30: The end of NaBoPloMo and a giveaway

Wow, November is over. I can’t believe it, because every year at the beginning of  NaBloPoMo I am worried if I will really be able to stick to blogging every single day of the month and then I am always a bit surprised when the last day is here and it flew by in the blink of an eye.

If you participated and made it through, congratulations! If you didn’t quite make it, kudos for trying!

As a little “Thank you” for sticking around and reading and commenting, I decided to do a teeny-tiny giveaway.  I’ll be sending a little surprise package to one of you lovely readers for Christmas.


Here is how you can enter:

Leave me a comment and tell me one of your favorite childhood holiday memories! (Please make sure to leave an email address, so that I can contact you.)

You can earn extra entries if you tweet or blog about this giveaway. (Please make sure to leave another comment with link for each additional entry!)

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Contest closes Saturday, December 7th at 10 p.m. PST.

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Thanks again and I hope you all have a wonderful December!

  1. My favorite holiday memory is being in Arizona with my mom, four uncles, aunts, six cousins and one uncle showing up late with three board games and three teddy bears, one of each for each girl cousin. We had the biggest blast figuring out which one was perfect for whom.

  2. My favorite holiday memory is when my sister and I would practically refuse to sleep on Christmas Eve and we always snuck out in the middle of the night after we heard our parents got to bed so we could see all the presents!

  3. My favourite childhood holiday memory is spending Christmas Eve at my grandma’s house. The entire extended family gets together there for a few hours every year – it’s one of the things I miss the most about living on the other side of the country! My grandma usually opens her gifts while we’re all there, we eat lots of Christmas baking, and just spend time together!

  4. My favorite holiday memory is one my mother & I still do- usually a day or two before Christmas, we spend the day making cookies to bring to the various houses we visit on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The best is the gingerbread and everyone in the family gets their own gingerbread person to decorate. Now that I’m older, we usually make it the weekend before the holidays since we both work long hours, but it’s still a blast!

  5. My favorite childhood holiday memories were the years my brother and I would spend the night in my room, trying to stay up as late as possible, playing games or watching movies, because we were way too excited to sleep! We only managed to stay up the entire night once, ha, but it’s one of my most-loved memories. :)

  6. My favorite childhood memory is spending time with my brother. He is 8 years older then me. He has always been my big brother that I look up to. He has a big influence in who I am today. I am always grateful for having him as a big brother.

  7. My favorite childhood memory of Christmas in Germany is that my mom would always give me at least one “useful” gift for St. Nicholas Day and Christmas Eve. It might have been a pair of fun gloves, a set of pajamas or funny socks. And what amazes me most is how my perception of this useful item changed through the years. In the early years, I tore through the gift wrap and tossed the gift aside, having guessed it already from the fact that the gift was “soft” when still wrapped. “Oh, bullocks, another one of those…”. The older I got though, the more I loved how much thought my mom had put into getting me that traditional clothing piece that I would wear throughout the year – almost smelling pine needles and candle wax – remembering Christmas all year round. I am still getting funny socks, by the way, at age 40 :) Thanks, Mama!

  8. My favorite childhood holiday memories are the large holiday dinners we would throw. Everyone would come over, and there would be so many of us that we’d even hang out in the backyard. Kind of a big deal since going to the backyard included a narrow set of stairs and a long hallway. ;-)

  9. One of my favorites was the year we got my mom one of those seasonal flag sets and a flagpole, and wrapped the flagpole with a piece of cardboard on the end so it looked like a hockey stick. She was so puzzled before she opened it!

  10. My favourite memory is that we always had to take a nap around 3pm and afterwards went for a walk in the snow before being send upstairs to dress nicely and then waiting for the bell to ring in the livingroom. We then sang some songs before opening presents.
    Another great memory is decorating the tree with my parents when I was older. We still always decorate it with Chocolate (Schokokringeln) and have to prepare them with ribbon to hang them..my mom would cut it, I would thread it through and my sis and I would hang them on the tree…milk choc, dark choc, marzipan and peppermint…everyone liked different ones…


  11. My favourite childhood holiday memory is getting to open one gift on Christmas Eve! What a treat!

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