First weekend in Sactown

So, last weekend was the first weekend we spend in Sactown since I started working. Living in Midtown definitely has its advantages.

When we lived here two years ago, we didn’t really explore the city. Yes, we went out to dinner in Downtown/Midtown once or twice, but we never really got to know the area really well. I loved living in East Sacramento [which actually was Greenhaven – as I was told ;)] and we were in a phase where we didn’t really wanted to go out a lot, so we stuck with the occasional dinner here and there, hanging out with the few friends/bookclub people that we still knew in Davis and a visit to the mall now and then.

Perspective has definitely changed since I “moved” back here.

Having found a roommate situation in Midtown, I really got to see a whole different side of Sacramento that I didn’t even know was there. The street that I live on is really quiet. I mean, so quiet you wouldn’t even think it’s in the Midtown area of a big city. There are lots of old and huge trees lining the street and most of the houses are Victorian. Beautiful! But if I walk a few blocks, there are restaurants and coffeehouses, galleries and little shops.
Everything you want from a big[ger] city :)

Although Sacramento is the capital of California [yeah, who knew that and who thought it was SF or something?? *g*], it “only” has a population of 480,000. Compared to Cologne [990,000] or even Düsseldorf [582,000] it’s fairly small, but it still has as many inhabitans as the whole Rhein-Kreis-Neuss region where I grew up! The metropolitan area of Sacramento of course has a population of over 2,103,000. But I digress.

Every 2nd Saturday there is an Art Walk in Downtown/Midtown. All the Art Galleries have an “Open House” for people to walk around, have some wine and finger food and enjoy the Art. We went out to Dinner at “Paesanos”, an Italian Restaurant, with Kari and Dylan and afterwards we walked around and enjoyed the nice atmoshpere. It was fairly warm Saturday night, so a lot of people were out. It was fun!

Sunday we slept in, hung around the house, watched some TiVo [“Ugly Betty” -Kari’s favorite show- which totally reminds me of our German Soap “Verliebt in Berlin”] and did some yard work. Kari and I also went grocery shopping together for the first time.

Many “first timers” this weekend ;)

  1. I like watching Ugly Betty. And both UB and ViB are remakes of Betty la Fea, a Colombian telenovela, which is probably why one reminds you of the other. :)
    I am also about to move to the center of Barcelona, though it appears not very noisy either. It’ll definitely be nice to be able to go out without having to take the metro anywhere, though.

  2. i thought ugly betty was funny. it’s great you get to explore some areas of sac that u haven’t seen before. and the fact that u live in a street, where you don’t have the feeling to live in a big city. i thought of that last time i was in hamburg, that there are so many quiet streets u don’t have the feeling of being in a big city. i think that’s very cool.

  3. I have never been to Sacramento, but it sounds nice. Perhaps a trip there should be in my future.
    I have been to LA and SF and San Diego. Loved San Diego a lot.

  4. Sounds like a good weekend… I envy you guys for Tivo, it sounds just sooooo great.
    And I loved Verliebt in Berin – shame its over…

  5. it sounds GREAT! i’m glad you’re feeling more and more at home in sac again :)

    can’t WAIT to see you guys – only a few more weeks! ieeeek! :D

  6. viviane… yeah, i heard of this other show. have a good move!

    ilka… you gotta come visit :)

    maribeth… you should definitely come out here sometime. we could go out for dinner!

    silke… i had no idea HOW cool TiVo is :)

    kim… can’t wait to see you guys either!!!

  7. yeah living where everything is happening is definitely cooler when your young. :) I’m so glad you got to go back to SAC and experience this side of the town, too.
    That Ugly Betty show is cute, though I only ever watched the pilot. Can’t wait to have Netflix back and hmm tivo.. hmm….. :-D

  8. Sounds like you have a great time in Sacramento together. I was there only once. At the greyhound bus stop because we had a stopover on our way from SF to lake tahoe…. so I don’t really know the city at all….

    How does J manage to spend so much time there with you? I thought he works in LA?

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend, Jess

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