22: Things I {am thankful for} Thursday

There are always so many things we should be thankful for every day (not just during the holiday season), but Thanksgiving is, of course, a good time to share these things with our friends and family. So, I’ll take the opportunity today to list the things I am most thankful for. 

Today, I am thankful for…

… my love and best friend J, who swept me off my feet so many years ago and who gets me and still makes me smile every day.

… rain (that is helping to put out the fires) and for a return to healthy air quality (which we so often take for granted).

… being healthy, for being able to keep up with running and races, and the unexpected joy it gives me.

… friends that I have been there through the ups and downs of life. They’ll never know just how much I appreciate them.

… my family and as always, I wish I could spend the day with them. 

… hot coffee, fresh bread,  fuzzy socks, and warm blankets. For balls of yarn, stamps, and paper.

… good books, movies that make me think and laugh, and music that touches my heart. 

… opportunities to learn and grow, even if it’s not always easy.  For situations that test my patience and temper and that make me stronger in the long run. For  ‘aha’-moments and the ability to move on.

And, last but not least, I am thankful for YOU, my dear readers. I appreciate that you take the time to come here and connect with me.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I hope you’re all having a lovely holiday weekend.

  1. Happy thanksgiving. This is a nice list and I can almost sign off on all it myself.
    Have a great holiday weekend, Tobia

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, San! Your world is truly full of so many things to be thankful for. :)

  3. Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I totally agree with this: … good books, movies that make me think and laugh, and music that touches my heart.


  4. Happy thanksgiving! I am so glad you guys are getting some rain and that the air quality has improved. What an awful month it has been for California. :(

    I’m thankful for our beautiful and entertaining little boy, my strong marriage, supportive family and good friends!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, San! Even during difficult years, there is so much to be thankful for. <3

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