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J and I watched “Brokeback Mountain” on Wednesday. We had the movie sitting on our desk for weeks and I kept pushing and pushing that I wanted J to see this movie. He didn’t feel like watching it for a couple of weeks, but when we finally saw it, he was like “What the hell? Why didn’t we watch this earlier? What a brilliant movie!”

Guys, I can only repeat myself over and over again… you HAVE to see this movie. Especially you, yeah YOU, who doesn’t want to see it because of the “delicate matter” the story is based on. It’s really not all about homosexuality, but about the uniqueness of human relationships and finding your soul mate, regardless of gender, and the tragedy and also negation of one’s true self because of societal pressures.

On Thursday, J’s Mom came to visit. J had promised her a private concert at the studio. While she and I went for a walk around Westwood and had some coffee and pastries at a french boulangerie, J and Aaron were warming up at the studio.
We drove over there later and enjoyed a 2.5 hour-long private performance. J’s Mom hadn’t heard them play in almost a year and she was quite impressed with the progress they’ve made. I really can’t wait to be able to provide you with a link to video footage on the Internet :)
Afterwards, we went out to an Indonesian restaurant for dinner. I’ve never had Indonesian food before. It – of course – basically fits in with other Asian food, but the taste is somewhat different from Chinese, Japanese or Thai cuisine.

Yesterday, J and I went bowling. We both hadn’t bowled in almost two years. J is a far better bowler than I am, but I am always willing to learn and improve and it was fun [yeah, and I feel my butt cheeks today ;)]. The first three games were the “warm-up” and then we both bowled the game of our lives. I had a score of 173… I was so impressed with myself :)
We made pizza [from scratch!] for dinner and then watched “Borat“. OMG! If you have seen this movie, I am curious about what you think of it. Please feel free to add your opinion in the comment section.
Note: I had no idea what I was getting into when we started watching the movie. I hadn’t heard too much of it beforehand. The guy who invented this character must have had a LOT of free time on his hands ;)

  1. Wait for the link, too. Wanna know what and how they sing. Don´t watched both movies. What do you think about Borat? And sounds you´ve had an interesting week. And now, i wish you an interesting and funny weekend.

  2. If forgott, the homemade cake. He said: “Everyone can make it with a baking mixture” He´s not right. A baking mixutre dosn´t make the dekoration. The best at all. Bye Tina

  3. I’ll second and third you on Brokeback Mountain. It seriously blew my mind. I was ticked, though, because the DVD skipped at the point where Heath’s character goes to Jake’s character’s parent’s place. Yeah, kind of a key moment. This is one movie I’d contemplate owning, and I don’t say that often.

    Sounds like you had a nice time with J’s mom. Everyone needs time like that with family.

    As for your bowling score… WOW! That’s fabulous! Sometimes it just works like that. I think last time I was lucky to break 100!!

    Sorry I haven’t been around lots. We’ve just been so busy with working, planning and getting J ready to win this job interview. Lots and lots on our plates.

    Thinking about you though! ;)

  4. both my honey-man and I had cried our eyes out when we saw it – – it’s an important movie to see… if one could ever claim watching movies can be important…this one’s it, plus Inconvenient Truth… oh and Super Size Me and What the Bleep Do You Know and, and, and…

    (hee hee)

  5. I love Brokeback Mountain… I originally saw it because my best friend is gay and was intrigued. I own it because it turned out to be such a good movie for everyone. (I still cry my way through it!)

  6. I agree. Brokeback Mountain is an amazing movie. And you are right. It is not about GAY love, but about love in general. I have to watch it again soon.

    And Borat… What can I say? I didn’t really know what it was about either. But I thought it was THE most hilarious movie ever. Some of it was scary too. I mean, the old guy at the rodeo? What a moron! I watched it with Ronald and he was about to leave the theater after that scene. Have you seen this before: I think he’s actually kinda hot!

    Oh and you are welcome for the letter. I had forgotten how much fun it is to write letters!

  7. i totally agree on your opinion about brokeback mountain. i went to see it with some friends. and i got so annoyed of the commment of the guys. i thought it was a brilliant movie and it wasn’t about being gay or shooting some gay scenes. but also the girls didn’t like the movie. they thought it was too boring. what???? why does every movie has to have action. but there you see, not everyone likes movies who make you think about some subject later.
    good to hear you had a nice weekend, sweets. love ya

  8. oh my gosh i loved brokeback mountain and i loved borat. both great movies but so different..hehe. did you watch premonition yet? i wanna know what you think about it. big hug and have an awesome week! love ya!!

  9. Wow you are so good in bowling!!!! I barely hit the 100 mark when I play. :)

  10. nach phoenix AZ gehts!! gar nicht so weit weg ;-)

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