Year of running 2017

Eat Pray Run DC As this year is coming to a close, I am linking up with Courtney from to take a look back at my year of running. Courtney hosts this link-up annually and it is open through January, 1, so go and check out everyone else’s year of running!

I love looking back at the end of the year to see what I did throughout the year.  So here it goes. I ran…

766 total miles (not quite what I had set out for, but at least I beat last year’s mileage. That’s always a win!)
3 officially timed races – 2 Half Marathons, one 10k,
7 virtual races ( four 10ks, three 5ks),
1 DNS,
2 new PRs.

It was a great year for me with only a couple of minor injuries and lots of fun logging miles! I have been able to run constistently and with a plan throughout the year and was able to incorporate more cross and strength training into my routine. I ran two halfmarathons this year (San Francisco and Napa), won a local 10k, and participated in quite a few “virtual races” for good causes this year and it felt good logging miles and at the same time donating to desaster relief efforts and other good causes.

Best race experience:  The 1st SF half marathon over the Golden Gate Bridge. I had hoped to beat my PR from the previous year, but that was probably a bit too much wishful thinking as everybody knows that San Francisco is hilly and probably not the best place to attempt a PR. It was still one of the greatest races I’ve run to date, because the race course (along the Embarcadero, the piers, the marina and over the Golden Gate Bridge) was simply amazing and the miles just flew by!

Best run: That one 10k Sunday morning park run where I ran a < 9 min mile and it felt easy :)

Best new piece of running gear: Probably my new Brooks shoes (I got a pair of Ravennas and Launchs this year – love both!)

Best running advice you’ve received this year: Focus on beating yesterday. It doesn’t matter what other people around you are doing, how fast they are, how many cross training sessions they fit into their week. All you can do is work with your own circumstances and abilities. As long as you keep chipping away at that goal to be the best version of yourself, everything else will fall in place.

Most inspirational runner: Of course, seeing Shalane Flanagan win the NYC marathon was amazing, but honestly I’m much, much more inspired by other runners who might not be the fastest or run the longest distances, but who keep putting themselves out there. My cousin and his girlfriend ran their first race this year and this is always a big milestone and super-inspiring to see new runners finish their first race!

Favorite picture from a run or race this year: This was from the Napa Halfmarathon, which I ran without any goal in mind. I think you can tell. I love to finally have a race photo where I am smiling and don’t look like I am dying… haha. Also, note to self: sometimes when you’re not even trying, you will get that shiny new PR. 

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: San Francisco. I know, I don’t have too many “big races” to choose from yet, but this one will always have a special place in my heart. I ran my first half marathon in San Francisco and the views are just amazing and unforgettable.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Keeping it up! I am still amazed that I’ve become a regular, recreational runner who actually looks forward to getting out there every weekend. I never thought that would be me!

Thanks for all the support this year. 

How was your year of running?
What ‘s the best running adviced you received?


  1. Hells yes, lady!! Congratulations on a fantastic year of running! I’m not sure if it’s the cards for 2018 or not, but I’d love to make it out to SF for race someday. It sounds pretty magical.

    1. It would be amazing to have you come to SF for th e race! <3

    1. Thanks friend! So are you! :)

  2. I am soooooo envious of where you live and all the beautiful races you have so close! Are you into running trail at all? If I lived in CA, that would be all I did.

    1. I love running in CA… but I haven’t attempted any trail races yet. I know I probably should ;)

  3. Congrats on another successful year of running!! I love that you have fallen in love with the sport of running! 2017 was not a year for running for me. I was hoping to run a half and 10 mile race but the pregnancy and my RA got in the way of that. But that’s ok because my body was meant to do something else. I know I’ll be back at it in 2018 after I recover from giving birth!

  4. Keeping it up – love that! Thanks for linking up :)

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