Tuesday Topics | My strength training routine

This week, I am linking up with  Kookyrunner and Zenaida  for Tuesday Topics and we’re talking about our strength training routine. 

I must admit that I’d ignored strength training for quite some time. I was pretty good about warm-up and stretching,  when I started taking running more seriously, but strength training is something that I neglected, maybe did every once in a while when I “felt like it”, and I am lucky that I got away without getting injured in the first couple of years. 

I quickly realized though that strength training doesn’t just protect me from injury, but that it makes me a stronger, faster runner as well.

I now have a few dedicated strength training sessions per week.

My approach has been varied over time. I’ve put together my own strength exercise list to follow at the gym. I’ve used various apps and websites to scour for exercise inspiration.

My main focus is on lighter weight exercises and core/bodyweight training, because I want to strengthen my core and lower body for running. I don’t lift heavy weights at this point (maybe once I have access to a gym again, I’ll try, but so far the barbells have intimidated  me), but I do arm/shoulder exercises as well. 

My gym offers exercise videos through their app, but there is also a ton of free resources that I’ve especially taken advantage of  since  the lock down and the gyms being closed.

The Adidas Training app by Runtastic was the first app that I’ve used when I started running (before I got a GPS watch) and I have also used their cross training exercise resources for quite a while.

I’ve also used the  Nike Training Club app quite a bit. They also offer free workout sessions and exercise resources.

And, maybe lesser known, but the JeFit app is also a great resource if you’re looking for exercises for specific muscle groups.

I’ve periodically done TMAC20 workouts and most recently have started to take strength workouts through the Peloton App with ( and thanks to) my friend Tanja. I really like that the app offers a ton (!) of shorter, 10-min and 20-min classes, that you can easily fit into your day. You really don’t have to set aside a whole hour to get the benefit, so there is really no excuse to not throw in a 10-min class, even on a busy day. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes, if you make it a habit.

Do you include strength training in your exercise routine? What’s your favorite way to get it done? 

  1. One of my fav ways to get it in is with the shorter classes — especially taking a couple a day, not necessarily back to back. It keeps your metabolism humming, too!

  2. I’m struggling with strength right now. I gave myself a few weeks off, exactly the same thing that I would have done if I was having problems with running. I’m crawling back into it. But yes my experience has been that when I let the strength training go that injury will follow.

  3. I also love to stack the shorter classes together to find what I am looking for in ST. I’ve really come to love how it makes me feel. Glad you do too!

  4. I really should look into the Peloton App. I think I could profit a lot from it and it’s not that much money.
    Thanks for the overview, San!

  5. I was doing TMAC workouts at the start of the year until we started trying to get pregnant. My doctor told me to focus on walking and avoid any intense exercise during that period. And then I got pregnant and had to really take it easy due to a complication I had. I recently got cleared to do some light strength training but have yet to fit it into my week… But I think when it’s colder out and we can’t/won’t want to go outside when Paul gets home from school, I will do some strength training while he plays with his basketball hoop and train table in the basement. Pre-baby, I used to strength train 2-3 times/week and then run 3-4 times/week. I found the combo of strength training and running to be soooo good for my pace! Hopefully I will get back to being able to fit more workouts in when I’m out of this super demanding phase of parenting. If I”m able to continue to WFH a couple of days per week in the future, that would make it easier to fit it in!

  6. It was just recent that I began adding strength workouts to my schedule. I do the ones in the Peloton app and I am liking them a lot. So many options to chose from that you cannot not do them.

    Thank you for linking up!

  7. It’s amazing that there are so many great ways for us to get strength training classes. I love all of the apps because it gives anyone the opportunity to do strength training even when they are traveling away from home.

    1. Things have become very convenient, especially since Corona.

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