Pork Belly

On Tuesday, I went to another meeting of the German Meetup group. We had coffee at a Starbucks and best piece of information of the evening was: I was told about a German butcher shop where I can get “Bauchfleisch” (pork belly). Oh, if you could see me drooling right now.

I know, I shouldn’t be talking about pork while everyone and their brothers is worrying about the swine flu. But just to clear up the confusion: eating pork does not give you the swine flu, ok? (Neither does reading the word “pork” or “swine flu” on my blog. I checked.)

Moving on.

So, I’ve been inquiring for a while, if – and if yes, where – I would be able to get fresh pork belly. The pork selection in the supermarket is astoundingly sparse, to say the least. The only pork meat I’ve seen in supermarkets are pork roasts, pork chops, pork ribs and smoked pork chops (rarely, though). Bacon is made from pork belly, but for some reason you can’t get it uncured or unsmoked.
But hands down, fresh pork belly is THE best meat for BBQs.

Tomorrow J and I are planning to see Susi and her J for a BBQ and I am determined to make a stop at the German butcher shop and see if I can pick up some fresh pork belly before we go. That would be the highlight of my weekend: first BBQ this year AND pork belly :)

And now, I will stop talking about it. Saying it over and over somehow makes it sound “gross”.

  1. Oh it is so good. I’ve had it a few times when Uschi cooked it and WOW!
    Hey, my Big Boy Blue Collar, hit 1 pound today! He is such a little piggy!!!

  2. I know it’s probably unfair, but I had some pork belly last Sunday at our BBQ.

  3. crossing my fingers! i hope you will get your schweinebauch. have fun @ susi and J’s. xoxo

  4. sorry i haven’t been here for a while. but as u can imagine times after coming back from a trip are usually busy. i can only imagine how happy u were finding out about that butcher.i remember we were talking about that subject when we had breakfast in january. hope you had a good bbq german style:-)

  5. Ok…I bet it tastes sooo good! I LOVE bacon and if this is better than bacon…then I’m sold!!!

    I miss Honduran food soooo much that when I lived in LA and found a good Honduran restaurant…I was in heaven!!

    I think it’s funny how everyone is not wanting to eat pork right now because of the SWINEY flu…even though they have repeatedly stated that pork IS SAFE to eat..haha!

    You’ll have to let us know how your bbq went!

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