2024 Weekly Run Down 5/52 – A deload week

I am linking up again for the Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah.

This week’s stats:

Running: 13.9 mi
Cycling: 46.7 mi
Strength: 80 min
Yoga/Pilates/Barre: 140 min
Warm up + Stretching: 25 min
Meditation: 25 min

This week was a “deload” week for both the Power Zone Challenge and the Team Wilpers Run Challenge that I am participating in, which meant both training programs had all endurance workouts on the schedule this week. In all honesty, that’s just what I needed after PeloFondo weekend! It couldn’t have come at a better time.

My new Streakers365 shirt arrived this week. What do you think? Our admins are really awesome. Not only do they come up with fun and motivating monthly trackers, but they also “fundraise” so we can have shirts and prize challenges and they send out ‘happy mail’ as well. The slogan “Together we streak – 365” is a spin-off from Peloton’s “Together we go far” slogan and I mean, could it be any more fitting? I love our community.


  • 10 Min Pop Barre Lower Body – Ally (10/25/23) — New Year, New Rear
  • 15 Min Core Strength – Emma (5/28/19) — Base Core of 2024
  • Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge – W3R3
    • 15 Min Pop Run – Kirsten (11/23/22)
    • 30 Min Endurance Run – Becs (1/18/24)
      • 10 Min Warm Up
      • 30 Min Endurance Run
      • 5 Min Cool Down
  • 30 Min Power Zone Endurance 90s Ride – Denis (1/19/21) — PZ-W4R1
  • 15 Min Focus Flow: Hips – Kristin (10/18/21) — Personal Streak

I had to pay a little catch-up this morning because I had skipped my weekend endurance run for the Team Wilpers challenge because of PeloFondo. Luckily, it was a run at an easy pace and the perfect warm up for the Power Zone Endurance ride I had scheduled with Tanja afterward. 


  • 20 Min Upper Body: Week 4, Day 1 – Callie (7/5/23) – PUTV7-W4D1
  • 30 Min Tropical House Bootcamp – Callie (8/1/23) — New Year, New Rear
  • Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge – W4R1
    • 20 Min Pop Run – Robin (8/24/23)
    • 30 min 90s Run – Joslyn (2/24/23)
      • 15 Min Warm Up
      • Main Set
        • 5 x 15 sec strides + 45 sec @ Easy Pace
        • 10 min @ Easy Pace
        • 5 x 15 sec strides + 45 sec @ Easy Pace
      • 10 Min Cool Down
  • 10 Min Yoga Flow – Kirra (4/13/23) — Personal Streak 

I met Lindsay and Sherry for Pump Up The Volume 7 and then jumped on Callie’s Bootcamp. Melissa was supposed to join me, but had a sick kid and couldn’t make it. It was a good bootcamp though – definitely one I’ll bookmark! 

 I then had a Team Wilpers endurance run with strides next and I really enjoyed it. A run at an easy pace with a couple of accelerations? Sounds like a fun run in my head, and it was!  


  • 20 Min Upper Body: Week 4, Day 2 – Logan (7/5/23) — PUTV7-W4D2
  • 20 Min Morning Yoga Flow – Denis (1/23/24) — Personal Streak 
  • 15 Min Low Impact Ride – Bradley (1/4/24)
  • 30 Min Power Zone Endurance Pop Ride – Matt (3/2/22) — PZ-W4R2
  • 5 Min Post-Ride Stretch – Matt (1/18/24)

In the morning, Lindsay and I completed week 4, day 2 of the Pump Up The Volume 7 program with Logan (we’re kinda over it and just want to finish up this week) and I was happy to switch to some morning yoga with Denis afterward and a low impact (warm up) ride with Bradly. 

Then my sister was able to join me again for a spin class and it was the Power Zone Endurance Ride that I had scheduled with Tanja. My sister has access to a Keiser Bike at her gym, and it has its own app and she was able to take an FTP class to figure out the zones on her bike. Based on this, she was able to follow Matt’s Power Zone instructions during our ride and Tanja and I were able to bombard her with high fives for 30 minutes. Haha. 


  • 20 Min Morning Slow Flow – Chelsea (11/5/23) — Self Love Hug
  • 10 Min Pop Barre – Ally (1/3/24) — FeBARRErary
  • 20 Min Pilates – Anna (2/1/24) — Personal Streak 
  • 10 Min Full Body Stretch – Ben (1/15/24)
  • 10 Min Sleep Meditation – Ross (4/25/22) — Instructor Bingo

Today was my office day and I had to leave the house early, so I made today my “active rest day” and just stuck to some morning yoga, Barre, and Pilates. I had some time later in the day for a quick lunchtime walk and an evening meditation. 


