Bread discussion

Hi everyone. What a crazy day. My internship is going great. I love the experience and they will finally start paying me That’s so cool. That was the best news in a long time. Apart from that, I am pretty tired today.

The guys are watching basketball and I try to catch up on my diary now. I think I am going to go to bed soon. I am not really in a talkative mood now. But I have to tell you something funny: I had this discussion with my roommate yesterday about what we (like in “we Germans”) consider ‘bread’ and what we consider ‘toast’. He wanted to make me believe that what
Germans call ‘toast’ is bread as long as it is ‘untoasted’ and that it becomes ‘toast’ after you toasted it. Did you get that? Anyways, I told him that ‘toast’ is supposed to be put in the toaster and that ‘bread’ is rel bread like rye bread or something *lol*

Anyways, I am babbling. Take care.