2024 Weekly Run Down 6/52 – Catch up week

I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

This week’s stats:

Running: 14.8 mi
Walking: 1.3 mi
Cycling: 68.7 mi
Strength: 60 min
Bootcamp: 105 min
Yoga/Pilates/Barre: 135 min
Warm up + Stretching: 50 min
Meditation: 50 min

I am running a “tight ship” when it comes to my workout schedule because with multiple challenges and trackers, I have to keep myself pretty organized to fit it all in. I really like it that way because it doesn’t leave me much wiggle room to slack off (haha) but it also doesn’t leave much room for unforeseen circumstances. Because of the storm last weekend (and the subsequent power outage) here in California, I had to skip my endurance run on the weekend and now had to rearrange some things and find a way to fit it into my week, so it’s been a bit of a catch-up week for me.

I am also participating in the Valentine’s Graham Stack Exchange this month. It’s like a “Secret Santa” Swap, where you get a name and create a workout stack (40-60 min with your favorite bite-sized (5-15 min) classes) for that person, and you receive a proposed workout stack from somebody else. I received my stack earlier this week and was excited to get started on these classes. Luckily, we don’t have to do the whole stack in one day, but can spread the classes out how we see fit. I got most of them done this week though and only have one class left.


  • 30 Min Bootcamp: Core – Tunde (2/5/24) — Love and Bootcamp/For the Love of Core/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Extra10: Low Impact Ride – Alex T (10/03/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Power Zone Endurance Ride Classic Rock – Matt (9/21/22) — PZ-W5R1/My Favorite Things
  • 5 Min Cool Down Ride – Ben (1/4/24) 
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Floor Poses – Kirra (1/30/24) — Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo

Phew, luckily, our power was back on this morning and I was able to join Lindsay and Kristin for Bootcamp with Tunde (which was really good!) and also get my Power Zone Ride done with Tanja


  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Core – Mariana (1/3/24) — Valentine’s Graham Stack Exchange/My Favorite Things/For the Love of Core/Personal Streak
  • 15 Min Pilates – Aditi (2/6/24) 
  • 10 Min Barre – Ally (2/22/21) — FeBARRErary
  • Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge – W4R3
    • 15 Min Hip Hop Run – Robin (1/18/24)
    • 30 Min Classic Rock Run – Jon (11/16/23)
      • 10 Min Warm Up
      • 30 Min Endurance Run
      • 5 Min Cool Down
  • 10 Min Lower Body Stretch – Selena (1/23/24) — Self-Love Hug
  • 15 Min Sleep Meditation – Ross (12/17/21)

I headed out for my Team Wilpers endurance run afterward. It’s technically a run that belonged to last week’s schedule, but I got a little behind because I couldn’t run outdoors on Sunday.


  • 10 Min Core Strength – Adrian (1/20/22) — For the Love of Core/Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min Pop Barre: Lower Body – Ally (2/7/24) — 800th strength/FeBARRErary
  • 30 Min Pop Punk Ride – Bradley (6/15/23)
  • 30 Min Power Zone Ride – CDE (7/31/23) — PZ-W5R2
  • 10 Min Duran Duran Cool Down Ride – CDE (1/11/23)
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Twists – (11/7/23) — Personal Streak/Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Kindness Meditation – Chelsea (5/17/22)

I started the day off with a core class and then celebrated my 800th strength milestone in Ally’s Live Barre Class with Lindsay and Sherry. I joined them for a Pop Punk Class with Bradley, which I took as a warm up for my scheduled Power Zone “Sweet Spot” Ride with Tanja. My sister also joined us again today. I think she’s getting hooked on riding with us. Yeah, it’s fun to ride with friends. I highly recommend Anna’s Focus Flow. It was a great substitute for a stretch and twisted me in all the right places. 


  • 30 Min AFO Yoga Flow: Pearl Jam – Denis (7/3/21) — My Favorite Things/Personal Streak
  • 30 Min AFO Upper Body: Pearl Jam – Andy (7/3/21)
  • 15 Min Sleep Meditation – Chelsea (4/20/21)

I picked Pearl Jam for My Favorite Things (Favorite Artist) this morning and repeated Denis’ Yoga Flow which I had taken before and which I highly recommend. The 30 minutes flew by for me. I also did Andy’s Pearl Mam Upper Body Strength class, which – for whatever reason – I hadn’t taken. How is that possible?


