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Remember when I asked about opinions on fitness trackers a couple of months ago? To be honest, until a few months ago, I didn’t even ever wanted one. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on a small gadget that would naggingly let you know about all the times you were not getting your butt off the couch. Besides, I’ve been running (consistently three times a week since the beginning of this year) and was overall quite happy with my fitness routine. Why would I need this?
The problem is: I have a desk job and on my off-running days, I sit on my butt. A LOT. I thought I was moving around a fair amount in the office, but turns out: not so much (or at least, not enough).
And then suddenly, I went from being completely ‘meh’ about pedometers, to using an app on my phone, to “I need a tracker, like now!” within a couple of weeks.

However, before I could do more research and weigh my options and decide if I really wanted to invest the money and buy one, the awesomeness of the Internet revealed itself once again.

Not only did I get some good feedback on my questions, but also my friend Marie, who I recently called out as one of the sweetest people I’ve met on the Internet (and I mean that!), was so kind as to offer and send me her Fitbit One, which she wasn’t using anymore, so I could give it a try and see if it worked for me. It arrived at my house a few days later and I’ve been using it (in combo with my Fitbit App) for almost two months now and I am super-happy with it.

Here’s why I like it:

It’s small. You can put it in your pocket or clip it on your belt and won’t even know it’s there.

I don’t have to keep my phone in my pocket at all times (yay!). The iPhone has a built-in pedometer and you can track your steps by just carrying your phone around (what most of us do all day anyway, am I right?). So, before the Fitbit, I still got a pretty good idea of my daily step count/activity and I’ve been tracking my workouts in Runtastic anyway, but with the Fitbit, I don’t have to remember to pick up my phone every time I get up from my desk or from the couch and I get an even more accurate account of ALL my daily movement (and calories burned). I like that.

It’s very easy to set up and use. I first thought I had to download the little snippet of software to my computer, but you can simply sync the Fitbit through the app on your phone and that’s it. Easy-peasy! It was set up in under two minutes.

It motivates me to move. This little number (and the growing flower) on the screen? They haunt me – in a good way. I am always up for a little challenge and I like hitting my goals. I don’t hit them every day, but it’s nice to see some consistency (and the app has some nice graphs to go along with it).

I like gadgets. Yes, I admit it. I like little gadgets that make life more interesting. And I am a numbers’ girl. If something can be measured, I want it measured.

I’ve lost 4 lbs (so far). Ok, honestly, weight loss was not at all my goal, but I wanted to see if using the tracker + app in combination could actually make an impact. So, I set my goal for weight loss to 4 lbs. over 8 weeks (easy, slow) and I’ve been somewhat diligently tracking my food and calorie intake through the app (I actually started this experiment before getting the Fitbit One when I only used the app to track activity and food intake – just fyi – and I knew that at the time the actually tracked steps would be the “minimum movement” per day (since I sometimes moved around without having my iPhone on me). And what do you know: it’s working.

In summary, I’m in love with this little gadget. I feel motivated to move more on any regular day and I love keeping track of my workouts. Shout out to you again, Marie. From the bottom of my heart: thank you for your generosity and friendship.

  1. That is awesome that your friend sent you hers! Very generous of her! I don’t have a fitbit but I sometimes wish I did. I use the step counter on my iPhone but like you said, sometimes I don’t carry my iPhone with me – like when I run with my run club, so I get an incomplete picture of my steps. I also like that you can have friends on fitbit. My mom and sister have one so I could link up with them and we could motivate each other to move more since no one wants to have the fewest steps! ;)

    I am glad you have been happy with your fitbit. As much as I would like one, I feel like I have too many gadgets as I already have an expensive running watch… So if I get something else, it would probably be a heart rate monitor to wear for yoga and strength training workouts. But if I stumbled up on a fitbit that someone was giving away, I’d be all about that! :)

  2. I love my Fitbit! Even though it confirms I’m lazy, I mean, sedintary more than I prefer, I love how encouraging it is when I see the numbers increase and the smiley face get bigger. I will often challenge myself to hit certain goals and am always amazed when I do more than expected. Plus it keeps me moving when I have an attainable goal.

  3. I’ve never used a fitbit but my husband is a big fan. He’s a bit of a couch potato but he borrowed his mom’s fitbit when he was working at a youth conference earlier this year – he was curious to see how many miles he walked over the course of the weekend. He got really into the graphs and everything and it ended up being a huge motivator for him! He uses his iPhone now to keep track of steps but asked for a fitbit for Christmas :)

  4. I love my fitbit – I have the Charge HR and since starting to use it I was able to lose some weight and move even more! Happy for you that you enjoy using it and the outcome is so positive!

  5. I am using the Fitbit Charge HR and I love it. Even though you wear it on your wrist like a watch, it looks like a stylish bracelet, an accessory. What I love most about it, I have all the important numbers available to look at if I want to, it gives me a pretty accurate heart rate and if I reach my daily goal of 12,000 steps it notifies me by vibrating. It’s a great motivator to get up and moving even though I have a desk job myself.

  6. Yay!!! I’m so so glad you like it!! I knew it would be in good hands. :) <3

  7. I’ve always been super curious about the FitBit. I can’t have my phone on me when I’m teaching my preschool classes and I move a lot during them, I’d like to be able to monitor how much I’m moving when teaching. I hate trying to estimate when it comes to tracking calories in and out for weight loss. Your review my be enough to push me into getting one.

  8. Like I have mentioned in a previous comment, I’ve been a big fan of GPS watches. Granted they are only good for runs (and cycling/swimming) but I love the accurate picture on mileage, pace and other running stats they present. Nevertheless, pedometers like the FitBit are great and, even though I don’t personally use one, I know how beneficial they are. I’m glad you are loving yours and I’m happy that your friend was generous enough to give hers to you. That’s a really great gesture!

  9. I’d love to get a FitBit. It’s something I keep telling myself I need to buy because I think I would love the tracking aspect of it. I just worry I would spend so much money on a gadget and then only use it for a few months. That happens to me so frequently!

  10. Congratulations on the weight loss! Its very cool to see that you set and achieved a goal using the app :)

    I have a fitbit flex and I was horrified to see how little I move during the day! I have to make a deliberate effort to go for a walk if I want to have a hope of making it close to my 10,000 steps.

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