What I bought at Trader Joe’s (meatless edition) – Vol.3


Hello, hello. Here’s another edition of ‘What I bought at Trader Joe’s’. I know you were waiting for this, weren’t you? I can’t say enough good things about Trader Joe’s* and if you don’t have one near you, I am truly sorry. 

I try to eat a healthy and balanced diet (of course, the occasional treat is absolutely necessary) and I am glad that Trader Joe’s has a wide variety of healthy food items. (Of course, they also have things that are not so good for you – so I still check labels and nutrition information.)

Today I am sharing some items that I regularly buy at Trader Joe’s that I consider part of my “runner friendly diet”.


Trader Joe’s Whole Plain Greek Yogurt ( 16 oz – $1.99 ) ★★★★★ // dairy section

You guys, this is the best greek yogurt I have ever had. If I could, I would give it an extra star. It has the best taste and texture of any Greek yogurt I have tried so far and I have tried many different Greek yogurts in the past. Even J, who is not a yogurt fan in general, will have spoonful every once in while just because it’s just so good. It’s smooth and only a touch tangy and I just love it with my granola and fresh fruit. It also is a great substitute for sour cream on your baked potato or in salad dressings. As you can see, I buy the whole milk version. I don’t really believe in low fat versions of anything.


Trader Joe’s Silverdollar Pancakes (11.3 oz – $1.99) ★★★★☆ // freezer section

Ok, these “only” got four stars, because obviously they don’t really compare to freshly made pancakes, but they’re really easy to pop in the microwave and top with some syrup and fruit when the craving hits and a) you don’t have time to make pancakes from scratch and/or b) you only need one portion. It’s nice to have these handy in the freezer.


Trader Joe’s Hemp seed (8 oz – $5.99) ★★★★☆ // cereal aisle

This is a great addition to your granola or oatmeal for an extra boost of omega-3, omega-6, and protein.
I only give them 4 stars, because I haven’t used them for anything else but granola yet, but I am sure you can also add them to salad, baked goods, or bread.


Trader Joe’s Crunchy or Creamy Almond Butter (16 oz – $7.99)  ★★★★★ // pantry section

I didn’t grow up with peanut butter (although I think it’s now available in German supermarkets), so I wasn’t used to the texture and taste of any nut butters at all. Peanut butter is still something I avoid, but I’ve come to like almond butter quite a bit. This one has only one ingredient (almonds!) and is really tasty! I add it to my smoothies and occasionally eat a spoonful by itself. 


Trader Joe’s Organic Midnight Moo (20 oz – $3.49) ★★★★★ // pantry section

For when the post-run chocolate milk craving hits! It’s chocolate-y but not overly sweet. I love it. Which chocolate milk do you like?

What did you pick up at Trader Joe’s this month?

I am linking up with Rachel for Meatless Monday today. I hope it’s ok to “switch it up a bit” by not posting a recipe, but some vegetarian runner-friendly food options I buy at Trader Joe’s.


* I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s, nor have they endorsed, sponsored or paid for my reviews. I am just sharing my love for the store and its products, which bascially means free advertisement for them. Ha. All opinions are my own.

  1. I actually went to TJ’s for the first time in a long time a couple of weeks ago! I wasn’t expecting to go so I didn’t plan ahead. I was out for a walk with a friend and we drove by a TJ’s on the way to the park where we walked so we stopped on our way home. I almost bought some nut butter there but decided to hold off as I still had some at home, but I’ll have to buy some there in the future as they had a wide selection! I didn’t buy much on this trip but I did pick up some kalamata olives, a small packet of peanut butter cups, and some GF jojo’s! So not the healthiest selection of items, but I don’t buy sweets often so it was nice to pick up a few treats!

    1. TJ’s definitely has some good treats, for sure! :)

  2. Confession: I’ve been to Trader Joes ONCE! The parking lot just drives me straight up insane. Dumb reason, but it’s true! Looks like you got some good stuff, though!

    1. Oh, that sucks that parking is a problem at your TJ’s.

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS. We don’t have Trader Joe’s in Canada and we never will (because of some sort of legal something or other–I can’t remember). Although we DO live right across the line so I could certainly make a trip. I’d just get so overwhelmed that I’d either buy everything, or nothing. Never even mind the whole Target issue. And Costco. AHHHHH.

    1. Girl, I am the saddest for you. No TJ’s, Targer OR Costco?? That’s just cruel. But hey, you have a much better healthcare system! ;)

      1. Well, we have Costco, but it’s just not the same. :(

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