Always too short…

Remember this post that I wrote not too long ago? I can only say, once again, good times always go by way too quickly.

The last two days with Kim and C were a blast. You probably want to know on which exciting adventures we went on Saturday and Sunday, but to be honest, we didn’t do much more than hang out, talk and enjoy each others’ company. This is what I expected when we went down to SoCal and that is exactly what we got… good company that I had been longing for for quite some time :)

C is a really, really nice guy [I am so glad we finally got to meet him] and we all got along so well that I just wish we could see each other and hang out more often. Since we were all a little hungover on Saturday, we slept in, had some breakfast, hung out on the couch and then later Kim and I went to TARGET together :) Knowing that we both are in love with this place, it was one the things we HAD TO DO. Unfortunately, we both didn’t think of taking a photo to prove it… but oh well, you just gotta believe us that we both were ecstatic :)

In the evening, we were supposed to meet C’s friend for dinner at a very good seafood restaurant. Unfortuntely, when we got there, we found out that there was “Buffet night” and since C is not really a big fan of seafood, we decided against it and went to Mimi’s Café instead. Not that I mind, because I love Mimi’s and I got me my “Caesar Salad and Jumbo Spinach Tortellini” -fix :)

Sunday, Kim and I went shopping some more… [bargain hunting on Thanksgiving weekend = priceless!] and at 5:30 p.m., after an early dinner at Chipotle Mexican Grill, J and I were picked up by a shuttle bus that took us back to the airport.

Damn, the weekend – granted, a long weekend! – went by way too fast, but I had a fabulous time and Kim, I can’t wait to see you again! Miss you already.

  1. im glad you guys had so much fun together!!!!!

  2. i am sure you guys had a blast. and yeah it’s sad that you can’t be with your friends more often. i wanna see pics of you guys, by the way;-)

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. I am still trying to get back into a normal routine after the trip. But I am afraid I brought a virus back with me from Mexico, if you know what I mean?

  4. Oh I always thought you had already met C so wow good you finally did. LOL.
    Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. We’ve got a Chipotle right behind my place but I have yet to try it. Sounds yummy anyway. I wonder if Mimi’s Cafe is in other towns too, you always rave abuot it ;-).

  5. i miss you, too. *smoochies*

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