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november 28, 2006 - day 59

J and I went to get me a cell phone today. You can’t live in LA and not have a cell phone. It’s one of the things J definitely wanted me to have as soon as possible, so we would be able to reach each other at all times like when he’s at the studio or when I am out. Isn’t it cute, my new red phone? :)

We got a family shared plan with J’s parents which will work pretty well, because most calls will be between us. Cell phone plans in the US work totally different from the ones in Germany and I’ll have to get used to that. You pay for incoming call and text messages and there is no such thing as plans with no monthly access fee or minimum balance. You usually have to get a plan with monthly anytime minutes which usually starts at $39.99 and up and then you get unlimited night and weekend minutes to other Verizon customers. Oh yeah, we switched from T-Mobile to Verizon, by the way. If any of you guys are with Verizon – send me your cell phone numbers :) We can talk for free on the weekends :)

The weekend was nice and quiet and we just enjoyed spending time together. We went to see friends for dinner last night and J and his friend have been back at the studio as of today. I am definitely going to start to create our “home” this week. The whole apartment is a mess right now, I haven’t even really unpacked my suitcases. We want to clean out and rearrange the whole apartment and it’s going to be my job to set it all up. I am looking forward to creating our home… I just have to start doing it :)

  1. Aww, I have a little red cell phone, too. Love it!
    It’s so exciting to create a new home! I think you will do a great job with that, once you’ve started :) I can’t wait to get our furniture to the house and start buying new stuff, like dining room furniture. It’s all so exciting!

  2. That color is so hot! Love it!

    Take some before pictures of the apartment ;-)

  3. That sounds like so much fun! A lot of work … but fun.

    I’ve had good luck with Verizon so you should be all set!

  4. Super cute phone!

    I love setting up a home. It’s one thing to move, it’s entirely another to create your space. Enjoy!

  5. I have Cingular… But Ute has Verizon I think. Nights and weekends are free though, so we’ll chat on the weekend.

  6. I’ve missed out on so many entries, bloglines wasn’t updating you! I’m going to read ’em all now…and nice phone!

  7. i wanna see pictures of your new home ASAP so get to work ;-) i like your new phone!

  8. I Have verizon! give me your number! the two i got from you dont work…:-( it says its a landline. we can talk anytime for free and also write text messages for free! so let me know asap!!! kisses

  9. Cute phone!!
    Glad your setteling in your new home!! Sorry for not commenting often, im stressing over my upcoming move, we’re still working out all the details!

    I have Sprint unfortunately :-(

  10. I love US cell phone plans so much better!!! We used to have 1000 minutes and it was way more than we ever used… now have Vodafone… oh well…

  11. I am a Verizon girl as well. :) YAY, making a home is so much fun. :)

  12. i am so happy for you sweety! it’s gonna be great setting up your new home. chris and i were just looking at your apartment from up above through google earth yesterday. he knows the area and says it’s really nice :) and i can’t wait to visit! talk to you very soon and HDGDL! big *smooch*

  13. its so good to hear how happy you seem to be in LA!!!

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