Oh, to be five again.


Today my sweet niece Greta turns five years old. FIVE YEARS. WHAAAT? I mean. How is that even possible? She was just a baby.

I talked to her earlier on the phone and it was like talking to a “grown up” person. She thanked me for her birthday gift (my sister said that she gave her the stick-unicorn – that she is holding – as a gift from me and Greta is IN LOVE with it, as you can clearly see) and she said that they were having a big party at her house. Haha!  Oh, too be five again. I would have loved a stick-unicorn like that. Oh and look, she can already perfectly write her own name (and actually her brother’s and my name as well).

As always, I wish I could be there to celebrate with her. There is not one birthday in our family that goes unacknowledged, there’s always birthday cake and a party! I think it’s so important to celebrate and honor the wonderful people in our lives.

My Mom baked this cool birthday cake for Greta. It’s called “Kalter Hund” (which literally means “cold dog”), because it’s a non-bake cake made out of butter-biscuits and chocolate (which in the old days you’d put together and then take to the basement to cool). Kids love it and it’s the cake that my Mom used to make for my sister’s and my birthday every since I can remember. Definitely brings back childhood memories and I most certainly wish I could indulge in a piece right now. I am so glad that she’s passing on this tradition. And yes, that would be cheesecake right next to it (with the birthday candles). Wouldn’t mind a piece of that either.


Did your Mom/grandma make a special cake for your birthday when you were little? Do you have any other birthday traditions?

  1. YES, I always got a homemade cheesecake form my grandmother. Some years even two of them, when she shower up at our door a day too early. Then she would leave the cake and say: Oh well, if it is not your birthday TODAY then I’ll just come back tomorrow with a new cake!
    OMG I loved these years! :)

  2. My mom *always* makes me a cake or cupcakes. Nothing special, just boxed cake mix and canned frosting, but those are my favorites and I’ll happily eat it any day of the week.

  3. Great is positively adorable. Goodness, she’s cute!

    My nephew turned 5 in September and yes, it is CRAZY. I don’t even know how he thinks it’s okay to be so old now?! These kids…

    My mom ALWAYS bakes a cake for my birthday. This year, we’re going to do cupcakes to bring to our Thanksgiving celebration since my birthday is on Thanksgiving, which I’m really excited about. My mom has always celebrated mine and my brother birthdays in any way she can, always makes us feel super special. :)

    1. Noooo. Not “Great”! GRETA!! GRETA is adorable. Ha. :)

  4. aw i love the cake, what a fun and delicious tradition! happy birthday greta!

    my mom used to make cakes in number tins for how old we were, always loved those. mmmmm.

  5. Aw, she is so so cute! They grow up so darn fast!

    Birthday were a big deal in my house growing up. My dad would go into work a little later so he could come wake us up in the morning by singing happy birthday with my mom. Then for dinner we got to pick what my mom made (which was a big deal when there are 5 kids in your family as my mom did not take requests often when it came to what we had for dinner!). We either had a homemade chocolate cake with homemade frosting or we could have an ice cream cake from dairy queen. I just LOVE birthdays!

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