Hello May

May is here and I am excited for a couple of reasons.

+ I am flying home in a couple of days and I am SO excited to see my family. It’s my niece’s (and god-daughter’ s) first communion and I am so thrilled that I can be there for that… even though my trip is a little shorter than I originally anticipated. I am telling you, vacation days in this country (or lack thereof) are no joke if most of your family and friends live 6000 miles away.

+ It’s J’s and my anniversary in May. We’ll have been married for 11 years by the end of this month. It’s crazy to think about how fast times goes by.

+ I’ll be running a progressive half marathon series this month. It sounds more impressive than it actually is. One of my friends invited me to do it with her and her running club, Run to the Pub. Well, unfortunately,  she lives in a different state, but in the spirit of motivation and community, I joined the ‘virtual run option’.  We’ll be running 3.3 miles every week for a total of 13.1 at the end of the month. It’s just something that I do for a little motivation. I will (try to) keep up my half marathon training while I am away as well.

+ I am also signed up for a 10k a few days after I get back from Germany with my friend Susi. I hope the jet lag will be gentle on me.

+ I have a few more books lined up for this month and I am looking forward to some time off. I haven’t really had any time off since my parents’ visit last fall.

+  When I get back, I want to go back to the Farmers Market again. I’ve been putting it off and I need to get back into the habit. Do you have a Farmers Market close by? Do you go every week?

What’s going on with you in May?

  1. Yay for May anniversaries and for 2006 weddings – my husband and I will be married 11 years at the end of this month too! And I’ve been jonsing for the Farmers Market too. I’m hoping to get to ours soon as well!

  2. Well, as you know we do have an Anniversary coming up the same day, however our 11 year wedding anniversary is not before September…. So therefore what Beth said: Yay for 2006 weddings :)
    Have a wonderful time in Germany!!!

  3. I’m so thrilled you get to go to Germany! And yes to the time off situation here in America. It’s ridiculous.

    In May, I’m looking forward to my trip to Puerto Rico (I leave Friday!). Tomorrow is my last day at work for a week and I am SO looking forward to some time away.

  4. Have a great trip home! Bummer it’s shorter than you’d like, though.

    May is an extremely exciting month for me as you know since it’s wedding month! So we’ll both be May brides! I have lots of exciting things from a party on Friday that a coworker is hosting for me and my girls gone mild bach party on Saturday. And then wedding week is full of stuff from a ladies lunch + manis/pedis and the rehearsal dinner on Thurday, wedding on Friday, family “after the I do BBQ” on saturday and then we fly to Maui on Sunday and get back on May 31st. Can’t wait!!!

    We have a farmer’s market close to us. I try to go every Sunday when it’s open as it’s walking distance from my best friend (and only 2 miles from our house). It doesn’t open until late May, though, since our growing season starts so late here in the frozen tundra!!

  5. Enjoy your trip. Will the Spargel be ready yet in Germany? I love Spargel Season!
    What will I do in May, keep working on getting on my feet.

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