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Yes, I’ve been coming across a ton of interesting reads again in the last month. Hope you enjoy!

Around the Interwebs

Remember how I said yesterday that people get “lulled” into a sense of security  and then allow themselves to let their guard down? Here’s why I am still so cautious:  I had COVID-19, and these are the things nobody tells you. 

“In my social circles, I was considered among the least likely person to contract the disease because, basically, I abandoned the circles. I wore a mask everywhere. I followed all the rules, but a couple of weeks ago I didn’t follow my instincts. I briefly let my guard down. The coronavirus came out swinging.

The weekend before my symptoms appeared, for the first time in four months, I met friends for two dinners at two socially distanced patio tables. Nobody is required to wear masks at the tables, so I removed my mask when I sat, as did my dining partners, and we left them off during the entire time we were at the table.

I didn’t do anything that was prohibited, right? I was just following the rules, right? My guess is that I caught it there.”

Aren’t we all Michelle right now?

You can’t really argue  with this anymore. How the pandemic defeated America.

How to actually change someone’s mind.

Aging is optional.

Pending Postal Master Changes could delay mail and deliveries. I’ve already noticed a slow down in deliveries, have you?

Get your flu vaccine!

This is an interesting article about mask wearing and social change.

This is tough for so, so many: The coronavirus shutdown through the eyes of the recently unemployed

“Focus on outcomes rather than time spent in the office”. A Company’s New 2-Sentence Remote Work Policy.

What self-care means right now, according to experts.

An interesting perspective: One Legacy of the Pandemic May Be Less Judgment of the Child-Free.

Around the blogosphere

Cozy work from home spaces. (Show me yours?)

Under current circumstances, this is great advice: The #1 Way to Multiply Your Impact on the 2020 US Election.

How I slow down days.

I don’t care if Joe Biden was your first pick or your last, we need to elect him. 10 ways to get to work electing Joe & Kamala (hat tip @ Kate). 


DIY Textbook and Notebook covers. I used to do that all the time back in school and college.

Plush Toy DIY

Creative quarantine crafts.

Paper quilling art. Remember doing this at school when you were bored? 

For my runner friends

For the people in the back, repeat after me Laura: faster workouts are not better workouts

How to stay safe when running.

The 8 post-run mistake you should stop making. Are you guilty of any of them? I’ve done a couple of those, not regularly, but sometimes. Here’s what to do instead.

Deborah shares her tips on How To Clean Your Running Watch. Have you cleaned yours?

How to recover after a long run.


Arnold Palmer Popsicles? Count me in!

We’ve been staying away from Asian take-out recently, but I think I’ll try this when the next craving for Asian food hits: Thai Basil Sesame Cashew Chicken.

I see some Bacon, Cheddar, + Veggie ‘Sunrise’ Scones in my future.

A recipe for a lighter, fresher Lemon Tiramisu. Sounds perfect for summer!

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  1. That is interesting about the sports writer contracting Covid on an outdoor patio… I have only eaten on a patio once and the tables were over 10′ apart and my table mates are both super careful about Covid. So it felt pretty safe. But that is probably the only time I’ll eat on a patio this summer! I’m definitely on the more cautious side, especially among my family – most of whom don’t think covid is a big deal (insert all the angry emojis).

    You always find so many interesting articles!!

    1. Thank you – I am glad that people enjoy this link round-up and I am happy to pass them along.

  2. Ah that Corona survivor article gave me chills.
    Hope you are doing good!

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