Photo of the week: World Champions!

Foto der Woche

Hi friends, it’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for another ‘Foto der Woche‘. What was the highlight of your week?  Here is my Glücklichmacher #28:

Photo of the week: World champions!

World Champions (taken July 13, 2014)

I won’t apologize for this really blurry, bad TV photo, because this was the greatest thing that happened this week: Germany won the World Cup title after 24 years! I’m so thrilled!

  1. Nathan, Topher and I watched the end of the game – Now Topher is all about playing soccer :)

  2. Yes, we did it!! We won the world cup. I am sooo excited! :D

  3. It’s so freakin’ crazy….
    I was a total mess during the game actually gave me a migraine…
    But it’s so awesome. Berlin was going berserk yesterday when the team showed up at Brandburger Tor


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