Always worth a (photo) journey…

J and I spontaneously decided to spend a night in San Francisco as a belated birthday celebration and we searched for a last-minute hotel deal on Saturday morning. Little did we know that we would hit the jackpot, because we found a ridiculous deal for a one-night stay at the world-famous Fairmont!
My fingers couldn’t hit the “book” button fast enough!!

The Fairmont San Francisco

We arrived in the city in the late afternoon and checked into the hotel. It’s beautiful from the inside and we had a fantastic view from our hotel window.

I realized once more that SF is such a photogenic place.
As I am trying to get more “photo-time” in, I was pleased to find out that I’ve indeed started “working” with my camera a lot more. I took some decent pictures this time around. My favorite:

Coit Tower at night

We headed out to dinner a little later and had Italian food at “Ti piacerá¡”  in Nob Hill.
Fantastic bruschetta, fettuccine Alfredo with prawns and spinach salad!
The only thing I am really missing on the menus of the Italian restaurants over here in the US is tomato soup. A really good, chunky and creamy tomato soup made from scratch. You just can’t get it anywhere (as you can’t tuna pizza, but that’s a whole different story)!

Sunday morning we enjoyed the nice hotel room for as long as possible. We checked out right before noon and decided to take a walk through Nob Hill and North Beach before heading back home.

We like to walk!

The weather was beautiful and we stopped in North Beach for a late breakfast at Caffé DeLucchi, a sweet little street café with outside tables! Even though it was a busy Sunday in North Beach – which in fact might be the case every day of the week, come to think of it – we got a table right away.
I ordered a big cafe latte and a veggie omelet. J had Southern style biscuits and gravy. I really thought the food was great.

What sucked though was that our waiter was a completely incompetent jerk. Don’t get me wrong, I know that waiting table is a tough job (I’ve had some experience in this department) and I am usually not a complainer at a restaurant and very patient, especially when it’s busy.
However, I do believe that you need some organizational skills if you want to do a somewhat decent job as a waiter.
Well, let me tell you, this guy had ZERO organization.

I ordered my latte and there was no extra cream or sugar on the table. Something I would make sure is there before I even seat someone. He didn’t bother asking if I needed any.

Then he brought the food. It looked delicious (unfortunately I didn’t take a photo to prove it) and I started picking at the home-style potatoes, waiting for the waiter to come back with my toast and some ketchup/Tabasco.
He didn’t come. Neither did the toast or the ketchup.

I had also ordered some more hot milk (despite it being a latte, my beverage was WAY too strong for my taste. Remember my pickiness about coffee?) which of course he forgot as well.
I also noticed that we were not the only customers with missing condiments and toast, but that the couple next to us was also eating their breakfast without the aforementioned items.
By the time I got up to go inside and complain at the counter, because the waiter didn’t even come close enough to call him to our table, J was already finished with his breakfast and my omelet was almost cold. Terrific.

I could have managed to ignore some of his incompetence if he had apologized for the inconvenience and offered to heat up my meal or something. But he didn’t. He didn’t say anything at all.

Needless to say, we tipped him a lot less than usual (and J and I generally consider ourselves very generous tippers).

Regardless of the long and elaborate breakfast story, we had a fantastic time. San Francisco is always worth a trip, no matter how horrible the service at a restaurant might be ;)

  1. OMG!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I FULL ♥ San Francisco!! It is an amazing city (one of my most favorite) and I miss soo much being just an hour away!! I read your post and coveted everything about it. The hotel stay, the delicious dinner, and “interesting” breakfast! There is something about the city that ignites me and makes me feel more connected to “living”…I know that sounds wierd, but its true! I’m so happy you got that fun getaway…and your picture is BEAUTIFUL!! You should definitely keep taking pictures!!

  2. Wow a night in the Fairmont! Lucky you!
    Bye the way – the pic looks amazing!

  3. The picture is brilliant!!
    Now I really can’t wait for our trip in August. I SO want to see all this in person.

  4. i still can’t believe you guys can just “hop on over to SF for a weekend”. that is SO neat! also, yay to the hotel-deal. i love when that happens and C and i always enjoy every minute in good hotels – a lot of times we even ask for a late check-out ;) will probably try to do that next weekend at the estrel in berlin :) overall it sounds like a really good weekend so the fact that i couldn’t get a hold of you to chat is forgiven ;)

  5. I love San Francisco!!! It is just the best!!!

  6. Sounds great (besides the breakfast story)!! SF is such a great city.

  7. Ugh I hate lousy waiters but I do love your photos and what an awesome deal on the hotel! Smoochie!

  8. Yeah! It’s great that you guys found that deal – pictures are amazing, you are getting more comfortable with you camera, aren’t you?

    By the way – North Beach is next to the Marina my favorite part of SF.


  9. Hopping to San Fran for a night is a WONDERFUL luxury!!!
    That is a great picture!

  10. hey that sounds like a great weekend trip.

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