A lot and nothing is going on

I want to write. Seriously. I have a lot to write about in the back of my head right now, but the thing is – most of it shouldn’t or is not intended to be out in the public of this blog yet – or at all. I know I am talking in riddles. Just forget about it and pretend to be satisfied with what I can give your right now. I am sure some things will find their way on this blog sooner or later ;)

First of all, I officially bake my own bread now. Sourdough, dark wholemeal bread – you name it. I can do it all. Remember that I took home some of the sourdough that Andreas had made from scratch? I kept it in the fridge for a week and then it was ready to be used for a new loaf of bread. Tuesday morning, while I was talking to my Dad on the phone, I kneaded the dough and since you have to do it for quite a while and it’s “hard labor”, my Dad jokingly asked at some point if I was running a marathon while talking to him on the phone ;)
Well, the hard work paid off. The bread was delicious and smelled so good.

Two days later, I decided to try and bake my Mom’s dark German bread. It’s actually very easy to prepare – no kneading involved, just heavy stirring ;) – and although I wasn’t sure if I had bought all the right ingredients [I had to cheat a little bit, because not all ingredients were available], it turned out great. Does anybody want a slice?

What else? Oh yeah, we have a new roommate since last Thursday. J’s friend Aaron moved in with us after the break up with his girlfriend and finding new tenants for their old place. It’s going to be a temporary solution, but he might be staying here for a couple of weeks. I really think it’s no big deal – although J and I had promised each other that we would never live with roommates again after getting married. Oh well, some situations require radical measures. This is such a situation.
We moved all his stuff on Thursday. Some stuff was taken into our apartment, some stuff was left on the street for people to take. That’s how things are done in LA ;)

We had a fun weekend. The three of us spent St. Patrick’s Day at the studio. J and Aaron had been there pretty much the whole day already [while I was doing the laundry] and I joined them later. We got some Take out Thai food for dinner and hung out at the studio [which included a private concert for me :) Oh, these stories will be worth so much once the band will make it *g*].
We also met a drummer from down the hall – very nice guy, maybe a potential drummer for the band? I don’t know yet, but we’ll see.

Today we went out for breakfast at Café 50’s, a diner in Santa Monica – it was my belated birthday breakfast. I don’t recall if I mentioned that before, but Café 50’s has a Reward program that you can join for free. Every time you eat there, you earn a certain amount of points and when you have collected a certain number you’ll be rewarded with -let’s say – a free desert or something like that. Also, I receive discounts and special offers in the mail and for my birthday they sent me a coupon for a free entrée. Well, who wouldn’t want to go for that?
Yeah, the breakfast prepared me real well for an afternoon of talking on the phone [it was great to talk to you, Kim *smooch*] and writing letters [three!]. I am so proud of myself :)

Yeah, and now I start rambling and I’d better let you go.

  1. I have to call you sweetie – I need to know more about A and M :-D. You’re doing great with your bread machine – good job big girl.

    Uhh, miss you sooo much – love

  2. Your bread look so delicious, but I’ve told you that before.. I love to bake my bread self. It’s very satisfying.. And relaxing!!


  3. thanks for calling, sweety :) *smooch*

  4. wow that bread looks sooo tasty! send me a slide! now you made me curious with your first few sentences. i want more information!! hehe. maybe i need to get the receipe!! a new roommate, well, at least you have always someone to hang out with. ;-) i cant wait for la hun, i hope we can meet and i can give you a big big hug and finally see you after all these years!!! sorry about the movie its a great one, but the ending stinks. you should still go and see it. big hug

  5. PS: oh and i think those bread-recipes should go into your recipe-section (even though i already have the one for the dark bread…) ! lecker !

  6. Hey Missy Baker. Your bread looks delicious I’d so love to try your sour dough bread!

    Drastic situations need drastic solutions and you know Aaron quite well so it sounds like living with him shouldn’t be too bad. And! You can say you lived with the Band for a while when they couldn’t yet afford their billion dollar mansions. Hehe! When are we gonna get to see a video?

    Any luck on the job hunt?

  7. Great looking bread. One thing America’s don’t do well is bread. I love bread and I have learned to bake as well. After living in Germany I knew I had to do this.

  8. those 2 kinds of breads looks yummy. and i know how much you appreciate a good slice of bread. that’s so important in white bread amiland;-)
    i hope the roommate situation will be solved at some point;-) your weekend sounds fun, sweets.

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