Summer can come…


Which ones do you like better? ;)

I had to go grocery shopping yesterday and decided to make a little trip to the Mall as well [since J and Aaron where at the studio all afternoon]. I still had a gift card from Nordstrom’s from last year and decided to look around at Nordstrom’s Rack [Nordstrom’s Outlet store so to speak] if they had anything cute for the summer. The shoe aisles are ALWAYS a good point to start.

Within a couple of minutes I had three pair of shoes in my hands [two of which you can see above ;)] and taking a look at the price tag made the decision very easy :) 50% off the last marked price!

Both shoes are designer shoes and would have cost well over $70 at regular price – well, I got them for $17 and $15 bucks. What a bargain! I love Nordstrom’s Rack!

After dropping J off at the studio today, I decided to check out the Co-Op in Santa Monica [because I want to bake more bread this week :)] and I was very pleased to see that they had bulk foods and I bought a couple of different things [Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Muesli, sprouted flour]. I think I am going to try a multi-grain or muesli bread this time.
Also, today was cleaning day – not very exciting, but oh well, it has to be done. I spent a few hours on the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. My hands smell like “Soft Scrub” – I need to get gloves :(

How was your start into the new week?

  1. I really like the black ones because of that little “big toe holder” :-D

    Love ya!

  2. At first, i like the black ones more and you really made a good purchase. My start was, let me say easy. Don´t slept enough, but it was ok.

    And Today is my cleaning day. The most important are the windows. x_x The weather is great and dirty windows don´t fit there.

    Have a nice day. ;-)

  3. Mhh, he said soo much. I know at the beginning some Days New York, than toward Florida. I ask him, hope he´s answering tomorrow. Haha, than you get a complete list…. They rent a car for the hole time. And they´ve cards for football and Basketball. *hide in the suit-case*

  4. I like the black ones! You really made out! What a bargain!

  5. I love the black ones!!! I don’t think I could walk in the white ones… let alone stand. Hehe. :) I can’t wait to see the next bread pics!!!

  6. @susi… love you too.

    @tina… have a great day, too and i am looking forward to the itinerary :)

    @jenn… thanks for stopping by again. You all like the black ones, huh? ;)

    @stefanie… believe it or not, the white ones are actually more comfortable than the black ones ;)

  7. Yikes, cleaning without gloves??? Oh boy!
    Love the shoes! Great deals!!!!

  8. nice! i could never walk in those but if you can, thats awesome!!! ;-) enjoy your bargain. my start in the week sucked and thats all because my new college is P*** me off. argh. anyways, have a nice week sweetie!!

  9. I love both pairs! I would never be able to walk in those though. I wish I was. But they look pretty! Now paint those toes red and Summer can come! :o)

  10. i love the white ones!!!! very nice :)

  11. i love those shoes. you know i do. i think they are both very sexy. and that heal is so comfy eventhough they are high, in my opinion. good catch, especially for that price. we gotta go shopping there;-)

  12. hey sweety, i love those shoes. even though it’s weird to see you in something different than flip-flops or pumas ;) but i like them a lot. and those wedges are actually a lot more comfortable than a regular heel, so… big *smooch* your way!

  13. Hey, I love both pairs, though I do like the black ones a little better, but both look good on your feet. I wish it was that time here already, unfortunately it is still so cold outside, especially in the evening and morning!

  14. @first: That´s what he answerd! Atlanta, Smokey Mountains, Charleston, Savannah, Daytona, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Panama City, New Orleans, Tuscalossa, Atlant, New York….

    And no, i don´t know that the original Song is made by “The Who” only know the Limp Bizkit Version.

    I´m strained on you spf.

    Wish you a exciting Weekend, in a positive way.

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