We went out Friday night – Ira, my sister Nina, Dirk and I. We wanted to have dinner in Düsseldorf and then go to a cocktail bar or something like that. We decided to try out a sushi place…Sushi and Soul. They had this really cool area where you were sitting at these low tables on the floor and where your feet were actually dangling in a whole in the ground below the table :)


It was Nina’s and Dirk’s first time to have sushi. Well, let’s put it like that…. for many people it’s an acquired taste. Just the look of it might be a little disturbing for the Western civilizedmeals of meat and potatoes.


But Nina and Dirk liked it. Dirk liked it so much that he decided to finish the Sushi platter that he and Nina had ordered together and she had to have the second entree of grilled fish.
Afterwards we went to a cocktail bar and Nina, Ira and I ordered Caipirinhas. Dirk was so nice as to be the designated driver and let us girls drink :) Bad idea. The Caipirinhas were terribe… they just tasted like alcohol. But what do you do with a 7.50-cocktail? You drink it. Bah… it was so disgusting and had the effect of a sleeping pill on me. I was about to ask Dirk to carry me back to the car.

I could have fallen asleep in the car if we hadn’t stopped at McDonald’s and Dirk hadn’t done the funniest thing ever. We used the drive-thru and he ordered our late night-ice cream cones in a Saxon dialect. I could have peed in my pants. I am not putting down the Saxons here, but everybody who knows the dialect must admit that it sounds funny. I could hardly keep it together when we drove up to the window to take our order. Dirk usually is a shy guy, but sometimes he outdoes himself :)

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed. The high pressure area is still keeping Germany in an oven-climate. I spent most of the days in the backyard with a book. My aunt came over on Saturday afternoon and my Mom made strawberry tartlets. Oh, I love strawberries. And I love iced-coffee. Which reminds me of the Saturday before last when I met with Kim and Ilka for coffee in Düsseldorf and the waitress at the café had a hard time getting my order straight. I ordered an iced café latte… neither did I want an ice [cream] coffee, nor did I want the ice crushed or anything. Just ice cubes in my latte. Is this asking too much? ;)

  1. san, i didn’t know you had a new page :) i LOVE it though. so much more convenient than xanga (i think) — so is this a big secret or time to update the bookmarks? also, where’s my link, hm?

    HDL and i hope to see you thursday! *smooch*

  2. ups, nevermind. just found my link :)

  3. Mmmmmm sushi! I’m so landlocked where I live that we never get good sushi. You are so lucky!

  4. hey, i didnt know you had a new page either. sniff. :-( how are you girl? big hug

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