5 runfessions

GAH! This last week, this first week of the Trump-presidency, has been tough on me again (emotionally).
I am scared about the things he has already done, I am scared of what he might do, I am scared of the non-knowledge and pettiness that he displays on the daily. I mean, is he seriously going to investigate (with our tax dollars) the election that he won? I still can’t fathom why people have voted for this guy. I also can’t stop wondering how it is possible that people see the world so very differently. I mean, seriously, you guys, this stuff keeps me up at night. It has affected my motivation this week, too.

Since it’s time for the (free topic) Friday Five 2.0 Linkup with  Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness and also time for Marcia’s linkup for monthly runfessions, here are five running-related things I have to confess this week.


I runfess  

that I’ve been having a hard time sticking to the 4-day run schedule that my training plan suggests. The 3-day training plan I was using before worked just fine for me, but getting more than two runs in during the work week is a challenge. I know, I know, some of you guys run 5-6 times a week, but for me, it’s just hard.

I’ve been thinking about signing up for another half-marathon, and although my training has been consistent, it hasn’t been really ‘organized’ lately and I am afraid that I don’t know if I am ready. Runner friends, how do you decide if you’re ready? Do you do a whole training cycle or do you throw in races in between (I’ve done that with 10ks, but I am hesitant with a half)?

I runfess  

that I was horrible at cross-training. It was one of my goals for the new year to try and incorporate more cross-training into my workout routine. I am happy to report that I’ve managed to do 1-2 strength training sessions per week in January and that I have sore muscles to prove it.



I runfess  

that early morning workouts are much more pleasant than I ever thought possible. I never thought I would say that.

I runfess  

that I haven’t really paid enough attention to my nutrition. Or, let’s say, I haven’t paid attention to my nutrition as it relates to running. I do try to eat a healthy, balanced diet. I know that I can’t have coffee before a long run (sorry if that’s TMI) and that I do have to eat something before I leave, but I usually go with a banana or steel cut oats. Sometimes a few energy chews have to do. It all has worked for me so far, I haven’t had any terrible stomach aches mid- or post-run, but I’d really like to know how I can optimize my fuel (esp. for the longer runs). Another area that I can work on, I guess.

I runfess  

that I sweat more in the gym than when I run in the heat outside. I have yet to figure out why, but my t-shirt (and sometimes shorts) are pretty much soaked after my runs on the treadmill and my hair is wet and dripping.  Anyone else?

How was your week or month in running?


  1. What’s your longest run right now? How many weeks do you have until that half you’re signing up for? Those are the questions I’d ask myself to determine if you could be trained enough for that half. Just because you’re not as organized as you’d like doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be ready. Just my 2 cents. Usually I’ll throw some “tune-up” races into a training cycle and they’ll be strategically placed. Hope this helps! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you for your input! My longest run is 11 miles right now … the half would have been in two weeks but I decided not to run it, although not because of my training, but because something else came up for that weekend and I wasn’t signed up yet anyway.

  2. Yes, I agree. I am always much sweatier at the gym than outside. I think bc it is just so stuffy in there with all the people.

  3. I’m horrible at cross training too! I try to be better, but sometimes I just want to run! I sweat so much more in the gym too!

  4. If it makes you feel better, I only did 3 runs/week when I trained for my last 2 marathons, and they were the fastest marathons I’ve ran. I used to run 5 times a week but switched to 3 runs when I joined my run club. I love it because when I did 5 runs a week, some of them were ‘junk miles’ (running just to run without a purpose to the workout). With run club, everything had a purpose. Mon and Wed runs were hills or speed work or tempo runs or something like that; Saturday was a long run. Do what works for you, but don’t pressure yourself to run 4 days a week if it’s not working for you! Granted the elites and people training to BQ need to run 5+ times a week, but if that isn’t your goal, you can totally get by on fewer runs!

    As far as training goes, I would throw a 10k in without a training plan, but I wouldn’t for a half marathon. I felt that a half marathon took a higher level of focus and training and that you risk an injury if you try to wing it and don’t fully prepare for the race. That’s not to say you aren’t prepared since you are running consistently. I just felt better with a training plan laid out versus throwing a race on the calendar without following a training plan.

    Fun post! Great distraction from the awfulness of the past week. I am terrified, too.

    1. That all makes sense to me. Thanks for your insights, Lisa! My 3-day run schedule is exactly that – a schedule with purpose instead of just running (and right now I want to focus on incorporating some more cross training!). I have definitely thrown the odd 10k in and feel that they’re totally doable, but I have the same feeling about the half… I should be following a plan if I really want to be prepared for that distance.

  5. I feel you on the depression of having Trump as a president….ugh. It’s unbelievable how we made it to this point. But we have to try to keep our heads up and keep challenging him!

    I like doing 2 runs during the week and 2 on the weekend, long run on Saturday, short run on Sunday. That may be a better way to get up to 4 days a week of running since you’d still have some flexibility during the work week.

    1. Thanks Janelle for stopping by. I agree, we have to keep our heads up and keep pushing forward during these hard times.

      And thank you for the suggestions regarding a 4-day running schedule. That might actually be doable! :)

  6. My current workout consists of running to catch the train on metro and lifting my almost 20lbs 5 1/2 month old. Totally counts right?

    Trump is a raging Orange Cheeto Dumpster Fire of human garbage. But look at it this way, his actions have finally pushed people to do something and while it takes time and effort, some of it works. Had we been more active and more aware of how broken the system was before this – say about 20 years ago at least – and started to be active then, we may not have gotten to this point. BUT better late than never. Don’t wallow in stress and anxiety, focus that energy on fighting back for our rights. We can do this if we do it all together and stick with it.

    1. Totally counts!! :) You’re lifting more weight than I do… ha! :)

      Yes, I agree, we have to keep fighting… although I am a little mad at the people who it took so long to realize that complacency is not a happy place to be in the long term, because other people will seize the opportunity and take over. ARGH.

  7. A) I runfess that I still am on the fence about loving running.
    B) I runfess that I *really hate* morning workouts, I feel like I am exhausted the rest of the day
    C) I runfess that treadmill is always sweatier; I think it’s because there’s no breeze, no air passing over me due to my moving forward. I have to strap a bandana around my hairline or I am a drippy, red, miserable mess. (Also? that bandana goes STRAIGHT into the laundry when I get home, because, ew.)


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