Aaand… another bread post

I finally went to the Whole Foods market today. When we lived in LA, we had a Whole Foods down the street from where we lived and even though we did most of our shopping at Trader Joe’s and the local supermarket, there were a few things that we would exclusively get from Whole Foods.
One of the items was: BREAD.

I’ve mentioned many, many times on this blog that of all the things I miss about Germany the most, bread is pretty high up on that list. I’ve also mentioned many, many times that when I moved to CA, I found that the selection of baked goods leaves A LOT to be desired.
If it doesn’t have a crust (!), and if you can roll it up into a little ball, it’s not bread. (Most of the bread that you can get at the supermarket, I would summarize with the term “toast” (because it’s supposed to go in a toaster). No true German would get the idea of making a sandwich with this bread without toasting it.) But I digress.

So I finally went to the Whole Foods here (I had been putting it off because it’s not exactly around the corner from where I live), but let me tell you, it was so worth it, because I found this:

Rye Bread

Now that looks like some real bread. It even lists “sugar beet molasses” in the ingredient list, which is a very common ingredient in German bread baking.
(In fact, the area that I come from in Germany is very famous for their sugar beet fields and we used to have a sugar beet factory right in my town.)
The bread has a nice firm and crunchy crust, it has a dense texture and overall it seems like a mix between a regular rye bread and the (full) whole grain rye bread that you can get in Germany.

Do you want to know how you can make this girl happy? This is how.
The bread was fresh and still a little warm and I had the first slice just with butter. OMG!

Good bread is so important to me. I technically live off bread. And if you want to give me the “this has too many carbs”-speech, I kindly ask you to step back and shut up, because I’ve been eating living off bread all the 33 years of my life and I’ve never had any weight problems whatsoever. I simply don’t believe that carbs are bad for you, it’s all the other crap that you eat that puts on the pounds. Carbs in general are not bad for you, in fact, you need them. It just depends on which carbs you consume. Anything whole grain is really good for you, plus it really holds you up the whole day. If I take some whole grain bread for lunch, I really don’t need anything else until I get home for dinner. Think about it!

This bread is a little pricey with its $5.99 sales tag, but  it really beats anything as regards taste (besides the packaged, imported whole grain bread) that I’ve had here so far.
The bakery that is mentioned on the tag seems to be a local bakery (“Bäcker Bäck“) that, according to the website, must have been around for a couple of years. Why didn’t I know about this earlier?? Seriously, it’s not like I didn’t try to google German/European bakeries in the area before.
Anyway, next time, I am not even going to the Whole Foods, I am going straight to the bakery in the hope that the selection will be even better there.

I am thrilled. Can you tell? ;)

  1. I can totally understand this post – I share your LOVE of GOOD bread. So true that if you can wad it up into a ball it’s not bread – it’s watery flour!
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..Me So Literary =-.

  2. You made my mouth water! I have – after long search found an acceptable bread here – but the problem is that all the stuff that goes on the bread is adapted to Swedish bread and doesn’t fit on the German style bread. How is that for you? I love just butter as well but for that the bread must be super fresh and still warm. How are the cold cuts in the US?
    .-= Antje´s last blog ..RELAXING WEEKEND =-.

  3. mmmh frisches Brot mit Nutella…yummy!!! Die Bäckerei sieht toll aus. Scheint als hätten die alle “deutschen” Brotsorten vorhanden und sogar ein 25% off coupon was will man mehr! =) musst unbedingt schreiben wie es war und wie es schmeckt!!!

  4. I live for good bread and I detest most American breads. I loved it when I lived in Germany and bought my bread fresh every day.
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..And Then There Were Two! =-.

  5. sorry sweetie, if I don’t comment every time. I am reading it every day!
    Yeah for that bread. That looks delicious.

  6. I second the carbs part! Carbs are good for you. I can also live off of bread and still not gain weight. :)
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..What’s for dinner tonight? =-.

  7. Mmmm bread. God, why is bread so damn good?
    .-= doahleigh´s last blog ..Sans plans =-.

  8. My husband (French) and I have to have good bread too, thanks God we live in CA, because finding good bread in a lot of places it nearly impossible. I am lucky to have good bakeries in my area or I would die!
    .-= Andi´s last blog =-.

  9. YUM! I grew up on bread made homemade by my mother and I constantly crave it. Grocery-store bread doesn’t cut it for me either…
    .-= Terra´s last blog ..I might have smelled like a goat =-.

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