The ticket

We live in a residential area of Los Angeles, about two blocks from UCLA ((University of California, Los Angeles)). Unfortunately, in case you remember, our great! apartment came with NO parking. BIG MISTAKE. Parking gets crazy in LA. J has managed to deal with it and was lucky to find parking on side streets, but we decided that we really have to get a permanent parking spot somewhere. There might be the option that we might get a parking space in this apartment building at some point, but for now, we have to figure something out. I’ll tell you exactly why.

Our street has two-hour parking from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. It’s ridiculous, but that’s just the way it is. They do this, because we live so close to the UC Campus and because students try to park everywhere around here. For us as residents, it means that we have to find parking a block or two away from our apartment where there is no time limit on the parking, and this is mostly a challenge.

After J picked me up from the airport on Wednesday night [the day before Thanksgiving], the street was virtually empty. J said that he had never seen it that empty before. Yesterday, we decided to make use of the rare occasion and park the car in front of our apartment. Nobody would give out tickets on Thanksgiving, right?! After we got up this morning, I accidentally looked out of the window around 10:20 a.m., [20 minutes after the first two-hour parking period was over!] and I really couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a lady standing next to our car writing out a ticket! I was speechless. I mean, you gotta be kidding me… the whole street is empty and they write out parking tickets to residents on Friday morning after Thanksgiving? That must have been totally intentional!

What a f**cked up system!

  1. Baaah, those jerks! Unbelievable! Your situation sounds really frustrating and I know it too well! I don’t know who is taking care of controlling the cars in LA, but in Gothenburg they layed it out to private companies, who actually make all their money by earning a percentage of the tickets they write out. There you have it, the f**cked up system!
    I hope you can find some permanent parking soon to spare you more experiences like that! Big hug coming your way!

  2. Ugh how frustrating!
    I used to live in NYC and have to park a bunch of streets away from my place, really got to me especially at night when i would come home from work. But then again, Im crazy enough to drive a car in NYC, I oughta deal with it right? ;-)

    Im sure the prices of tickets in LA are right up there with the prices in NY!
    Im sure the cop was just annoyed that she had to work the day after thanksgiving ;-)

  3. :) first of all, you are back and enjoying your time with your hubby :) second… that system sucks. we have to deal with it here too. no wonder everybody wants to meet a ticket-giver late at night when there is nobody watching ;) hope you have a nice weekend anyway. *hugs*

  4. I can’t believe that students take priority over residents. That’s just wrong!

    That sucks.

  5. Aren’t there resident stickers or so? That’s crazy to torture residents like that! :(

    Yay for waking up with J! Good for you guys! :)))

  6. Oh man, that sucks! Don’t they have special residents’s IDs for you to park there :-( Crossing my fingers that you’ll get a permanent spot soon!!!!

  7. Wow that sucks, they should give out parking permits for residents or something. I hope you can figure out a better way.

  8. You would think they had some kind of resident parking permit. That’s how it works in Chicago where my friend lives. Good luck in finding a permanent parking spot somewhere close!

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