Things I do NOT do

Ashley wrote an interesting blog post a couple of weeks ago about how your blog and what you put out there can make you and your life look a hell lot more perfect than it probably is, and that is definitely true for me. While I don’t think that my blog makes my life seem all fairy-tale like and perfect,  I can still pick and chose what I want you to see and I can leave my shortcomings, failures as a homemaker or wife and other ugly tales hidden in my draft folder closet.

But in an effort, to be more transparent and to show you “hey, nobody’s perfect, not even me!”, I was going to share my own list of things I do not do.


• I am not always on time. I know I am German and all, but I am really only ever on time when it really matters. Otherwise, I usually work more with the “academic quarter“.

• I don’t shower every day.

• I like to pretend I am a book nerd (because I’ve been all my life), but I haven’t really been reading any substantial amount of books in the last couple of years.

• I don’t have a weekly cleaning schedule. I clean when I feel something needs cleaning.

• I don’t clean (apartment) windows. Period.

• I don’t always cook as healthy as I would like to believe.

• I have not been to the gym in 6 months.

• I don’t follow the (German) news as much as I wish I did.

• I ignore people on the street if I don’t want to talk to them.

• I never go to bed early enough.

• I don’t always say “no” when I probably should.

• I don’t file my papers as regularly as I should.

• I sometimes don’t work as hard as I could, because I can fake a huge amount of work with minimum effort.



Have you written your own list of things you do not do? Share your link!



  1. You sound pretty “normal” to me :)))

  2. I was making a list like this of my own and realized some of the things on it should not ever come to light. ;) Ha!

    – I don’t follow much news or politics, to the extent that all I know about Herman Cain I learned from Twitter and even then, I don’t know much about it.

    – I have a box full of papers that need to be shredded and bought a brand-new shredder over a month ago. The shredder is still in the box and I’ve been putting off shredding duties for about a year now. I am REALLY going to regret this when I finally get down to the shredding business.

  3. Ha, I think I should do such a list one day. But I really don’t know if the result is for public. ;-)

  4. Love this list, Sandra! This list makes you a complete and beautiful human! No one likes perfection anyway – it’s stiff and unwelcoming! =)

  5. Love it San! My biggest not perfect thing today, is I gained some weight over Thanksgiving, so it is back on the WW Wagon for me!

  6. Haha, I love this! That all sounds pretty normal to me. :)

  7. Great list, I recognize myself in a lot of these. :)

  8. I, too, am never, ever, EVER on time. A terrible habit, but so tough to break!

  9. I am definitely guilty of the last one!

  10. I can relate to a lot of the same things! Seriously we need to meet in person some day because I think we would get along pretty well and stay up late. ;)

  11. Stop living my Life. Lol. I could probably copy almost everything on that list ;)

  12. Ha ha ha. You Germans & your punctuality. I don’t believe you aren’t punctual. Just cannot be so. The only punctual public transportation I have experienced was in Germany. Therefore, by default, you HAVE to be. (I am teasin’ ya. With your sortcomings out in the open, I can only say that I adore you even more. Yay!)

  13. the last one made me laugh out loud….that’s so me…. :)

  14. I think we all havea tendency to focus on the positives more than the negatives, but it’s nice once in a while to come back down to earth and pay mention to our imperfections. They help make us who we are!

  15. I so am with you on so many of these things. Windows? Meh. Showing every day? Totally overrated, especially on the weekends. I like to think I’m helping conserve water.

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