Tuesday Topics: Cold Weather Running Essentials

To be quite honest, I am not prepared for cold weather running. Like, at all. Cold weather here in California is still well above 32°F and so snow is not a concern and even my layering is pretty minimal. The only thing I’d have to be concerned about is rain, and I guess I should invest in a rain-running jacket at some point, come to think of it (so far has not been that point), but I don’t really need gloves, hats, or anything like that.

Are you jealous yet? (In my defense, we do have to cope with some really hot summer temperatures in return.)

So, my list of cold weather running essentials might look different from yours, but here goes:

1. I don’t really need any lined or extra-warm running pants, regular long running tights* will do during the winter months.

2. I do like my Buff neck warmer* (which can also double as a headband or face mask, if it’s really cold and windy).

3. I always need tissues when it’s cold outside (just me?). I do get a runny nose – pun intended! – when it’s cooler running weather, so I can’t leave the house without them.

4. One of the things that instantly happens for me when it’s cold is chapped lips, so I usually carry lip balm* wherever I go.

5. I usually can get away with a regular shirt and adding a long sleeve shirt on top, but when it does get down to the 30’s or 40’s, I often opt to wear my Fleece Jacket* as well.

6. I use Sunscreen* all year round, because even if it’s cloudy, it’s important to protect your skin. It also acts as a layer of protection against the cold.

7. During the winter month, I’ll wear long sleeve shirts like this one* (preferably with thumb holes! Are you a fan of thumb holes, too?)

Most of my winter morning runs will be so early (before work) when it’s still dark outside that I will opt for the gym, where I don’t have to worry about winter apparel at all.

Do you opt to run indoors when it gets really cold outside?

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  1. Yes – I am super jealous of your California weather! If it’s dark cold and at all icy/snow I head to my treadmill – but during the weekends if it’s light out I can usually manage 20s or so outdoors. Teens or single digits..forget it!

  2. I’m a big fan of thumb holes and yes, tissues are always needed, especially when it’s cold outside!

  3. I don’t have any shirts with thumb holes, but I really need to get some! LOL And yes, my nose runs in the cold too. That’s great you don’t have too cold of weather, but I’m sure I couldn’t handle your heat in the summer, so I’ll take my cold now. LOL


  4. I’m totally in love with those tights in the first pic! I’m kind of neutral with thumb holes…I like them, but it’s a crap shoot if they will fit me comfortable with my long arms. I tend to like them before and after a run, but not so much during LOL

  5. Your California weather sounds like my Botswana weather so I can really relate to your post! We get some extremely high temperatures in summer. It’s summer now and running outdoors has just become a struggle for me. My treadmill has come in handy for hiding from the sun!

  6. I have noticed that my nose is constantly running this winter so I usually bring some tissues on my runs too.

    I love the shirts with thumbholes. It’s great to still keep my hands semi-warm without gloves!

  7. This season my lips seem to be much more chapped than I remember. I can’t seem to find a brand that keeps them feeling good.

  8. I’m definitely envious of your ‘cold’ weather. I consider anything above 20F as “warm” weather in the winter. ;) Winter running in Minnesota is pretty miserable. People in my running club run year round but when it’s subzero it’s pretty dangerous. Some of my running friends have these mask things that they wear when they run that make them look like darth vader, honestly. But it makes it easier to breath in the cold air somehow? I have ran in sub-0 temps and it requires a lot of layers and a gator to wear over your face. But the problem is that when you exhale air/moisture, it causes your eyelashes to freeze which is pretty uncomfortable. I rarely ran in those temps pre-baby because it’s just miserable. But I hate dreadmill running and it tends to cause injuries for me so I tend to focus on other things in the winter like strength training and HIIT workouts, etc. And then I start to run again when the weather warms up a bit and the ice subsides!

  9. The link for the long sleeve shirt isn’t working but I totally love shirts with thumb holes!

  10. Well, I probably shouldn’t weigh in on this since the only running I do is to answer the phone (ha!) but I love that neck warmer AND am on the lookout for new tights that are comfortable for treadmill / bike workouts at the gym. Thanks for sharing these! PS: I think I asked you this some time ago but I have the memory of a goldfish–what do you use to make your collages?

    Thanks for sharing, San (PS: Never leave home without chapstick either!)

  11. Very good point about the sunscreen – often overlooked this time of year!

    And thumbholes are the best!

  12. I do am jealous of your weather!

    I also like thumbholes!

    Define really cold. I’ve been able to handle it thanks to my gear, but lately I have not been motivated to run at all.

  13. California has darn near perfect weather for running! Well, depending where you are at any given point. lol I might be a little jealous of your regular weather conditions. :)

    And so much yes on the lip balm and the sunscreen!

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