SPF: Letters… because everybody loves them.

This week’s assignment for SPF couldn’t have been more perfect for me. Our lovely host Kristine asked us to present a picture of our letters.

This is my letter box. Everybody who knows me knows that I LOVE letters… receiving them [like everybody does!], but also writing them.
I’ve been writing letters since the first day I could write with a pen [yeah, and you can almost take this literally. I had my first penpal in 2nd grade.] There is nothing more personal than a handwritten letter to or from a person you care about.

So, what kind of letters do YOU like? Let me know and I’ll come and check it out.

  1. Glad to know there are still people hand writing letters! I just don’t have the energy!

    Thanks for visiting mine! Have a great weekend!

  2. I did not play. I really need to talk it back up!

    I wish i had the time and energy to write letters instead of emails! I still jump up and down like a little kid when i get a handwritten letter in the mail!

  3. I enjoy writing letters, too, and especially receiving them in the mail. Perfect SPF!

    I played.

  4. I love writing letters, too! And of course, I love getting them. I did my SF on letters written to me, too.

  5. I love the box you have your letters in…mine are stored in a big shoe box….maybe I need something pretty like this!!

  6. I have one friended I have been writing real letters to for 35 years! I love letters also!

  7. I wish I still got letters through snail mail. Happy SPF.

  8. I haven’t written a letter in a while. I agree though that receiving a hand written letter in the mail is awesome.

  9. I used to have 100 penpals.

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  10. hey sweetie, handwritten letters were once the way we got to know each other. and i totally agree on the fact that there is nothing more personal. i don’t have the time to write that much letter than you do still. but i am still pretty happy to receive them and also enjoying them. sending some love your way.

  11. hand written letters have such a personal touch that gets lost in our world of email, instant messaging & text messages. that’s awesome that you take the time to still write actual letters. =)

    thanks for visiting my SPF. i hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  12. I’m not a big fan of writing letters. But I really like it that you put them all in a big box – so you can read them over and over.
    Miss you!

  13. A snail mail person, so rare.

    Well done.

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