Tuesday Topics: My year of running 2019

It’s not too late to recap my running year 2019, or is it?

This was my 5th full year as a dedicated runner and I felt pretty good about my running year. Overall, it was a slower year than before. I ran fewer miles and fewer races, but I stayed – once again-  injury free, which I am so thankful for, and kept a pretty good exercise routine. 

I ran…

469 total miles (less than in the previous year, but I spent more time cross-training and cycled 450 miles),
3 official races – 1 Half Marathon, one 10k, one 5k,
no virtual races this year, and
no new PRs.

It definitely felt like I did a lot more, but these are the official numbers. Two local half marathons that I had planned to run last year, I had to cancel because I traveled overseas to see family instead (it was an easy decision, haha).  Sometimes, your priorities shift and that’s ok. 

Best race experience:  Running towards the Golden Gate Bridge during the SF 1st half marathon this summer. Since the race is in July and very early in the morning, the bridge is usually covered in fog, but we got really lucky this year and had a beautiful, almost fog free view with sunshine and blue skies!

Best run: I love the runs that feel light and easy (ha, who doesn’t?!).

Running High: Shaving off another couple of minutes of my SF half marathon PR on the 1st half course. 

Running Low: I had a few runs that I was totally excited for, but which felt hard and slow and where my breathing was off and/or my legs were heavy. These runs always make me question if I should continue this running thing (but don’t worry, that feeling usually doesn’t last very long).

Best piece of new running gear: I won a $50 Lululemon giftcard and splurged on some Lululemon Speed Up Shorts* this summer. I didn’t really get any other new running gear to rave about. 

Best running advice that I received this year: Listen to your body. I dealt with some weird symptoms (racing heart, heartburn) in the late summer after my half marathon and even though everything checked out fine at the doctor’s and didn’t seem to be related to running at all, I scaled back my training and took it easy for a while.

Most inspirational runner walker: My husband. He’s not a runner,  but he’s gotten into a pretty regular walking routine and he participated in his first 5k at the Davis Moo-nlight Run. I was so proud of him.

Favorite picture from a race: 

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: I ran my first Turkey Trot this year (I know! Don’t ask!) and definitely want to do that again. It’s just amazing to see so many people turn out for a Thanksgiving run/walk! 

If you could wrap up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? I am thankful for every mile. 

It doesn’t matter how may races you run (in my case, not many at all last year) or how many PRs you achieve (no new ones), in the end, running is about commitment, staying active and healthy, and enjoying your self in the process. If your heart is not in and you feel “pressured” to (do any) exercise, it won’t be sustainable.

Thanks for all the support this year. I’ve come to love the running blog and Instagram community! 

How was your year of running? Any highs or lows you’d like to share?

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  1. Love your 2019 year of running recap! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this year and getting to know you better. Thanks so much for linking up with us!

    1. Thanks so much. I am glad you continued the Tuesday Topics link-up and I’ve been enjoying your blog as well!

  2. I see all kinds of different formats for a yearly running review and before I read yours, I was thinking I would comment on different races for 2020. Now I’m thinking I’ll use your format, as it makes for a very interesting read. Let’s hope I’ll remember that in 12 months’ time!

    1. I’ll remind you :)

  3. Have you read the book Roar by Stacy Sims? I just read it over break and it talks about hormonal shifts and women’s physiology and working out. She explains some hormonal reasons for runs feeling more difficult and talks about nutrition and how the advice for male athletes doesn’t work for female athletes.

    I was utterly fascinated and have started using some of her suggestions for my own training.

    1. I saw you mention that book somewhere and have already made a note to read it! I think it makes total sense that women’s hormonal shifts and physiology have a big impact on the day-to day running! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. You had a really great year of running! Your race schedule is the type of schedule I used to do when I was running. I usually did maybe 2-3 races/year since they are kind of pricey!

    It was another year free of running for me, for the most part. I did some running intervals during stroller walks and would sometimes run while Phil pushed the stroller. But overall, I have really struggled to fit running/working out in since becoming a mom! I miss running so much and hope I can call myself a runner again some day! But in 2020 I’m focusing on 3 workouts/week so I can get back into a groove. Most of the workouts will be home workouts until the weather warms up enough for me to walk or run outdoors. We have had some milder weather, though, so I’ve taken Paul sledding which I consider a workout – especially when I have to pull the sled through heavy snow or up a hill!! That’s my favorite form of exercise these days, though!! I did go on a lot of walks, though, which counts for something! During the warm months of the year, we go for a family walk nearly every day which is something I love doing. Phil and I have the best talks on those walks since there aren’t any distractions.

    1. I think it’s fantastic that you’re trying to fit in running/workouts where you can. I can only imagine how difficult it must be while working full time AND raising a child!

  5. That’s a great year, especially staying injury-free! Not many can celebrate that :-) I how I love San Fran! I’d love the run the marathon (or even one of the halfs) someday.

    1. The SF (half) marathon is really great – I’ve run both halfs, but the 1st course is my favorite! And thank you, I am very thankful for yet another injury-free year!

  6. No matter how many miles you ran last year, you still ran more than many people. Still a huge accomplishment! I’ve traveled a few times to San Francisco but refused to run a race because of the hills. Ha, but I am going to Atlanta at the end of February to run a race. :-)

  7. What a fantastic year you’ve had! I love your photo running towards the Golden Gate bridge. My husband and I honeymooned there and I ran Big Sur, so we had to revisit. But I’ve never run a race there! Plus I love that your hubs walked a 5k. Mine would never do that!

  8. I ran my first Turkey Trot this year as well, and I just adored the race. My running high was that I ran more miles and more races this year than I ever have before, my lows were a few bad races (also a first) and a little burnout from all the miles. But overall a very good year. Here’s to 2020!

  9. You did have a fun and solid year of running! One of my fave runs ever was also running over the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s pretty epic. Happy running in 2020

  10. You got so much running in this year. Way to go!

  11. Congrats on your achievement. It’s always something to celebrate when keeping up a routine and you clearly do. I struggle to find something for me to be honest and I never loved running.

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