SPF: Two

Yes, it’s Friday again and time for another SPF hosted by Kristine who asked us this week to come up with a photo for the title “TWO”.

I have to say that I had MANY ideas for this SPF and could have picked many different pictures, but decided for the obvious.
Being a [fraternal] twin, a lot of things in my life always came in “TWO’.

my sister and I  :)

When my Mom was pregnant and found out that she was going to have TWO girls, she nearly freaked out. She was working full-time as a teacher at that point and had planned to go back to work after 6 weeks of maternity leave. My Grandma had agreed to take care of the baby in the mornings, but with TWO babies, my Mom didn’t think she would be able to go back to work.
Well, my Grandma didn’t let her down and said that if she could take care of one baby, she would certainly be able to take care of TWO as well :)
So, with me and my sister, everything came in pairs… TWO babies, TWO dirty diapers, TWO bottles of milk, TWO pairs of shoes, TWO runny noses, TWO of everything, save for the fact that the troubles of raising a child were cut in half for my parents since we went through everything at the same time :)

So, what did you come up with when hearing the word “TWO?
Did you play?

  1. I wish I had had two at the same time! I played.

  2. I like your “two” post very much!

    I played.

  3. Oh double the cuteness! Who’s who though? I have an idea but I’m keeping my mouth shut so I won’t make an ass out of myself if I get it totally wrong… :)

  4. have a guess, sanna…come on!

  5. You´re a twin. Wow, thanks for watching. Like the Idea for your SPF.

    I´m from Weilerswist, near Cologne. ^_^ Yes, and i wanna be a Denglish Blogger. *lol*

  6. aww, i love your SPF. that’s a pretty perfect two, too :)

  7. PS: i know. you’re the one on the left and N is the one on the right :D

  8. Ja die Welt ist klein. Genau die bin ich. *grins* Bist ursprünglich direkt aus Köln? Wünsche dir nen schönen Tag, bin heute bissle unterwegs.

  9. So cute!!!! Is that you on the left and your sister on the right?

  10. awwww you cutie!! san i have my interview on monday and im FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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