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You guys, I don’t know for how long I have been talking about my desire to own a KitchenAid mixer. It’s been on my (Christmas) wishlist for at least 2-3 years. We never had counter-space in our old apartment for it and it’s not exactly a cheap purchase, so it’s not something I would have bought on a whim, but I promised myself that as soon as we moved to a bigger place (with a bigger kitchen), I’d look into getting one, especially since I’ve been baking (bread and other things) pretty consistently for a while now. 

Well, I am living in a bigger place with more counter space in the kitchen now. Also, I am an adult and I can make such decision (come on, it has to be good for something!)

Then, my birthday came around and I told some people (who asked what I wished for for my birthday) that I was saving up for a KitchenAid mixer and they were more than happy to pitch in.

So, I’ve been looking for a good deal on the Artisan 5quart mixer for the last few weeks (because I know that you don’t have to pay full retail price for it, if you keep your eyes open), although it’s been pretty hard to stay away from the “buy now” button. But I think my patience has paid off and I scored a pretty good deal last week.

First, I had a hard time committing (because there are so many different versions and I couldn’t even decide which color I wanted – there are so many to choose from!) but now, this beauty is mine.



After coupon code, rebate, and cash back the KitchenAid Mixer – which usually sells for $350+tax – came out to $160+tax.* I think that’s a pretty good bargain. A bargain, that not even “deal squad”(a website that helps you find the best deals on the Internet) couldn’t beat. (Maybe I should start working for them. Just an idea.)

I really wanted the one with the glass bowl, but it was $50 more and I figured that I can purchase a glass bowl separately (with another rebate + the earned Kohls Cash) later.

I cannot wait to put this beauty to work. It’s so much fun to watch it work! I used to have a flimsy plastic version of this and it just wasn’t sturdy enough to deal with the dense and heavy bread dough. The appliance would skip about the countertop, if I didn’t keep a steady hand on it. Now, I can mix ingredients with both hands free. No need to hold on to the appliance or (try to) move the hand-mixer myself and it’s really glorious!

Sure, it was a splurge, but one for which I had waited for quite some time and that I know will make me so happy in the long run! 

Have you splurged on a kitchen gadget before? It’s amazing what we get excited about as grown-ups, am I right?

*Here’s how I did it. I stacked multiple promo codes: 30% off coupon code, $5 off a purchase of $25+ code, I chose pickup at store (saved some taxes and the shipping surcharge). I sent in a mail-in rebate: $30. I applied some Kohls Cash: $15. I earned some cashback: 6% cashback through Ebates ($15), $40 Kohls Cash.

  1. Congratulations – “she” looks beautiful and I’m sure you will put her to work quite often!

    1. Thank you, I am so excited. :)

  2. Love!!! I’ve had this same mixer for 12 years and I love it! (Granted, there were no fun colors back then, you could get white, cream, or the new stainless version. Mine is just boring, old white. Hrmph.)


    1. Oh, white isn’t boring. I actually contemplated getting a white one… I am so happy to hear you’ve been so happy with it!

  3. It’s beautiful and I love the color! I hope you can find a glass bowl that is inexpensive. But I like the metal bowls, too. Especially when you are making things like whipped cream as I think it helps if the bowl is cold first and the metal ones get colder faster. I know you will put this to good use! We all deserve the occasional splurge, especially when you will have it for a life time and get so much use out of it. Plus there are so many different attachments for it!

    I haven’t made a kitchen splurge in quite awhile. My food processor sounds like it’s on its last leg, though, so I may need to buy a new one soon. A different splurge I made this week was ordering a collapsible box spring for my bed. I knew my box spring wasn’t going to fit up Phil’s staircase. He said he could try to cut mine to fold it a bit but I just felt like that was too much work or too much of a risk that it would damage it. So I decided to just buy something to make it easier on us!

    1. That’s a great point about the fact that the metal bowl gets cold faster! I didn’t think about that. Thanks for pointing this out. I have another metal bowl for baking that I like, so it wasn’t imperative to get the glass bowl anyway… maybe someday.

      So glad you decided to ‘splurge’ on a collapsible box spring. I think that was smart!

  4. way to work the system and get an amazing deal!!! great job! :) she’s a beaut! can’t wait to see what you make.

    1. Thank you. I was so stoked to get a good deal :)

  5. Isn’t it so satisfying to find a great deal on something? I think it’s really worth it for bigger purchases, like your GORGEOUS new mixer! I’m jealous. :P

    1. It’s totally satisfying… esp. for bigger purchases like that. Thank you :)

  6. That was a goid deal indead! And guess what? I have the exact same Mixer. Isn’t that a beautiful and oh so vintage color?
    I am very happy for you! Keep baking……:)

    1. goid=good

    2. Oh yay, Kitchenaid twins :)

  7. It’s beautiful and practical and you did so well scoring a great deal! I’ve splurged on a few Le Creuset cast iron cookwares that have definitely been worth the investment. My gadgets were fairly inexpensive though. I think if my food processor was to break I’d consider upgrading.

    1. Thank you, kitchen gadgets are awesome :)

  8. What a steal! My inner coupon queen is bowing down in aww to you!
    Same issue here as you did: if we had more counter space I would totally want one, too.

    1. Haha, I didn’t know you were an inner coupon queen. Tell me your tricks!!

      Oh, I hope you can get a Kitchenaid sometime :)

  9. Yay! It’s a beauty! I love my Kitchenaid but wish I used it more. (I don’t because then all I would do is bake and eat a lot of very unhealthy things.)

    1. I love to hear that you love your Kitchenaid (even if you don’t use it all that much).

  10. Wow, it’s so pretty – LOVE IT and what a great deal! Congrats!!

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