SPF… the season edition


TGIF! Time to play. SPF has become a part of my weekly routine and I love it. This week Kristine thought she’s making it easy for us, but in fact, this has been a little bit tough for me, because a. fall hasn’t really started here yet… [yes, we already had some cooler temperatures and some rainy days with some sun in between, but the colors of the leaves have not really changed yet] and b. showing you the beauty of my home was kind of difficult, because I wanted to show you the fall of my “old” home here in Germany and my “new” home in CA. So here’s what you get:

1. Show me your season changing.

season changing

Despite the fact that some people might think that the most beautiful sunsets are either at the ocean or in the mountains, what do you think about that??
We do have gorgeous sunsets here in Germany in the fall. Don’t you think?

2. Show me the beauty of where you call home.

beauty of where i call home

This is the ocean close to my “new” home in CA. This picture was taken two years ago, but during fall/winter time… and I think the clouds are amazing! :)

3. Your favorite part of the weather changing.

favorite part of weather changing

My favorite part of the weather changing… eventually snow! I love the winter and I love skiing/snowboarding. I’ve been doing that since I was 4 years old. My parents took me and my sister skiing every year and it makes my winter! This photo was taken last winter when I had the chance to go skiing with my Dad. He’s a P.E. teacher in Highschool and the 9th graders usually go on a skiing trip every year. I was able to go as one of the skiing instructors! GOOD TIMES!

So, did you play?? Let us and Kristine now!

  1. This picture of you two in CA with those goregous clouds is terrific! So cute. :-)

    Have a terrific weekend and thanks for stopping by mine too.

  2. Those clouds are totally cool in the picture of you and J in CA. And the sunset is lovely. Hope to see one for myself next spring!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Great pic of you and your dad! Love those father daughter pics!

    I played too!

  3. Yep, I can just agree on what has been said before: those clouds are amazing. And the ocean with the waves: I so love it!

  4. i said it before and i will say it again: your dad is so cute!

  5. Those are great pics. You’re right about the beauty of the clouds on the beach.

    Great SPF.

    I played.

  6. Great pix! I love the sunset and the water … my two favs!

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  7. great pics sweetie! I always loved that pic of you and your dad!

  8. eeeeuuuuuu you said the “s” word!

  9. can your dad teach justin how to ski? he doesnt get it. hehe. great pictures! love the sunset, and i swear, once you are back over here, i will come and visit you, ok? seriously now!!! have a great weekend! schmatz

  10. Very nice SPF — I love your pix! The ocean is just about my favorite place to be.

    Thanks for stopping by mine!

  11. Hey Sannie! Thanks for stopping by — BEAUTIFUL SUNSET! Cute pic of you and the daddy too! :-)

  12. That first one is gorgeous! Great job!

    I played!

  13. I love that picture of the ocean with the mountains and clouds in the background, and the sunset as well. I think any place can have a beautiful sunset, as long as there are no all buildings in the way… I have seen some amazing sunsets in Heidelberg already, usually where the city ends and there are some fields.

  14. Excellent SPF! Great sky shot…I love sunrise and sunset pics…as a photographer, I live and die by those 30 minutes after sunrise and before sunset! Its funny you mention the odd places you find beautiful sunrises and sunsets…I lived in West Texas for about three years and there were NO mountains, NO water and about as flat a terrain as you will ever see…despite that, the skies were absolutely stunning during those times…sadly a lot of those gorgeous colors are thanks chemicals in the air.

    Also…your dad looks like he has a great soul!

    I played as well, so please stop by and check my pics out!! Have a great weekend!

  15. That is a great photo of the sunset… and you and your dad are so cute!! :D I need to go find a pic of my dad for ya… cause yes, I do look more like him. Hee hee.

    … and thanks for wishing my mom and happy birthday! She loved reading all the comments! :)

  16. Oh, nice pics. The clouds in the second one are really amazing!! And I like the pic of you and your dad! I know it’ll be hard to say goodbye to your family….

  17. WOW, as soon as I scrolled down and saw the sunset picture, I thought how beautiful. It is a great picture.

  18. hey sweetie, love all of your 3 pictures. especially the 2 last ones:-)

  19. nice pictures :-)
    im not sure what you meant with your email the other day.. it sounded like you were offended by my comment?! maybe i just misunderstood you though. i understand your anger completely and it really is justified.. i just didnt want you to get your hopes up because i think theres not much you can do about it unfortunately.

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