26: Recipe | Turkey sweet potato burrito bowl

This is a warm and filling dinner that I threw together taking hints from a couple of different recipes. You can’t really do anything wrong here. Just use what you have to come up with your own version of this tasty burrito bowl.

I guess some key ingredients would be rice and beans and some typical Mexican chili flavors (like chili powder and cumin). Other than that, use your imagination (and the ingredients in your fridge and pantry).

You can totally make this vegetarian, but we added a bit of ground turkey that we had left over (not pictured).

I made the dish in my Dutch oven (because it’s nice and big and it’s easy to stir a lot of different ingredients), but you can also use a big skillet. Either way, I love that you can just throw all of the ingredients into one big pot and keep the clean-up afterward to a minimum.


Like I said, you can pretty much throw in what you have at hand. I have used different colored bell peppers, kidney beans or pinto beans, regular potatoes, just rice, etc. in different versions of this dish. To keep things light, we also omitted any kind of cheeses and opted for plain yogurt instead of sour cream (honestly, you won’t taste the difference!).

If you try this recipe, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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  1. This looks really good! I love one pot meals. They make great leftovers, too!

    1. One-pot meals are my favorite :)

  2. Burrito bowls like this are my go-to in the winter. Throw in a bunch of stuff, either veggie or with meat, and it’s so easy. Sometimes, I put an egg on top, when I’m feeling extra fancy.

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