Tuesday Topics | Holiday Gift Guide for runners

I am linking up with  Kookyrunner and Zenaida for Tuesday Topics and this week we’re sharing gift ideas for runners/fitness enthusiasts this week.

I love a good gift guide as much as the next person, and there are always “running items” on my own wishlist. Without further ado, some gift ideas for your running friends.

1. I’ve recently gotten back into a more regular habit of foam rolling and I can’t say enough good things about it, so if you’re for some odd reason someone who doesn’t own a foam roller*, put it on your wish list.

2. A good sports bra is essential.

3. I might have mentioned before that I love Balega* socks.

4. Unfortunately, I think every (female) runner should carry pepper spray. I don’t always take it along, especially during the day when I am just out in the neighborhood, but for early morning or evening runs, it’s good to have it.

5. Everybody loves a nice graphic running tee – amirite?

6. I recently learned about these Hydrosleeve Hydration Packs that you carry on your arm, instead of your hand. I am highly intrigued (as I hate running while holding something).

7. Nuun Hydration is my favorite brand for electrolytes.

8. I’ve had my Road ID* bracelet for a few years and won’t leave the house for a run without it.

9. These wrist & ankle weights* look so fun (although I have to admit that I’ve never worked out with wrist or ankle weights, you).

10. You can never have enough water bottles*.

11. A cute hand-stamped necklace. Can’t go wrong with some pretty running jewelry*.

12. I will admit that I am not someone who gets regular massages, but I wouldn’t say no to a gift card for a massage.

13. Every runner needs new kicks*, and frequently.

14. I know a lot of runners who log their miles/workouts, so a running journal* seems pretty useful.

15. These long-sleeve tops are my go-to winter running tops. They have nice, long sleeves with thumbholes. What more do you want from a running tee?

If you’re a runner, what would you like to find under the Christmas tree?

  1. I love all of the gift ideas you mentioned, especially the sports bra a water bottle. A good sports bra can definitely make or break a workout. You can’t get much done if the girls are no secured in place, lol. I also love my hydro flask water bottle.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. A good sports bra is EVERYTHING. ;)

  2. I don’t own a foam roller but have seen them EVERYWHERE lately. It must be a sign I need one.

    Do you mostly use it as part of a cool-down routine? I’m clueless…

    1. Yes, I use the foam roller as part of my cool down routine, or on days where I just want to loosen my muscles and don’t do an intense workout.

  3. these are great gift ideas! I can’t live without my foam roller. Of course, you can never have too many sports bras

    1. Thanks Deborah. What’s your favorite sports bra?

  4. San, have you tried the foam rolling classes on Peloton with Hannah Corbin? They are really good. My husband loves the ones for chest and back when he’s been working at the desk a lot. Such a great release!

    1. I have done a few of Hannahs foam rolling classes – they’re good and she’s shown me some new exercises that I didn’t know before.

  5. I have a foam roller that we’ve used for years! It’s a ‘hurt so good’ tool. I should be better about using it more often. I also have a runner stick which I love. I got it at a marathon expo. It’s great to working on areas that are really tight! This is the one I have although I don’t remember it being this pricey. https://www.amazon.com/Physical-Therapy-Original-Massage-Stick/dp/B000YDO1NA/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=Runners+Stick&qid=1638976098&sr=8-9

    One year for Christmas I got a reflective running vest to wear over my clothes when running in the morning/evening in the fall/winter. With how short our days are, I was often running in low light so this was important for safety. My running partner has something she wears over her clothes that has a blinking light on the front and back so that is helpful, too.

    1. I go through phases with my foam roller… I use it religiously and then I forget about it for a few months LOL

  6. The graphic tee is a great idea. And I can always use another water bottle. (Btw, HydroFlask is 25% on selected colors right now.)

  7. I love my Triggerpoint foam roller! I also love Balega socks. Great choices!

  8. Well, I would be happy with any of these under my tree! That hydrosleeve hydration pack looks interesting. I’ve never heard of it either, and I also hate carrying hand held bottles.
    I work at a Massage Envy and highly recommend gifting everyone with a massage gift card! You can get some deals if you buy them now.

    1. Oh, you work at a Massage Envy! I didn’t know that.

  9. I got a foam roller for Mother’s Day one year and it was the best gift ever! I don’t use it as much as I should, but I need to make it more of a routine because I always love how I feel afterwards!

    1. I go through phases with my foam roller LOL

  10. I have that foam roller and it hurts to use it but do feel good AFTER I use it. :-) I know I need to be more consistent. The hydration pack looks interesting. I have never heard of anything like that.

    1. I am really intrigued by this hydration sleeve :)

  11. WhAt a great list.

    Always need new sport’s bras and of course shoes.

    Those hydration sleeves sounds intriguing. I hate to carry anything.

    1. I am super-intrigued by the hydration sleeve – first time I’ve seen something like that too.

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