29: Monthly Favorites | November

1. Do people still have alarm clocks? When we moved, we threw out Jon’s old alarm clock which he had since college. It didn’t really work anymore and we just kept it because I liked having a clock in the bedroom. I’ve been using my phone for my wake up alarm for years, but then we got this cute Capello Clock Radio* (because I actually like being able to see the time when I wake up at night without having to get up and look at my phone) and I kinda dig being woken up by the radio, the old-school way.

2. I’ve just rediscovered this Whole Grain Crispbread* at Trader Joe’s. I had bought it before but then kinda forgot about it, but was reminded about it this month. It is really tasty.

3. I’ve been on a bit of a soup-kick lately (who am I kidding? I am always on a soup-kick) and I love Trader Joe’s Tomato Red Pepper Soup*. The red pepper gives it an extra dimension of flavor. Add some croutons on top and your lunch is good to go.

4. I bought these Ikea bed sheets* a little while ago and I L O V E them. I know, it’s ridiculous to be excited about bedsheets, but they feel so cozy.

5. Fuzzy socks. Rain and wind are here and I need something to keep my feet warm between now and March.

6. My hands have been rather dry lately and Sebamed Handcreme* is the best hand creme, hands down. I usually bring a few tubes from Germany when I visit, because it’s less expensive over there, but you can buy it here, too. I highly recommend it.

7. It should be no news to you that I love watching re-runs of Friends* and Thanksgiving was the perfect day to binge-watch (which I usually never do). It was glorious.

What was one of your favorite things this month?

* #notanad, This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites.


  1. Fuzzy socks are the best!

  2. I’ve had that soup from TJ! It’s good. I still use an alarm clock radio. I’m old school. :-)

  3. Yes, that crispbread!! In fact, I just had two slices with some Kerrygold butter spread between them. Yum! And I love Sebamed stuff.

  4. Ich habe im Moment auch eine tolle Handcreme, von Creightons Mango & Papaya. Riecht echt lecker! :) Meine absolute Lieblingssuppe ist selbstgemachte Kartoffelcremesuppe mit etwas lauch, gebratenem Speck und Pfifferlingen mit Zitronensaft. (Rezept von Christian Rach)

  5. I know this will sound very corny, but planning a Disney Trip with my daughter and grandchildren. A year and a half ago they all went for the first time, with Mandy’s father. I felt sad that I wasn’t there too, but kept my mouth shut because Mandy should not be stressed about spending time with either parent. It’s just how it worked out.
    Now I have been asked. The kids are older and will enjoy things more, and I feel that more care was taken in the planning and I feel more loved.

  6. Phil still uses an alarm clock! I use my Fitbit. It vibrates to wake me up. I get up earlier than Phil since I pump so it’s nice to have an alarm that isn’t jarring for both of us. He still usually wakes up when I get out of bed but I think it’s easier for him to fall asleep than it would be if a loud alarm went off!

    Favorite thing this month was eating allll the soup. I made a couple of different soups and chilis. It’s been so freaking cold here so it’s definitely soup season (although I eat soup year round since I love it so much).

  7. I love these posts – too fun! I’m a huge fan of fuzzy socks!


  8. Fuzzy socks are a MUST this time of year. i just got myself some with stars and clouds and always have to smile looking at my feet.

  9. I have an alarm clock that slowly wakes me up by mimicking the sunrise, but I haven’t used it in a few months for some reason. Right now, I used my phone and it’s just not as pleasant as my sunrise alarm clock!

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