  • 10 Min Core Strength – Olivia (2/10/21) — For the Love of Core
  • 20 Min Upper Body: Week 4, Day 3 – Rebecca (7/5/23) — PUTV7-W4D3
  • 5 Min Warm Up Ride – Cody (10/31/23)
  • 45 Min Power Zone Endurance Ride – Tunde (1/7/24) — PZ-W4R3/My Favorite Things
  • 10 Min Low Impact Ride – Camila (4/3/22) — Instructor Bingo
  • 15 Min Focus Flow: Healthy Back – Anna (9/26/23) — Personal Streak
  • 15 Min Sleep Meditation – Aditi (6/13/22) — Instructor Bingo

Lindsay and I finished the Pump Up The Volume 7 program this morning and were more than happy that we were done. We were kind of dreading it at the end. I hopped on the bike with Tanja afterward for a Power Zone Ride with Tunde. She’s pretty new to the Power Zone Team and I have to confess that I didn’t love her as a Power Zone instructor – she just talked and danced way too much for my liking. Power Zone rides are training rides for me, I prefer more coaching and perfectly timed cues for the zone changes. Those were some long 8-minute intervals. I finished with a low impact ride (as a cool down) and some yoga.


  • 10 Min Low Impact Ride – Leanne (9/6/22) — Instructor Bingo
  • Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge – W4R2
    • 15 Min 90s Run – Jeffrey (7/9/23) — Instructor Bingo
    • 15 Min 90s Rock Run – JJ (1/29/24) — Instructor Bingo/My Favorite Things
    • 15 Min Recovery Run – Adrian (9/8/21) — Instructor Bingo
      • 10 Min Warm Up
      • 30 Min Endurance Run
      • 5 Min Cool Down
  • 5 Min Core Strength – Andy (1/8/24) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Bodyweight Strength – Matty (11/19/21) — Instructor Bingo
  • 10 Min Focus Flow: Hips – Kristin (11/29/23) — Personal Streak

I slept in a little bit on Saturday morning (always nice!) and then headed out for a 45-minute endurance run for the Team Wilpers Challenge. I also had a couple of strength classes and some yoga for hips (as a substitute for stretching) planned when I came back.


  • 5 Min Hozier Warm Up Lanebreak
  • 30 Min Bootcamp: Core – Jess (1/8/23) — For the Love of Core/Love and Bootcamp/Instructor Bingo
  • Extra 10: Low Impact Ride – Hannah C (4/17/23) — Instructor Bingo
  • 20 Min AFO Ride: Depeche Mode – CDE (7/2/21) — My Favorite Things
  • 10 Min Savasana – Anna (1/31/24) — Personal Streak

We had an atmospheric river come through California today which brought lots of wind and rain, and with it power outages and downed trees. I had to pivot from my planned outdoor endurance run to indoor activities and had a few classes planned. Luckily, I got most of them out of the way before the power went out in the afternoon (and stayed out for 6+ hours). I was happy I still managed to get my blackout bingo for this week – no pun intended!

I finished all my trackers for January and only missed one day of yoga (total oversight, haha). New trackers have already started for February and they’re all heart/love-themed. Who’s surprised?

Current Challenges + Trackers:

Streaker365 My Favorite Things
Streaker365 For the Love of Core
Streaker365 FeBARRErary
Streaker365 Self-Care Hug
Streaker365 Love and Bootcamp
Streaker365 February Personal Streak (Daily Yoga/Pilates/Barre)
Pelotrak Instructor Bingo (weekly) 
PZPack Power Zone Challenge “Heroes vs. Villains” (8 weeks)
Team Wilpers Winter Run Challenge 2024 (8 weeks) – TWWRC

I hope you had a good week and a good start to the new month! What’s up in February?

  1. You have a great mix of Peloton classes this week. I don’t do much of the yoga but I could do the Savasana! That would be nice before bed. Lately, I’ve been trying some of the Pilates which are harder than I thought but I like them. Have a great week!

    1. Oh, Pilates is great. Definitely harder than one would think, but great mobility+ strength training.

  2. Six hours without power! What did you do with that time? I need to know more details.
    As always, this is such an impressive list of movement. Even on your going to the office day, you put me to shame!

    1. You’re doing great, friend. Don’t sell your workout efforts short!

  3. I need to get into an evening wind-down routine, but I never think to summon any of the yoga or meditation classes. Duh! Thanks for the reminder :-) All those love-themed classes will make for a nice February <3

    1. I’ve been really enjoying more meditation and yoga in the evenings! Give it a try!

  4. That is fun that you were able to do a class with your sister! You guys have had some crazy weather. I guess there is no “normal” anymore… I was glad that I flew back home before the crazy rain arrived as I heard that the roads around the resort I was at washed out in places last Thursday due to heavy rainfall! Meanwhile we’ve had very boring, extremely mild weather! I had been taking a break from running during the winter after falling several times on ice last year but this morning I went out for a run since it is so nice outside!

    1. That was so fun to be able to work out with my sister, if only virtually :)

  5. sounds like a wonderful week, except for the power outage of course. I like the mix of yoga in there! I need to make that a priority…

    1. Yoga really is such a great addition to any workout routine.

  6. That is so cool that you also get motivated offline with shirts and happy mail.

    1. Right? I love the extra motivation!

  7. Did your in-office days switch? I thought they were Wednesdays? (So totally unrelated to most of this post, sorry.)
    I have Questions about your streakers group! Do you pay to be in it? From whom do they fundraise? Do you buy the shirts? How big is the group overall? I know you have your small group of streakers but wondered if the larger group ever, say, tried to participate in the same class (or, would that be over the cap for spots in some of those classes?)?
    I also love how you work yoga and meditation in to your routine. I could really learn from you, my friend!

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