Wine, food and good company

I usually do a lot of drafting/brain-storming on my lunch break or sometimes in between meetings and work processes. I jot down ideas, draft a post and then finish it up later. If you don’t hear from me for longer than a few days that usually means one of three things, a)  I had a very boring week and nothing to say, b) I had a a very busy week and nothing noteworthy happened or c) I had a very busy week and something noteworthy did happen, but I had not one free minute to sit down and write about it. I admire people who find the time to write every day (just for the sake of writing) or who schedule posts way in advance, as I am definitely not capable of that. Some days I just can’t open the computer when I get home, let alone string together sentences that make sense and are remotely interesting to anyone but me. But that’s ok and this shouldn’t remotely resemble an apology or anything like that. Just a little bit of an explanation, I suppose, as I had a fantastic weekend a week ago and didn’t get to share it last week. That’s why I am going to do that now, if you don’t mind.

Saturday (4/14), I spent in Sonoma Valley, more precisely Dry Creek Valley, with my friend Susi and her family tasting wine, delicious food and soaking up some sun. I also had some ground-breaking revelations regarding wine! You must know that I am not really a wine drinker. I know nothing about wine and honestly, most wines all taste the same to me (and mostly not very good), which is really embarrassing to admit, as my dad is real wine connoisseur and he would throw his hands up in horror, if I would ever admit this to him so bluntly.

So, in order to blend in and sound somewhat like a grown-up, when someone asks what kind of wine I like, I answer “oh, I like cabs” (because, who doesn’t like Cabernet Sauvignons, right?) Well, turns out, I don’t. At least, they’re not my favorites (as I find them to be too acidic – which most dry wines are).
I tried a Syrah (Shiraz) at Quivira Vineyards (where we attended a wine release party) and even though this is a dry wine (very strong taste at first) I definitely could appreciate the fruity aftertaste. I also learned that not all wines of the same type taste the same, so I see a lot of sampling in the future to maybe find a wine I can completely fall in love with. Recommendations are very welcome.

The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely time.




Susi and San



Sunday I had brunch with some lovely ladies. (Have I mentioned how much I love weekend brunches? No?) Katherine, Gina, Suki and I met at Bab’s Delta Diner in Suisun City (pronounced “suh SOON” /səˈsuːn/). It’s a really cool location close to the Suisun City Marina, right next to the water. I’m not sure what the water body right there in Suisun is called, but it’s part of the Sacramento-San Joaquin (inverted) River Delta, one of only a few inverted river deltas worldwide (sorry, the geography geek is coming through!).

Brunch @ Babs Delta Diner

Despite a lengthy wait and a crabby hostess, who first wrote down our number incorrectly (4 instead of 41), then acted like it was our fault (“we called for ‘4’ multiple times”), went ahead and blamed another employee for the mistake, and finally practically stared us out the door when we didn’t get up fast enough after paying our bill, the place, our waiter, company and food were really awesome! I want to do this again, ladies!


Now, tell me about your weekend before last or even the last weekend! Did you have fun?

  1. Sunshine, friends and wine tasting? That sounds like a perfect day to me!

  2. I was beginning to wonder where you’d gotten to lately! I feel like you haven’t been blogging much. It sounds (and looks!) like a fantastic last week and a half though. :)

    As for me, lots of studying, homeworking, sprinkled with little outings here and there. In a day and a half I’ll be free from school for the summer, thank goodness!

  3. Love brunch! :) What a fine weekend to spend wine tasting. Weather was spectacular!

  4. That really sounds like the perfect weekend! I love moscato, it’s nice and sweet! And brunch sounds and looks amazing! How fun! xxx

  5. I categorize my blogging as pre-Gavin and post-Gavin. Pre-Gavin, I lived a pretty interesting life. I was doing blog-worthy things multiple times a week, actively engaged in interesting conversations and had a much larger group of friends. In those days, I blogged as I went along – in a journaling sort of way.

    Post-Gavin a lot of things have changed. I no longer have the same amount of time to blog as I used to, so I have to be more creative with how I put together posts. And, these days, excitement occurs when we get Gavin to roar like an animal or to throw the ball a few inches further than he did last time. Since I don’t want to bore myself to death and might not have time to blog about it anyway, I lean much more towards the blogger who drafts posts (or at least ideas about posts) when they come to me and have multiple posts ready each week.

    Not an apology, just my own explanation of sorts. =)

    Love your girls brunch … I miss the days when that was a part of my life, too.

  6. Oh fun! That brunch looks amazing. I can not wait to have my exam behind me so I can get back to going out to brunch or lunch with others. Right now it’s just not possible with my study schedule. But in 6 weeks it will be! :)

    This past weekend was fun and busy. I went to a friend’s 40th birthday party, studied for 12 hours, made dinner for friends, and tried a new recipe that turned out great (white chicken chili). It was full, productive, and enjoyable!

  7. Ooh I would loooove to go wine tasting. There are a lot of wineries around here that I’m hoping Keith & I will get a chance to go this spring/summer.

    Bummer about that hostess! Some people are just so angry, ha!

  8. Yay! Awesome recap of our brunch date. Can’t wait to do it again! :D

  9. That sounds like a great weekend! My brother actually works at a winery in Dry Creek Vally…did you go to any others besides Quivira? As for wines, I don’t mind reds, but they vary from winery to winery, so you can’t even really state, “I like Merlot”, because each Merlot is a bit different. You may like Pinot Noir; it’s a bit more fruity and not so dry.

    You may like whites: Sauv Blanc is probably one of my favorites (its fruity/lemony), but if you like more of an Oak taste, you may like Chardonnay. But again, each brand/winery is a bit different, you you just have to TRY them ALL!

    Yummy brunch! I have never been there. You should try the Putah Creek Cafe in Winters if you ever get a chance! Its a fun drive from Sacramento if you go past lake Berriessa to get there.

  10. aw this looks like a fabulous blogger meetup, love it! and yay for wineries and tasty breakfast and just woo.

  11. Yay for wine tasting! Virginia actually has a pretty amazing selection of wineries and I’m itching to hit the road and go explore a few of them. If you like a shiraz, maybe try a Malbec, an Argentinian wine, or a Pinot Noir.

    Also – that brunch! So jealous! Lady brunches are the best!

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