Patience in demand

With all of the things going on right now as mentioned in the protected post, I don’t think I’ll be able to treat myself to a new toy quite yet.

I am a little bummed, but sometimes good little things happen when you least expect them.

I had mentioned before that my small beloved point-and-shoot camera has been a little unpredicitable lately. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t. I couldn’t quite figure out why and the error message on the screen didn’t turn out to be helpful either.

After realizing that I probably wouldn’t be able to buy the DSLR for a while, I thought I would at least find out if my small camera could be fixed. It only seemed to be some kind of minor “mechanical problem” that prevented the lense occasionally from opening up or retracting. A little shaking of the camera usually did the trick.
I went to ‘Best Buy’, where I bought the camera about 3 years ago, and asked if they provided ‘camera service’ and they did.
The man asked if the camera was still under warranty, which I doubted, and if it was covered under a service plan, of which I had no idea.
After looking up our name and product number in the computer system, he happily told me that we had purchased a 4-year-service-plan for the camera, which would be valid until January 12, 2009, and that therefore all repairs and cleaning of the camera were F R E E :)

Well my friends, how awesome is that??

So I left my camera right there with the man and returned home to give J a BIG hug and kiss.
He was startled and frankly irritated by my sudden affection, until I told him that I totally loved him for having insisted on buying the 4-year-service-plan for the camera [for only $69!] back in 2005. He’s just great like that and  it really comes in quite handy right now! :)

  1. Hahahahah, how funny that your husband was startled by your affection ;-).
    Awesome that your camera will be fixed and you’re making good use of the warranty plan :).

  2. Das ist ja klasse, dass die die Kamera reparieren. Ich kauf so ne Versicherung nie – vielleicht sollte ich das mir doch mal überlegen.
    Habt Spass beim Umziehen!!

  3. YAY! That’s awesome. I didn’t buy a plan like that with my camera or iPod. Maybe I should have. Shoulda, woulda, coulda… :)

  4. Yay for such a foreseeing hubby! I never buy insurrances like that either, but was certainly happy to find out that my camera that had fallen on the ground was covered by our liability insurrance that I had “accidently” bought half a year before it happened. You’re a lucky girl; repairs are sometimes ridiculously expensive! Good luck with all your endevours!

  5. again ( :D ), i think we should listen to our men more often ;) and you will get your toy eventually. AND you can totally use mine when we see each other next time! *smooches*

  6. Oh one day when I have time I will have to tell you about my Best Buy camera story. Quite hilarious, and it all turned out well in the end!

  7. antje… that’s what i was afraid of: that the repair for a minor malfunction would be super-expensive. oh well, even if it is… what do i care now?! :)

    kim… you’ll let me use YOUR baby when we see each other?? OMG! thanks sweetie :)

    maritbeth…i would definitely love to hear that story!

  8. it only sucks, when you wanna have a new “toy” and because of other things you can’t get it. but it’s awesome that you get the repairing and cleaning now for free. that rocks.

  9. Hahahahah, how funny that your husband was startled by your affection ;-).
    Awesome that your camera will be fixed and you're making good use of the warranty plan :).

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