On who I am right now


I am …

… very grateful for the wonderful time we spent with family and friends over the holidays. It’s always such an intense, but very special time. I still feel a little emotionally jetlegged (is this even a thing?), so bear with me, if I haven’t been on top of my conversational game (I am behind on emails, Whatsapp-convos, Twitter, blogging and blog reading), but I am sure I’ll catch up some time soon.

… looking forward to a knitting class I signed up for with a friend. I technically know how to knit and read patterns, so I don’t need a class, but it (a) gets me out of the house and (b) gives me an opportunity to ask a real person some questions instead of googling YouTube videos when I get stuck!

… so incredibly happy that it finally rained after 50+ days without any precipitation at all. California really needed it (and will hopefully get more).

… enjoying some new skill-related challenges at work (it’s always fun to solve problems and learn something new, right?), but am also still quite frustrated with my overall work situation. I won’t go into it here, but let’s just say, I am not happy.

… finding time to get into not one, but two (new to me) TV series. I am always a little late to (most) TV-series-bandwagons, but I also enjoy the freedom of watching episode after episode at my own pace, without being slave to the TV schedule. Because waiting for a week (or even months between seasons) after ending an episode with a cliff-hanger is just plain cruel.

… so devastated that some of my friends are going through some really rough times right now. I was really hoping that 2014 could start for everyone with a lot of good fortune and happy things to look forward to, but alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I know, I know, there is this whole “you can’t enjoy the good times without experiencing the bad”-thing, but you know, the bad could just disappear for a while already. Seriously, ENOUGH!

… really enjoying Miss Kyla’s “Planner Camp” e-course on how to design your own life planner. This is the second e-course that I attended and Kyla is seriously pushing out some awesome e-content right now. I highly recommend you get in on it when the next available opportunity comes around! Hint: new e-courses start this summer!

… looking foward to a getaway to SoCal in February! I need some beach time in my life and pizza from – what I claim to be – THE best pizza beach hut in all of California.

  1. So what TV shows are loving right now?! I most recently blasted through New Girl, haha.

  2. Sorry to hear you are not happy at work these days. It’s tough to feel that way since we spend so much time at work. I am frustrated right now, too, so it’s really been bringing me down. :(

    A SoCal getaway sounds wonderful! :)

  3. Have a great mini vacay in So. CA and enjoy the beach and the pizza. Sometimes these little getaways help recharge your batteries.

  4. I’m always late to shows too and I’ve found that I loved being able to watch Orange is the New Black all at once – I hate having to wait a week, especially for suspenseful shows like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

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