  • Flash 15 – Jess (2/2/24) — Valentine’s Graham Stack Exchange
  • 30 Min Pop Bootcamp – Cody (1/19/24) — Love and Bootcamp
  • 5 Min NBA Warm Up Ride – Ally (10/25/23) — Valentine’s Graham Stack Exchange
  • 45 Min Power Zone Ride – Denis (8/3/20) — PZ-W5R3
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: For Riders – Kristin (9/14/23) — Personal Streak
  • 5 Min Ankles & Foot Mobility – Rebecca (11/7/23) — Valentine’s Graham Stack Exchange

As mentioned above, I am participating in the Valentine’s Graham Stack Exhange and I decided that I was going to knock out a few classes this morning. I also met up with Tanja to tackle week 5, ride 3 of the Power Zone Challenge. This one was a sweatfest and the intervals (5, 5, 6, and 7 minutes) in Zone 4 felt long. I was so glad I had Tanja by my side who pulled me through because I was ready to give up during the last interval.


  • 10 Min Extra10: Low Impact – Jenn (1/2/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 45 Min Usher Bootcamp – Cody (5/2/21) — Love and Bootcamp
  • Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge – W5R1
    • 15 Min Rock Run – Jeffrey (2/21/23)
    • 30 Min 90s Rock Run – JJ (10/28/23)
      • 15 Min Warmup
        • 5 min @ Easy Pace
        • 5 x 15 sec strides + 45 sec @ Easy Pace
        • 5 min @ Easy Pace
      • 15 Min Main Set:
        • 1 min sec @ Anaerobic Capacity/ 2 min Easy 
        • 2 min sec @ Anaerobic Capacity/ 2 min Easy 
        • 1 min sec @ Anaerobic Capacity/ 1 min Easy 
        • 2 min sec @ Anaerobic Capacity/ 2 min Easy
        • 2 min sec @ Anaerobic Capacity
      • 15 Min Cool Down
  • 10 Min Extra10: Hike – Rebecca (1/29/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min AFO Cool Down: Alanis Morissette – Jenn (8/19/22) — My Favorite Things
  • 10 Min Extra10: Listening Party Ride – Ben (1/5/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 5 Min Core Strength – Olivia (1/28/21) — For the Love of Core/Instructor Bingo 
  • 10 Min Yoga Flow – Mariana (11/8/23) — Self-Love Hug/Personal Streak

I met up with Lindsay and Sherry in the morning for Cody’s 45-minute Usher Bootcamp. In case you missed it, Usher was going to perform at the Super Bowl Half Time Show and we thought that was a good enough reason to take some of the Usher Artist Classes. Cody’s Bootcamp was surprisingly tough with lots of interval pushes and I managed to get a new Bootcamp PR.

I also had a Team Wilpers intervals run on deck. As previously mentioned, I was playing a little catch up this week, so this was the first run (of three) for this week (and it was already Saturday). I had a hard time getting myself out the door, but as always, the intervals make the workout fly by. I felt so good by the end of it that I picked a few more classes for Instructor Bingo in an attempt to go for another blackout bingo this week.


  • 10 Min Low Impact Cardio – Callie (1/26/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 30 Min Usher Ride – Ally (4/28/21)
  • 10 Min Extra10: Low Impact – Kendall (4/10/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge – W5R2
    • 15 Min Country Pop Run – Matty (9/6/23) — Instructor Bingo
    • 30 Min Janet Jackson Run – Becs (9/28/23) — My Favorite Things/Instructor Bingo
      • 15 Min Warm up
        • 5 Min @ Easy Pace
        • 5 x 15 sec strides + 45 sec @ Easy Pace
        • 5 Min @ Easy Pace
      • 15 Min Main Set
        • 1 min uphill @ Threshold / 1 min @ Easy Pace
        • 1:30 min uphill @ Threshold / 1:30 min @ Easy Pace
        • 2 min uphill @ Threshold / 2 min @ Easy Pace
        • 3 min uphill @ Threshold / 3 min @ Easy Pace
      • 15 Min Cool Down
  • 10 Min Full Body Stretch – Ben (11/23/23) — Self-Love Hug
  • 20 Min Restorative Yoga – Anna (12/17/20) — Self-Love Hug/Personal Streak
  • 10 Min Witness Meditation – Kirra (11/1/22)

I got up early to join the Streaker’s Swarm Ride, Ally’s Usher Ride at 8 a.m., in anticipation of the Super Bowl. It was a fun ride and I was happy to see Sherry and Kristin and some other Streakers on the Leaderboard.
I also chose a warm up with Callie beforehand and a Low Impact Ride with Kendall afterward to get credit for Instructor Bingo. I then set out for my second interval run for this week. Because I stayed up a little late on Saturday evening and didn’t get as much sleep, I felt a bit sluggish and just wanted to get it done, but it turned out to be a pretty good run. I like surprises like that. I took it easy the rest of the day with some stretching, restorative yoga and lounging on the couch during the Super Bowl.

