NaBloPoMo ends with my very first giveaway

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I can’t believe the whole month of November is already over and Christmas is almost here.

Here’s to all the great people who persevered and stuck to blogging every single day for the month of November. I wanted to thank you all for reading and commenting throughout the month. I really appreciated each and every one of you and hope that I didn’t bore you too much with my daily posts.

As a little “Thank you” to all you loyal readers, I decided to host my very first little giveaway on this blog. Weeee!
I’ve been experimenting with the crochet hook and yarn again in the last few weeks and inspired by 3 or 4 patterns, came up with a custom pattern for this fitted mug cozy.

Picture 008

If you want something that keeps your coffee or tea warm, this is exactly what you need. The mug cozy closes all around the bottom of the mug to contain as much heat as possible, but still ends far away enough from the rim to make drinking easy and hassle free.
It fits snuggly-tight around the big Starbucks City mugs (but I can also make one for the standard size coffee mugs, if that is what you have) and closes securely with a big button. I think, the super-cute Christmas colors (red-green-yellow) are just right for this time of year.

Here is how you can enter:

Leave me a comment and tell me what favorite holiday drink you would keep warm with this mug cozy! (Please make sure to leave an email address, so that I can contact you.)

You can earn extra entries if you follow this blog through Google Friends Connect (–> sidebar), or if you tweet or blog about this giveaway. (Please make sure to leave another comment with link for each additional entry!)

* * *

Contest closes Sunday, December 5th at 10 p.m. PST.

* * *

Thanks again and I hope you all have a wonderful December!

  1. wow, i LOVE it. LOVE!
    .-= kim blogged this: 30 DAYS OF TRUTH DAY 18 =-.

  2. My favorite holiday drink? Warmed apple cider, with a shot of rum and stirred with a cinnamon stick!

  3. Oh, how cute! I love myself some Glühwein or Kinderpunsch in the Christmas season. :)
    .-= Karen blogged this: Life of a world traveler at heart =-.

  4. I’m already following your blog through Google Connect. :)
    .-= Karen blogged this: Life of a world traveler at heart =-.

  5. I love this! The button is the perfect touch! I drink Winter Spice tea :)

  6. Joined through GFC although I already subscribe lol

  7. So pretty! I’d love to learn to crochet or knit but can never find the time or patience… My favorite winter drink is a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso (known as a “dirty chai”), usually with an extra shot of something flavorful, like gingerbread or cinnamon!
    .-= Suburban Sweetheart blogged this: Topanga- I Never Knew! =-.

  8. Oh my, how cute…I love it!

    I would wrap it around one of my Starbucks Christmas Mugs and put either some Cafe Latte inside or some Instant Lemon Tea.

    Hopefully it would keep my drink warm long enough so I can make breakfast, dress the kids, make lunch boxes and get myself some breakfast too. Right now I drink my Coffee half-warm or heat it up again in the microwave because I keep forgetting it with all the other stuff I need to do in the mornings.

  9. You came up with that yourself? You are so clever and creative!
    .-= Andrea blogged this: The One With Some Things That Happened Recently- 2 =-.

  10. It looks beautiful :) What an awesome way to celebrate the end of a great accomplishment!

    CampfireKam at gmail dot com
    .-= Kam blogged this: Lucky Star Garland Giveaway Winners Announced! =-.

  11. And of course I follow your blog.

    P.S. Looks like you just found yourself some sweet stocking stuffers for this holiday season!
    .-= Kam blogged this: Lucky Star Garland Giveaway Winners Announced! =-.

  12. Totally adorable! Normally I just drink regular coffee out of my mug, but if I won I’d celebrate with some really rich hot cocoa – yum! :)
    .-= Susan blogged this: Super Squishy Cowl =-.

  13. Love it! Great idea for a giveaway. My favorite drink is a chocolate raspberry chai.

  14. not trying to snag your beautiful mug (cold drinks girl here) BUT i just wanted to say i’ll miss your daily posts, san!

  15. Umm, that is adorable. Love it. And congratulations on finishing NaBloPoMo!! You ladies amaze me.

    Now, as for my favorite holiday drink, it’s a toss up between egg nog and hot chocolate. I know. Boring. But, considering you really can only get egg nog once a year, I buy up (and consume) as much as I possibly can in one month’s time! :)
    .-= Hannah blogged this: On turning 30- Part III Alternate title- The things I have carried =-.

  16. oh, the cuteness! and three cheers for new nablopomo friends.

    my favorite holiday drink? probably hot chocolate. i like chai better, but for some reason when i make it at home it is terribly terrible.
    .-= the grumbles blogged this: winner winner chicken dinner =-.

  17. I found you through Kapachino … and I must say that I was overtaken with the cuteness of this cozy and was very excited when I saw the giveaway was still going on!! I love it.

    My favorite holiday drink? Hot Apple Cider or Russian Tea. Mmmmm.

  18. It’s so cute! I love the big button.

    My favorite holiday drink is hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint schnapps to spice things up a bit. I LOVE chocolate minty things.
    .-= terra blogged this: The Not-Turquoise Kitchen =-.

  19. oh this is so cute! my favorite holiday drink is cider, oh how i love some good cider, mmmmmm.
    .-= katelin blogged this: Grown up friends =-.

  20. Hot self made winter tea. It contains:
    – Roiboos tee
    – Cinnamon
    – Cloves
    – Gingerbread spice
    – Apple juice
    – Honey
    .-= Steffi blogged this: Bummer =-.

  21. Homemade hot chocolate. Hands down. :)

  22. That is so cute! I wish I could make something like it. Anyway, my favorite holiday drink is the Starbucks peppermint mocha, but I rarely allow myself to buy it. Instead I like to make myself coffee with hot chocolate in it at home. It’s my weekly treat!
    .-= Kathleen blogged this: Reverb10- Moment =-.

  23. Look at you doing a give away. I’ve always wanted to do one and never have thought of anything cool enough to give away. This is not only cool, but super cute and creative, and great for the holidays!
    .-= Polin blogged this: The best week ever! =-.

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