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If you follow my “running account” on Instagram, you already know.

I was signed up for the Davis Moo-nlight Run 10k again this year. I had re-arranged my half marathon training schedule to fit in this 10k race and I was really, really looking forward to it.

However, on Saturday, I heavy-heartedly decided on a DNS.

This is the first time I had to cancel a race and it sucked and it wasn’t an easy decision. I love this race: It’s LOCAL, it’s a NIGHT RACE and it comes with a lot of COOL SWAG… I really enjoyed participating last year and I was pretty bummed that I had to back out, but I had to use some common sense here and err on the side of caution.

I mentioned that my right ankle had been bothering me last week and even though I had iced it for a few days and then KT-taped it for a 2-mile test run on Saturday morning (which went pretty well), I wasn’t 100% confident that putting 6+ extra miles on it quite yet was such a good idea.
Besides, it also was like 99°F at 7 p.m., although that really wouldn’t have deterred me from running. I would have just run slower. BUT, I have the SF half marathon coming up in less than two weeks and I really didn’t want to jeopardize my starting there.

I’ve been pretty lucky so far when it comes to injuries. In the 4 years since I’ve taken up a more serious running schedule, I haven’t had any pain/injury that sidelined me for more than a couple of days. I don’t even know if I would call it injuries because they were usually just some ‘growing pains’ from more intense workouts.
Knowing when to give your body a rest and not push through any pain is a skill that needs to be acquired and circumstances, luckily, offered me very little opportunity for personal experiences with it so far. That doesn’t mean I don’t know when to take a break and I think it was the right decision.

It’s just so funny though. It’s like most people say, when you’re forced to take a break, all you want to do is get out there and run. It seriously is the best thing if you’re suffering from a lack of motivation.

Ok, I do have an runner’s’ etiquette question for you though:I still went to get my race-shirt and race bib – is that wrong? I mean, I paid for the shirt and it’s really cute.

Cross your heart and tell me how you usually handle this when you DNS? Is it tacky to own/wear a shirt of a race you ended up not running (for whatever reason)?

On a different note, I realized afterward, when I was back in my car already, that they didn’t want to see my race registration or ID when I picked up my bib/shirt and I think I should have said something. I know, this is a smaller race (although, there were still 1300+ participants and f***k, I just checked the results, I think I there would have been a good chance I could have placed in my age group, damnit! Haha!!) and bib theft is probably rare(r), but I still feel they should have done a better job making sure only people, who were signed up, could get to the race bibs and shirts. Don’t you think?

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  1. Having to step back and take care of yourself is hard but definitely the right choice!

    1. Thank you, I think it was!

  2. That stinks that you had to miss out on your race!I think listening to your body and stepping back to rest was the right decision. I say wear the shirt, it’s cute.

    1. The shirt IS cute, isn’t it? Since I have run this race last year, I think I am going to wear it… :)

  3. That sucks that you had to not do the race. But it was the smart decision. Better to take it easy to make sure you don’t do further damage. I hope you feel well enough to get back to running soon!

    I DNS’d the Chicago marathon because I had a stress fracture the summer before and then got diagnosed with RA. I still went to the marathon as it was a meet up race with some other blog friends. So I went to the expo and got my shirt. I wore it once and someone commented on it and that was the last time I wore it in public. But it’s different when it’s something like a very popular marathon v. a local 10k.

    I feel like I rarely have to show ID when picking up my race materials, except at bigger events, like marathons, so that wouldn’t really thrown me off… Most small races I just give my name. The chances of someone knowing you had signed up and trying to pose as you are probably too small to add in having to check IDs…

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I think it was the right decision.
      And thanks for your thoughts on the race shirt… I think I will wear it, because I have run the race before (so it’s not like I am a non-runner, claiming to be one ;)) and it definitely is different because it’s a smaller race!

  4. Awww, don’t feel bad. It’s prob a good idea to rest it so that you can fully participate in the next one without injury. I hope your ankle feel better soon–this does sound like a really fun race (and love the shirt!).

    1. Thank you , Charlotte… I hope I’ll be as good as new next week :) and yes, the shirt is cute, isn’t it? :)

  5. I think you made the right decision for you to DNS, especially with a half on the horizon

  6. Sorry you couldn’t do the race! Ive worn shirts from races I didnt run before. I figure I paid for it, so i might as well use it since I’m always losing out on money by not running.

    1. Glad you feel the same about the shirt… and I have run the race before, so it’s not like I am completely ‘posing’ ;)

  7. It really sucks that you couldn’t race, but I think you are super smart for listening to your body!

    1. Thanks Vanessa… sometimes doing the right thing is hard ;)

  8. The shirt is cute, so wear it if you feel like it. My 15 year old wears a lot of my cotton ones LOL.

    Sorry you had to DNS, but it sounds like it was a smart decision for you.

    1. Thanks Erika! I think it was for the best :)

  9. Bummer that you had to DNS but honestly many people have done it. You knew in your heart that running was not the best idea with your ankle not being up to running and it is best to take care of it.

    I’ve picked up shirts for a few DNS races and wear my shirts. However, I don’t keep my tech shirts, just the cotton ones and wear them at night as pajama tops.

    I agree that they should have asked for an ID because that would be so easy to steal someone else’s bib (not that anyone would) but you just never know.

    1. Thanks Zenaida… I think sometimes you gotta make tough decisions ;) glad to hear you’re wearing your race shirts, too.

  10. I’ve gotten the race shirt and bib from races I couldn’t run due to injury, most notably my favorite 10K, the Monument Avenue 10K, here in Richmond. I don’t think it’s bad form at all, because like you said, you paid for it, might as well get the damn thing.

    It’s definitely a bummer than you didn’t get to run, but I think you made the right choice. If the half is your priority, taking it easy is the right thing to do.

    1. Hey girl, I was so surprised to see a comment from you pop up after such a long time! Thanks for your input – means a lot!!
      How have you been? I see, you’re blogging again? <3

      1. Yeah, I kept taking all these photos and having these really lovely adventures and then forgetting about them, so I’m mostly writing to remember stuff for me, but I also really missed the blogging community, including you! I’m mostly just easing back into it.

  11. I’m sorry you couldn’t run your 10k, but I think you made the right decision. Listening to your body is super important!

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