Glimpses of my weekend

How was your weekend, peeps? Did you do anything fun?

The weather was gorgeous here in Northern California this weekend. Friday was even almost a little too hot for my taste. Skipping spring, is this what we do now?  Saturday and Sunday made up for it though – temperatures were in the high 80’s, but there was a light breeze. Perfect! J’s Mom was here and we were able to take adventure of the nice weather and were out and about a lot.

On Saturday morning, I had girls’ brunch planned with Gina, Suki and Donna. We met up at “Bacon & Butter” (OMG – best name for a breakfast place ever, right?) in Midtown. I hadn’t been there before and I am so glad that Gina suggested it. I had some of the best strawberry & rhubarb pancakes I’ve ever had. They came with a bit of a hefty price tag, but portion-size was more then generous and I took some of this home for the next day.

pancakes @ Bacon and Butter


Yesterday morning I finally made it to the big Farmers’ Market again. I hadn’t been there in a while and since I missed the Midtown Farmers Market on Saturday because of the brunch, I am so glad I went yesterday.

Farmers Market

I am not sure if I mentioned it, but the European bakery that I’ve been getting my bread from? CLOSED. For good. I had honestly been freaking out a little bit, because HELLO?
I need my bread. Luckily, I found this multi-grain bread at the Farmers Market and I really hope it’ll deliver what it promises from the way it looks (I haven’t tried it yet). We also got artichokes, corn, potatoes and fresh strawberries. Can’t wait for my granola this morning.

California poppies

Apple Strudel

Other good things this weekend:

finding out that my niece (4) is recovering well from her tonsil surgery ♥ a trip to IKEA ♥ sleeping in ♥ Apple Strudel a la mode ♥ Skype-date with two dear friends ♥ fresh sheets ♥ homemade popsicles ♥ reading ♥ a little bit of shopping ♥ a walk ♥ Friends re-runs ♥ maxi skirts ♥ seeing my patio garden grow ♥ California poppies ♥

  1. That is THE perfect name for a breakfast place and those pancakes look delicious! How fun to meet up with those fab ladies! Hugs xxx

  2. “Skipping spring, is this what we do now?” Ha! Yes! Apparently so. ;-)

    Those pancakes look amazing. I can’t wait for the really sweet strawberries to hit stores around here, so far I could only find bitter, watery ones… It’s early in the season, of course, but I’m impatient.

    With temperatures getting higher, I’m finding myself really missing regular trips to a farmers’ market. I’m going to have to check which one is the nearest to where I live so I don’t have to haul everything all across Cologne, haha.

    And I <3 the poppies! I've never seen the yellow kind before!

  3. Those pancakes are huge! Or that coffee cup is really tiny. They look delicious either way. And I love that name for a restaurant!

  4. Those pancakes look amazing! I had peach ones once when I was in Salt Lake City and they were to die for.

  5. Yay! Brunching with you and the other ladies was so fun. Can’t wait to do it again soon1

  6. Awesome name for a breakfast spot. Seems like they want you to know what you’re getting into (can we say, indulgence?!) before you step foot in their doors! Also, love your trek to the farmer’s market. We’ve never managed to make that a regular part of our week, but we should.

  7. That bread sure looks good! Hope the taste didn’t disappoint!!! Actually come to think of it, the entire entry makes me friggin’ hungry!! :D

  8. Yum – that brunch looks amazing! I love brunches! I haven’ t been out for brunch since i started studying for the CFA as my mornings get eaten up by CFA studying but after the test I need to find some people to go to brunch with. Or go alone, I guess!

    It is interesting that you are getting such nicer weather while we are getting rainy/cold/icky weather here in Charlotte. It makes trying to like this city even harder for me.

  9. Brunch was fun. Must do it again some time! :-) Preferably not a year later…

  10. I really want to learn how to cook artichokes, but I’m totally afraid of them. I love them. But the look so complicated and alien that I’ve never attempted them in my own kitchen. Teach me your ways!!

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