Hello February

February is here with more rain and wind. We’re getting a lot of it this time around and it mostly means, I will try to stay warm and dry this month. January was a little crazy with lots of things going on at work and some last-minute field work thrown in this week. I don’t really have much on the agenda for February and hope it stays that way. It’s a short month anyway (and we’re already three days in).

+ There is a 4-day weekend coming up and I am hoping that I might be able to get away for a day to play in the snow. We’ll see how the weather situation works out.

+ I am super-excited about the LulaRoe Dress that I ordered this week. I have never owned any LulaRoe clothing and I have gotten the impression that people either love them or hate them, so I guess I’ll give you my verdict once the item arrives. It’s a dress with pockets, so I couldn’t resist.

+ I’ll be trying to get our taxes done this month. I think I have all paperwork that I need, but I’ll probably find out once I start going through it. Have you done your taxes yet? Or are you procrastinate until the deadline? Do you do them yourself or do you use a tax accountant?

+ I have a few new recipes that I want to try this month in an effort to shake up our meal plan a bit.

+ I’ll be trying to keep up my running, cross-training and reading this month. So far the goals that I’ve set for myself last month have proven themselves ‘achievable’. Hopefully that stays this way.

What is on your agenda this month? 

  1. Looking forward to the LuLaRoe review. I’m not into leggings (my casual wear is either sundresses or jeans – not much else), so I’ve never gotten behind the LLR movement – but I did see a dress I thought might be interesting recently – so I’ll be interested in what you have to say about the dress you’re trying! Plus, pockets always win with me!

    1. I am not into leggings either… and most of what I knew about LulaRoe was about the leggings… but I am intrigued by the dresses! Will report back! ;)

  2. I like LuLaRoe but it doesn’t fit me as well as I want it to – which seems extra-annoying because it seems like “We fit everyone!” is, like, part of their whole jam. I hope the dress works for you! Which style did you go for?

    1. I got an “Amelia”. I have no idea if I got the right size, because I find it so hard to shop online for things because there are no size standards…. and then the fit it a whole other issue… but we’ll see.

  3. I agree San, January has been flying by and it has been busy. My February will be too. Next weekend I have a screen printing workshop (a Christmas present) and than my 3. Year anniversary is coming up. Birthdays and work stuff too.
    Happy weekend to you

    1. Happy weekend… hope you get some relaxing in. Sounds like you’ll have a busy month!

  4. I have always done my own taxes, except for one year when I had returns in NC in MN. I tried to do them on my own but the HRBlock software I use was telling me I had a penalty in each state and I could not figure out how to fix it. So I gave up and had someone do them for me. I actually enjoy doing my own taxes and I pretty much always get money back – sometimes a significant amount! So I enjoy them for that reason. If I had to pay in I would procrastinate and do them at the last minute!!

    My goals for this month are to keep up with all the workouts I’ve been doing, start an “activism through reading” project on my blog, order the veil for my wedding, and get our wedding invitations designed! Also for my happiness project, my focus is on my relationship as you know since you’ve read my blog!

    1. I enjoy doing my own taxes too and I hope they’re not going to be too complicated this year (with a house and all)

  5. I cannot believe we are already in February! January was definitely busy!
    Oh the taxes, I have an appointment with our Steuerberater this week and I hope to get that off my list very soon!
    Hope your weekend was wonderful! xxx

    1. I know! How is it already February!!

  6. I am going to have to pay someone to do my taxes this year, as it’s the first year I’m reporting freelance income and I’m scared of messing it up! Eeks. I usually just use the free TurboTax software.

    I’m not a fan of LLR, but I will admit some of their dresses are super cute. I just think a lot of their stuff is frumpy and wouldn’t look good on me… =/ Not much for leggings or really baggy shirts!

    1. I am mainly interested in the LLR dresses, I admit. The shirts and leggings are not something I would usually wear.

  7. Aaaah, I am jealous. A friend if mine is a LuLaRoe-Dealer and whenever her sale is online I try to get a look. Some of the leggins are with a great pattern and in combination with Amelia and her friends they look great. I would sooo like to try and buy a few items but it will cost a fortune to send them to Germany ;(. It is no chance to find this stuff here in Europe and I do not know about an European clothes line which is similar to LLR. Umpffff

    Greets from Bavaria to California!

    1. Oh that is a bummer that they won’t ship to Germany…. I can not tell you yet if the LLR stuff it worth it, though.

      1. I think, the shipping itself will be no problem. My friend Nina is a LLR-seller and I am sure for her it will be no problem to send the items to me. But it will be expensive and do not forhet the toll in GER, which could be pain in … .. Because I know only pictures and happy tellings but never had my own hand on the material, I am not sure LLR items will be worth all this circumstances.

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