I am not a football fan (baseball girl, over here!) and I don’t really care about the Super Bowl, but we usually do turn on the game and casually watch it, mostly for the commercials and the half time show. I thought Usher’s performance was really good. He has a great voice, but even more than his music I enjoyed his performance as a dancer.

Current Challenges + Trackers:

Streaker365 My Favorite Things
Streaker365 For the Love of Core
Streaker365 FeBARRErary
Streaker365 Self-Care Hug
Streaker365 Love and Bootcamp
Streaker365 February Personal Streak (Daily Yoga/Pilates/Barre)
Pelotrak Instructor Bingo (weekly) 
PZPack Power Zone Challenge “Heroes vs. Villains” (8 weeks)
Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge 2024 (8 weeks) – TWWRC

I am keeping up with all my trackers this week, just missed one run but that’s not a big deal. I also managed another blackout Instructor Bingo again this week. They’re fun but it feels like “tetris” to fit all the different classes sometimes. Haha.

How was your week? Did you watch the Super Bowl?
What did you think of Usher’s Half Time Show?

  1. Your workout round ups are a trip. I can’t believe you do so much every day, day after day. It’s so impressive. I just started a Peloton trial so now I have an inkling of what all those classes mean and I’m even more impressed. You are a rock star.

  2. I don’t even know what half of your classes are (I do know the word “strength” though, lol!) but well done keeping up with all those classes! Nice cycling mileage too. That stack exchange sounds fun!

  3. Another busy week! That Graham Stack exchange sounds fun, and interesting to have someone else create a stack for you (and vice-versa).

  4. You do have a lot of trackers to manage! It is fun to have someone else pick your workouts for a day. I would love that! Way to get it all done this week! Iv’e been doing more Pilates and really like it

  5. I woke up this morning and listened to a podcast about the Super Bowl. That’s how much I cared. LOL. Great job fitting it all in! Your planning sessions for what you’re going to do each day must be epic.

  6. Ha, well you know how I love a “secret Santa” exchange, so that workout stack exchange sounds really fun. Actually I’m loving all your Valentine-themed classes. Peloton definitely gets extra fun around the holidays.
    I did watch the Super Bowl- what an exciting game. I’m glad you’re not a 49ers fan though- I feel bad for them. I’m probably the only person who doesn’t watch the halftime show- that’s when I get up and clean the kitchen/do all my nighttime chores, so I don’t have to miss any of the game. I’m sure it was incredible though- it always is.

  7. I did watch the Superbowl. I was cheering for the 49ers so I should have known they would lose because I always pick a team (even though I have zero skin in the game), and my team ALWAYS loses. I stayed up way to late. Why? I don’t really care. But it is fun to see I saw such an exciting finish.
    My daughter’s best friend is a HUGE KC fan, so I am excited for how that little social circle will be so happy today.

  8. I definitely did not watch the Superbowl since it would have started at 12:30 am here, but lots of Americans who live here did! I’m not that committed…I hope to see some of the commercials and the halftime show on youtube :)

    Epic week, great job planning and organizing all the challenges!

  9. You absolutely have to be organized to keep track of all those trackers!

    I am so glad you have your power back! I hate when we lose ours. I hope everything is alright and you are all safe.

    I enjoyed the hafltime show as well (although I was the only one in the house that did). We had a TSwift themed Super Bowl party, and it was a lot of fun, even if it was a late night.

  10. Great job! I find all those different short workouts each day a little overwhelming!! But I’m sure you have your system down and it all must make sense to you! :)

    We watched the Superbowl… I thought the halftime show was just okay. I am pretty neutral on Usher- I don’t know that many of his songs but certainly know some, and I neither love nor actively dislike his music… The roller skates made me NERVOUS! haha. I was like, oh please don’t fall! That would be so embarassing!

    1. Haha, I get that the different shorter workouts seem overwhelming. I wasn’t a fan of “stacks with shorter workouts” in the beginning, but I’ve come to love the variety every day without it feeling like “too much” of one thing.

  11. I think this was probably another weekend where you had to be flexible as I think I saw that Sacramento got hit with another huge rainfall!

    I watched part of the Super Bowl. I watched until the 3rd quarter and the went up to read! I wasn’t really cheering for either team.

  12. Wow, you did have a nutty week. Amazing that you were able to do as many things as you did! Dealing with unpredictable weather and (sigh) power outages is Not Fun At All. Hope things are more situated there now, although I think you were getting another atmospheric river this week. :(
    On a side note, I got so used to seeing you and Stephany in my IG feed; I miss that, and love it when you do post. Thanks for continuing to do so. :)

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