Making a home

december 13, 2006 - day 69

Most of you know what this up there means :)
We went to IKEA yesterday. Finally. It’s only about 25 Minutes away, but the traffic in LA!, don’t get me started.
I had a really bad driving experience on Monday. I needed to go to the DMV to get my name changed on my Driver’s License. I also wanted to run some errands afterwards, stop by at Michaels for some Christmas stuff, do some grocery shopping, you get the idea. Well, it took me freaking 4 hours to do all that! I mean, that was a Monday afternoon and none of the places was technically more than a 10 minute drive away, but driving in LA is just simply insane. Some of the drivers were really aggressive, too. Like when I was trying to make a right turn on a green light and I was half way around the corner, the traffic stopped and then my light turned red, but I was already half on the cross street, but the cars coming from the left wouldn’t let me in. I mean, seriously, is everybody in such a hurry? I guess, everybody is.
I catch myself already thinking about when I can actually go somewhere without being stuck in traffic, and to be honest, there is actually only a time window of about 3 hours [between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.] when you can go drive somewhere relatively safely without getting caught up in traffic. There are so many people in LA, and even more cars! It’s overwhelming.

I really, really hope that I will find a job that I can walk to every morning. If I could find something on the UCLA Campus, that would be perfect. I really don’t want to spend precious time in the car every day. It would only add to our miserable parking situation, if we needed a second car.

Well, but I got distracted. Let’s go back to the more exciting stuff… IKEA :)
I just love this place. I always find something that I could buy and I just like a lot of the stuff that they have. I also enjoy assembling the furniture. I understand that some people might find that annoying, but I really like the idea of buying furniture and taking it home right away, instead of waiting for furniture to be delivered.

We bought a really nice shelf for the hallway and two dressers for the bedroom. And then we got some boxes and magazine holders [so I can start organizing the stuff that is still sitting in the bedroom in the moving boxes] and some other odds and ends.
We’re also going to get a queen-size bed from J’s parents [which has been sitting in the storage locker], and it will come with a nice bed-frame, too :) This is going to make our place look more like home as well. I am so excited.
I know you’re all waiting for photos, but I hope you can wait a couple of days longer, because we’ll get the bed on Monday and then, I promise I’ll definitely take photos and post them :)

  1. Yikes.. The traffic sounds terrible! I hate driving where there’s too many cars.. Will cross my fingers for a job to you near your place ;o)

  2. Yeah, pics comming up !!

    Love ya very much

  3. LA traffic is insane! I remember vividly how many hours we’ve been spending on the innumerable freeways there. So fingers crossed for a job nearby! Have a wonderful weekend, sweets!

  4. Uarg, driving in LA sounds horrible and I’m crossing my fingers for a job near by!!!! (I just realized that my comment sounds just like the others but oh well)
    Can’t wait to see your apartment! :) I enjoy assembling IKEA furniture, too every once in a while.

  5. Hey Sweetie! Good to hear you finally settle in your little cozy home. Can’t wait to see it one day! ;-) And I definitely keep my fingers crossed for your job search!

    On another note: Can you send me your mailing address real quick? Somehow I forgot to ask you earlier. Schussel, me! Thanks! :-)

  6. hey punpkin,
    i love ikea ,too and there is seriously always something i think i need;-)
    when i was in l.a., which was for 2 days, the traffic there made me insane. i mean, how much hours does a day there have? you need ages to get from a to b and you definitely need a car in l.a. i can totally get ya, that it freaks you out.
    i am very much looking forward to see your pics.

  7. YAY! IKEA Girl! AWESOME!!!!! Evil place to spend lots of money….once I work again I want to get a new bed frame and matrasses from Ikea…

    and, uhm, are drivers in LA are worse than Boston?

  8. Oooh, don’t ou love those little squeaky thingies you put IKEA furniture together with???

    Sounds like you’re having a good time. I hope we can finally talk soon. I’ve been trying to call you a few times but you’re NEVER home… :o(

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