Early SPF: Luggage

It’s [almost] Friday again and that means it’s another “Stuff Portrait Friday” hosted by our lovely Kristine over at Randomandodd.com.

This week’s theme is

“Your luggage”

my new purse

Yes, I finally play again… after a few weeks of absence due to other things going on.

Getting back into the habit is kind of hard, too, especially with not having much time on my hands today, so here’s a pretty lame picture of my new “luggage”… well, do purses count as luggage?? At least as part of your luggage, right?
I don’t know and I don’t care… this is what you get.

I just love it. Isn’t it a cute purse? :)

Now go ahead and play… and let me and Kristine know about it!

  1. it is indeed a cute purse! :)

  2. hehe i love this ones tooo =] ok i love almost any purse =] hahah hey san i think your bday is coming up?????????

  3. first, linked to you from kristine’s blog..

    love the bag! I often wonder when I will get to carry a real purse instead of a diaper bag!

    happy thursday….t.-

  4. Love your “luggage”! It looks like it would carry a lot, which is one requirement I have of a bag.

    I played.

  5. Love the bag…I played too!

  6. I know plenty of women who can carry more in their purses than they do in their suitcases, so that was a fantastic choice! It’s a very cute bag. (We didn’t play this week, but I still wanted to comment)

  7. Wow you can put a lot in that purse. Cute. I played too.

  8. That’s adorable!

    I played.

  9. It is a cute purse! Looks washable…can you tell I am a Mom of boys that insist on snotting up everything I own?


    I love your blogskin, this is really cute!

    I played!

  10. cute!
    happy spf
    I played :)

  11. Definitely a cute purse. I have a couple of new purses and I forgot how much I like having a nice bag and not just one that will “make do” with rips, scratches, etc.

    I played, too!

  12. Oh yea, WAY cool. I lose things in the front pouches though.

    I’m glad you played. LOVE the design of your page!! This is what I was looking for when I was working on mine.

  13. Your purse is very cute. Some purses are as big as suitcases. I noticed your note that it’s one day until your birthday – I hope it’s wonderful!

  14. Happy Birthday Sweetie! Hope you two have a special weekend in SF and SAC!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAUS! i hope you have an extra special and wonderful day with J in northern cali. may the next year bring you everything you dream of – and more! HDGDL! *kim

  16. happy birthday sannie!! 31 right? i hope you have an awesome day :)

  17. Hey Sannie, happy happy birthday. I’m wishing you all the best on your special day and also for the next 365 days. hope you’re having a great day!

  18. Happy birthday, Sannie!!!! Hope you are having a great day!

  19. Very cute!

    I played too :)

  20. Happy Birthday sweetie! Just left you a message, hope you are having a great day!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Obwohl ich wusste, dass ihr nicht zuhause seid, hab ich auf Eurem AB Dir einen Glueckwunsch hinterlassen…hoffe, dass war nicht die alte Rufnummer. :-)

  22. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are having a great birthday with your hubby!!! :)

  23. happy birthday my sweetiepie! hope you had a fun bday with jon!!! thinkin’ of you…..kisses to youuuu

  24. like i said before that purse is really cute. and i hope you had a wonderful birthday.

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