Monthly Recap | February

I feel lucky that we’re getting this extra day in February this year (every extra day is great in my book, haha!) and I am taking advantage to post my monthly recap today. Do I sound like a broken record, when I say, that February disappeared as quickly as it came? Or, is it just me? 


I finished ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life by Stacy Sims. I thought it was very good and had a lot of valuable information and I can see myself referring back to this book a lot going forward. 


We made turkey cutlets with homemade sweet potato fries and roasted veggies quite a few times this month. So easy, so satisfying.
When we love something, we tend to make it over and over (do you do that, too?). Same goes for a heavily adapted, lighter version of Zuppa Toscana (I won’t even link to the original recipe, as we changed it quite a bit, but needless to say, it was a favorite around here). I am committed to making soup as often as I can before it gets too warm for hot soups (haha, I am typing this as our temperature hit close to 80F yesterday).


I watched part of the Academy Awards at the beginning of February and realized that I hadn’t seen any recent movies in, like, forever. To remedy that, I watched  “Marriage Story” on Netflix and am hoping to catch up on another few that won awards. Which ones have you seen and would recommend?


I listened to a few guided runs on the  Nike Run Club App. I also listened to a lot of NPR this month. They always have such good coverage of the day-to-day news. Do you listen to your local public radio station?


I bought a couple of new workout clothes on sale at Old Navy, running tights and a sports bra. I also got a BlenderBottle® (as I am experimenting with some protein powders) and some underwear from Target (TMI, ha). Oh, and we got flights to go down to SoCal in March.

RAN (and cycled)

I ran 55 miles and cycled 59 miles in February. This is up from January and I am happy about it. Let’s see how March goes.


+ In case you missed it, I finally (settled on) and shared my One Little Word® for this year: Cultivate. What’s yours?

+ There was some girl time this month! I got to meet my long-time IG and blog friend  Kathrin for the first time (after following each other online for quite a while) and I also got to see my friend Susi again and reunite with Ute, when she was visiting the Bay Area. 

+ I mentioned in one of my Five Things Friday posts that I attended an author training class at work earlier this month and it was so, so valuable.  At my work-place, publications are super-duper important and I honestly don’t know why nobody (as in, my supervisor(s)) had me take this class earlier).

+ I started half marathon training again a couple of weeks ago. I “merged” two training plans that I found online to make a plan that fits  my schedule and goals. I have to admit,  I am so, so happy to finally be following a training plan again. I do pretty well without a plan, but I just love the ease of not having to think about what kind of workout I’ll do on any given day, when I can simply follow a plan. 

+ I enjoyed the beautiful spring weather that we had here in Northern California (although it was also one of driest Februarys in history and that’s never a good look!). I was able to run in t-shirts and get out my sandals. 

+ Are you at all following the primaries? I know, some people are tuning out and I am going back and forth between trying to stay in the know and just waiting to see what happens. I am so glad we’re part of Super Tuesday voting this year. California deserved a more prominent voting spot in the primary season. I already cast my ballot, but I can’t wait to see what happens.

How was your February?

  1. Well done for putting together your half-marathon plan! Do you have a specific race in mind?

    1. Thank you. I am signed up for the American River Parkway Run in April!

  2. Definitely following the primaries very closely. Florida isn’t a Super Tuesday state so I’m waiting to mail in my ballot until I see the results. I’m nervous Warren might drop out if she doesn’t win/come in second. It’ll be really interesting to see what happens, especially with Pete/Amy dropping out!

    February was very good to me! It was a busy month but a good one. <3

  3. I love monthly recaps and you’ve set yours out so nicely.
    February was a busy month for you! I know what you mean – it really went by so quickly.
    New workout clothes are always fun to buy.
    It must have been so much fun meeting a long time IG and blog friend in real life.
    Your word for the year great – going to go read that post now.

  4. I will be watching the news from super tuesday. I voted early and luckily my candidate didn’t drop out – Pete and Amy did in the last couple of days and I’m sure Amy got a lot of votes in MN for those who voted early like me. I would have changed my vote had I known she was dropping as I think their endorsement of Biden increases his chances of winning or at least increases the chances that Sanders won’t get enough delegates to clinch the nomination. I’m happy about this because i am not a fan of Sanders – I think he’s too far left to capture swing votes. As I’ve said before, I’m a former Republican who has become a moderate sorta-democrat… If Sanders won the nomination, I think some people would vote for republicans senators/representatives to make sure a republican congress would ensure he didn’t get to enact all of his policies… so long story short, I think a moderate candidate is best for the country over all. But of course we all have different opinions on this!!

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