My purse

I was inspired to do this by Viviane and I thought it would be fun. I think it’s interesting to look at other girls’ purses :)

my purse

So here’s my new purse. I got it on Ebay and I love it :)

it's contents

Never leave without these items: wallet, keys, cell phone, hairbrush.

it's contents

Other things that are usually always in my purse are antiperspirant, chewing gum, tissues, compact powder, hand cream, lip gloss and my address-/notebook.

So ladies, show me your purses and their contents.

P.S. Today has been crazy… a lot of running errands, organizing stuff, and seeing people. I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

  1. Books water passport money cam.. 8-)

    Have a nice trip over there sweetie!! I off to Berlin in a sec

  2. My purse contents are here:

    You have so many cute things in yours. I love the lipgloss and of course the hand lotion ;-)

    Tomorrow is the big day!!!! I’m wishing you all the best for your new life darling girl!!!!!

  3. Cute purse and very organized! I love the little Eisbär!
    Now it’s only one more day! I’ve been thinking about you a lot these days! You two must be soooo excited! I wish you a safe flight and all the best for your new life with your hubby!

  4. I don’t tend to carry a purse, so I’ll have to decline your request to see the contents. I did, however, get one for Christmas last year and I love it. My stepmom got it for me in Italy last year. I just don’t use it much. I do tend to use it every time I go home, though. You know, so I look all snazzy and put together!

  5. OH! This is great! I am going to do that tonight!!!! LOVING IT!

  6. What are the rules? Whatever is in the purse RIGHT NOW? LOL

  7. Hey, just wanted to let you know that i’m also thinking about you and wishing you a great flight. i can’t wait to hear from you from the other side of the ocean, but until then, i hope that everything will go smoothly. sending you a big hug!!

  8. Haha, you don’t carry nearly as much junk around as I do. Maybe I should work on that. ;)

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