In case you haven’t noticed: Some things changed around here.

Hey you guys, what’s going on? None of you (ok, besides Steffi yesterday) has commented on my new blog layout. I assume either a) you don’t like it or b) you need me to tell a little story behind the reason to change the layout, before you can make a proper comment.
Which one is it? :)

You’re sneaky, what did I expect? So here’s the story:

Well, it’s actually really simple: I needed a change. You know, it’s similar to the bangs that I got a few weeks ago. I needed a change, but not too much of a change. So the layout concept stayed the same –  three columns, Verdana font – but I added some more color to my blog. It’s summer, after all.
I already kind of miss my “Santa Monica Ferris Wheel” header, but I had the layout for almost two years, I think, and it was time to get something different. Spring cleaning, so to speak. Only that it’s July, but who cares? Not you, I hope.

I know this is a fairly minor detail of this cute layout by, but I just love the multi-color line below the header and the cute ladybug in the upper right corner. It just makes me smile and if it does the same thing for you, I’ve already made a positive contribution to your day :)

Feedback ( honest!)  would be very much appreciated since I really would like you to come here not only because you care about what I have to say, even though that is, I agree, the most important reason, but also because you enjoy coming here and looking at my blog layout.
Call me nostalgic, or whatevs, but I am not one of those people who read blog entries in some sort of feed reader. I actually love clicking over to everyone’s blog and enjoy the effort that everyone put into their sites. To me, it is some kind of personal art and your blog layout tells me so much about you, it really does!

Ha! Now I scared some of you, haven’t I?
But it’s true – I do think that your blog layout reflects your personality, somewhat. As you can tell: I like it neat and organized. :) Guess that makes me, according to my own little theory here, a neat and organized person. (Mostly, I would say that is, in fact, true!)
What do you want your blog layout  to say about you?

  1. I noticed but didn’t think to comment. Bad me!
    I love it! It looks so bright and summery!
    I need to redo Dackel Princess as I am tired of the layout. It’s been a couple of years now too. Hmmmm! Now you’ve got me going!

  2. I saw it, I think I actually used this layout for a while at some point or at least considered using it, so you know I like it. ;)
    I’ve pretty much stayed with the same layout on my blog for the past year or so, and I still love it.

  3. I noticed and I like it but because I pay more attention to your writing I didn’t comment. I love the ladybug, too!
    Good job, San!

  4. I’ve been so bad lately about commenting! I noticed and I really love it!

  5. I really like it. The lady bug is my favorite too! A great layout for summer :-)

  6. i did notice even though i use a feed-reader (LOVING it, too) because you can set it to display the website instead of the feed ;) my template originally came from as well so yes, i love her designs = love your new look :)

  7. I didnt notice cause I just got to your site right now. I have to say it is very cute now that I noticed it. haha. I have not changed mine in forever, so what does that say about me? ;)

  8. Hi San,
    thought it was just me doing this. Use the feed to keep up with new entries of my many blogs. As soon as the feed comes up I click to move over to the actual blog. Love to read the comments. That is how I found many blogs. Lately I do have problems if I go on the blog from the feed. The response time is long or the IE will not response at all anymore. Question to Kim… how do you set the RSS that it displays the blog right away?? I am by no means computer savvy (anymore) :((
    Your new layout is pleasing to the eye…no unnecessary distractions when you read the post. So, how do you like your bangs??
    Oh, one more thing… Like that it’s possible to comment without joining,creating an email account or a password!!

  9. bad blog reader that i am, i usually am too lazy to comment. but i love your new layout and i think…you should probably do mine, too! ;)

  10. I like it – it’s clean and tidy! I find it irritating when I find a blog to read and the background is so busy that it takes forever to load or it’s so busy that it’s hard to focus on the blog entries themselves.

  11. haha, what does my layout tell you about my personality?

  12. like the more color on it. and change is a good thing. like i love your bangs.

  13. I like your layout. It’s clean and cheery and readable. Three thumbs up!

  14. sorry sweetie pie. I like it! Well done.

  15. awww…I have been a bad blog friend! I hadn’t caught up on blog posts until today!


    I love your new blog..even more so than the old one. Only because it DOES reflect more personality and its cheery! Good work friend…

    And my blog…well..right now it doesn’t say much about me. But maybe that will change!

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