved that I got that out of the way.

On Friday, I went to Susi’s wedding reception. She got us all quite surprised there, didn’t she? It was a really nice small reception with yummy food and a bunch of toddlers and kids. If there is Susi, there are kids :)

The rest of the weekend was busy with running errands, filling out my tax return and catching up on some overdue phone calls. Damn, the time difference really only leaves the weekends for calls to Germany and why the hell don’t I get a couple more hours in the mornings, so that I can talk to everyone I need to talk to?!

Yesterday I went to my gym class again. Since I skipped last Monday for an obvious reason, I knew going back would be hard.
Let’s just say it was harder.
When the 1,5 hours were over, I was completely beat-up. I felt like I couldn’t lift my arms, let alone my legs to walk out of the exercise room.
I think I made it to the store and then back home in a state of trance.

Luckily, I didn’t have to prepare any dinner since we had leftovers from Sunday night, and I collapsed on the couch and watched “SATC” with my roommate for an hour. THE perfect way to relax, if you ask me ;)
I pretty much crashed after this, only to wake up with a headache after a very non-recuperative night . Just fabulous!
I am not quite sure if that was due to the heavy workout or the fact that I did my tax forms in my dream over and over and over again.

Go figure!

  1. It’s funny but I have just been so tired the last week. I keep hoping to be able to sleep in, but it hasn’t happened. Ah well, good for you getting your taxes done!!!

  2. Thanks for coming again hun! I had a blast

  3. see i always think that if you’re busy that’s a good sign ;) not that i don’t miss hearing from you but i have so much going on myself… hence the lack of email response. but it will come! *smooches*

  4. Oh, that sure sounds stressful. I just did my tax thingie, too and I hated it. I just hope, we will both eventually get some money back to do some serious shopping. :)

  5. Ohhh yeah I hear ya on the weekend calls only. So annoying!I guess you could call late at night your time if nothing else but ugh….

    SATC really is the best! Gotta get the DVDs at some point again. ;-)

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